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All Men Who Are Sick & Tired Of Their Spaghetti Noodle Arms...

Are You Prepared To Add Inches To Your Arms By Throwing All The Rules Out The Window & Experience A Whole New World Of Unstoppable Mass Building To Build Your Best Pair Of Fully Developed Arms?

A brand new article revealing “The 3-Day Overtrain-Overfill Secret” to add shock and awe to your arms like never before.

By Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model

Did you know that if you're up for a serious challenge, you could actually gain 1-2 inches of rock-solid muscle on your arms - by following a highly effective "big-time overtraining protocol" that is completely different than anything you've seen or tried..

It's true... And you'll do it in just a few short weeks WITHOUT Living in the Gym, Bulking Like a Pig or Following "Drug Programs" That Would Kill An Adult Gorilla!

It Makes No Difference If...

  • You want big arms that stand out onstage, on the beach, or just walking down the street in a T-shirt...
  • You want monster arms to be the biggest badass in your gym because huge arms intimidate like nothing else...
  • You already train your arms hard and they still haven’t grown in years...
  • You think it's your age keeping you from the arms that women admire and make men envious...
  • You've been told you have bad genes and will never own a set of thicker and bigger arms...
  • Everything you've tried up till now has failed and left you frustrated and banged up...
  • You lack motivation and are convinced your toothpick arms have found a permanent home...

September 18th, 2021

Hey Champ!

Let’s face it. You’re pissed.

Pissed about having to sweat blood for hardly an ounce of muscle on your still-too-scrawny arms.

Pissed that you keep getting stronger, but your biceps and triceps still barely fill your favorite T-shirt.

Pissed at being told, “It’s your bad genetics...”

I get it. Because I was once there too. It wasn’t long ago that I was known as “Skinny Vinny”. As you can see by the picture, no matter how hard I flexed, I had these pathetic 12 inch arms that were so scrawny I would literally curse the heavens in frustration.

And if you can relate, don’t feel bad — you're not alone, my friend.

That's all about to change because I uncovered something so powerful, it changed my life forever!

As you read each and every word of this page, you will discover that if you’re frustrated about your lagging arms and short on patience, you need a very different approach to turn your arms from a weak point to a strong point. Normal training is not going to cut it. And not all arm workouts are created equal.

Don’t sit back and relax.

Get on the edge of your seat because I’m about to reveal the ONE strategy that not many people even know about, let alone actually use.

For the lifters who do follow the same strategy, there’s no doubt: it’s the best strategy in existence, capable of putting inches on your arms like never before.

  • Imagine for a moment, that it's 42 days from today and you've already added 1 inch to your arms...
  • Imagine your wife of a 5 years asking, “What are you taking?”
  • Imagine having friends that you regularly see say, “Man, what are you doing!?”
  • Imagine getting better pumps... more size and definition and making better gains in the next 6 weeks than you have in the past 6 months...
  • Imagine, finally looking like a lifter with or without clothes on!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

The only catch?

You MUST be willing to train HARD and more importantly, train SMARTER... because what I’m about to share is NO JOKE!

Let me be crystal clear and offer a warning...


There is one problem we must address right now...

The Real Problem You’re Struggling To Build Your Arms...

As basic as this may sound, the REAL reason you’re struggling to build your small arms is because your program is not designed to take advantage of your body's limited recovery resources to ADAPT to stress. This is the problem we must address.Crack this “code” and you’ll INSTANTLY unlock rapid growth.

You see, the TRUTH is that growing lifters are not training any harder than you. (I mean seriously, how much harder can you really train?)

But what they are doing is training SMARTER, which results in building muscle FASTER (and safer). They understand how to FOCUS their body's mass-building efforts into just their arms and gain incredible size in a VERY short time period. But more on that in just a bit.

First let me introduce myself quickly...

Hi. My name is Vince Del Monte, formerly nicknamed “Skinny Vinny” but that seems like a lifetime ago.

Today my thousands of students around the world call me “The Skinny Guy Savior” and I have one of the most popular skinny-to-muscular weight gain stories.

You can find my work regularly published in magazines like Men’s Fitness, Inside Fitness and IRONMAN.

Now... You're going to HATE me for this but...

...building up your arms is actually EASY!

Of course... GENETICS and many other variables have a LOT to do with HOW EASY it will be for you but the PROCESS is actually a "no brainer."

As I just said, building up your arms requires you to take advantage of your body's limited recovery resources to ADAPT to stress.

If you want to bring up any lagging body part, you MUST understand how to do this properly.

Unfortunately, this is where you're likely going wrong.

And this is how you end up frustrated and believing "no matter how hard I train, I can't build up my arms!"

But don't worry... you're NOT doomed to having scrawny arms forever!

Lower on this page I'm going to show you how you can literally FOCUS your body's mass-building efforts into just your biceps and triceps and gain incredible size in a VERY short time period.

In no time, you'll have perfectly proportioned arms where YOU are Lord and Master over how much size and definition you want to put on your arms.

You see, I've made it my goal to discover the most cutting-edge advancements in the scientific world of muscle building and to SHARE them with my loyal clients who have found my programs to be so powerful. Lower on this page you’ll see some amazing before and after results from Harrison and Mitch...

No Joke...

These Arm Specialization Workouts Are NOT For Everyone!

What does “specialization” mean? Gimme one second to explain...

First, I can tell you right now that this program is NOT for you if you’re going to ask about cardio recommendations or cutting.

This is neither the time nor the place to try to trim down. You need to be in a major calorie surplus to get those stubborn arms to grow, so make sure you’re doing these programs at the right time of the year.

I also do not recommend this program if you have just started lifting because they are excruciatingly hard and will leave even the most advanced trainee quivering by the end.

Why Do I Believe In

Specialization Programs For Lagging Body Parts?

It comes down this simple truth about muscle growth.

Visually noticeable muscle growth occurs in spurts.

Whether you have 1 year or 10 years of training behind you, I bet you didn’t make your gains one pound at a time — but rather in growth spurts (anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds a time) that occurred at various times over the years. Muscle growth is not like fat loss where you aim to make progress at a linear rate. I have experienced this and so do many of my clients. Look at your gym buddies and I’m sure you’ll see the same theme, too.


Specialization Programs are Smarter For Advanced Trainees

Did you know that the more advanced you become the harder it is to gain muscle under the same conditions?

While your genetic ceiling plays a role, your strength and work capacity is much higher so your body must be taxed at a much higher level and requires a much more strategic approach to your training.


Specialization Programs Build Visually Noticeable Muscle Mass

Did you know most people hardly notice if you gain 10 pounds to your overall frame compared to gaining a few inches around your shoulders and arms?

Of course, gaining overall mass is a fantastic achievement but it sucks when it’s hardly noticeable because it’s distributed over your entire frame. On the flip side, when you gain a few inches to a lagging body part, people notice! And most importantly, you notice! Everytime you look in the mirror you see a visually impressive body smiling proudly back at you


Specialization Programs Build Symmetrical Physiques!

Have you ever noticed how the best bodies are simply symmetrical?

Scroll through Instagram and check out your favorite physiques or watch a physique show and it’s always the aesthetically pleasing bodies that win. Why? Because they are balanced and proportional. They have a beautiful flow. So if you want to make your body look sexier, simply focus on balancing it out. Spend less time on your strong points and spend more time improving your weak body parts.

Summing Up The Facts

If you’ve been training for longer than 1-year and have a lagging body part, I believe in short, laser-focused attacks of training dedicated to one body part for 6-weeks, and no more.

So now that you know your body grows in spurts, why not dedicate a short 6 weeks to building visually noticeable muscle mass so that you see a return on your efforts and build a body that is aesthetically pleasing and balanced?

Before You Add These Programs To Your Arsenal Today,

It’s Critical You Understand WHY They Work, Fast...

Think of training like digging a ditch in your recovery. You dig the ditch when you work out (create fatigue) and then you grow your muscles (re-fill the ditch) when you sleep, rest, and eat.

If you do this right, you will slightly OVERFILL the ditch, leaving you with a little more muscle each time you train.

Well, after several years of hard training, you need a LOT more effort to continue making progress.

The best way to make progress is to periodically OVERTRAIN a muscle or group of muscles and then allow for crazy recovery to occur.

In other words, the deeper you dig the ditch, the more extra dirt you will be able to put on top when you recover.

Here’s a common question I get about specialization training...

How Do I Integrate These 6-Week Specialization Programs Into My Year?

Each program is appropriate for 6 weeks out of every 18 weeks of hard training. After you complete your 6-week specialization program, you’ll need to focus on a more evenly spread workout or specialize on another body part before going back to the same one.

Heck, if your biceps and triceps are your weakest body parts, if you wanted, you could simply rotate between specialization cycles for them every 18 weeks — 6 weeks on biceps, 6 weeks on triceps, 6 weeks of normal training, repeat — so that you’re constantly improving your weak spots and balancing out your physique!

(By the way — after you order — I’ll give you an opportunity to pick up my Complete Collection of Vanity Specialization Programs at a massive discount if you have other lagging body parts you want to work on...)

I Wish I Could Take Credit For The One-Of-A-Kind Specialization Programming Behind This Workout...

However, I can’t!

It was designed alongside world-renowned strength coach, Ryan “The Solution” Faehnle, one of my coaches apart of my elite ‘inner circle’. (As a side note — Ryan is my head coach for our 1-on-1 High-Level Coaching program that works with world class athletes, celebrities, doctors, lawyers, students, entrepreneurs, competitors, trainers and regular folks alike).

One of the biggest questions Ryan and I get from our 1-on-1 coaching students is,

“How do I bring up this stubborn body part?”

For me, it used to be biceps, triceps and shoulders. Regardless of how hard I trained them, they refused to respond and match the development of the rest of my body so I asked Ryan:

“If I were to give you a million dollars to put an inch on my arms in the shortest amount of time possible, what would you do?”

Ryan’s response:

“Without question, I would initiate a big-time overtraining protocol followed by a recovery phase with plenty of food and sleep and zero training.

After all, the deeper you dig the ditch, the more extra dirt (muscle!) you’ll be able to put on top, as long as you allow for recovery to occur.”

My Next Question Was Obviously:

“So Ryan, how would you design a big-time overtraining protocol?

Ryan’s response:

“Simple! Train them for 3 days in a row using a wide variety of training protocols to elicit maximal muscle fiber stimulation, all while doing maintenance-only work for the rest of your body...

You can only focus on ONE area of your body at a time, so don’t try to specialize on your quads, shoulders, back, arms and chest all at once or you’ll end up spinning your wheels... or even worse... injured!

For the next six weeks, your ONE and ONLY priority is adding more than an inch to your arms, so you can start with either the Biceps or Triceps program!

Everything else is secondary and should be on maintenance mode with a very low training volume.

Don’t think that you’re tough enough to skip this part and train the rest of your body full-bore at the same time.... It has nothing to do with toughness and everything to do with physiological resources.

We want ALL available physiological resources (amino acids, glycogen, hormones, etc) directed toward growing bigger, denser and tighter arms, so you’ll only lessen the effectiveness of this program if you try to add in cardio or push yourself with your other body parts. ‘Maintenance’ means maintenance!”

OK, Let's Get Serious...

Can This Program Work For You?

Make no mistake, this program is not some gimmick or red shiny object.

It is a serious program for those who are serious about improving their arms... even creating monster arms. If you want more size and definition on your arms this program will help, but you must get serious, focused and make the commitment to stop complaining and do it.

“Mitch is an advanced guy and went from 17 inch guns to 18 inch guns!”

“I got to the point though in my routine where I thought my arms had hit their genetic potential and any new acquired growth would be a miracle, amongst other words.

Starting the arm specialization program was a completely new as far as the technique of training a body part 3 days in a row – a concept that I would have taken as ridiculous just a few short years back when I thought I knew everything!

Over the last 6 weeks my arms went from just over 17” to over 18”! After finishing the arm specialization program, I can honestly say that it has catapulted me into the next level of elite training. The results speak for themselves!”

-Mitch Muller

26 years old, Phoenix, Arizona

“Harrison is early in his journey and already has the arms he’s been dying for!”

“Compared to previous results, I am more vascular than I have ever been and I finally have the 17 inch arms I’ve been dying for. This is the leanest and most muscular I’ve ever been at the same time.”

-Harrison Thomas

19 years old, Cumming, Georgia

Mitch & Harrison Are Ordinary People Just Like You...

Respective to their personal goals, they were unhappy with their arm development, so they decided to stop complaining and do something about it. They took action, bet on themselves, and recognized that they alone were responsible for their health, body and well-being.

Are you pumped to get started?

If you said, “Hell, yeah!” Then you may be wondering..

So, What Exactly Is Involved With The Biceps & Triceps "Vanity" Program?

If you are serious about building big arms that stand out onstage, on the beach, or just walking down the street in a T-shirt, Vanity is the one specialization program packed with exercises, techniques and intensifiers you cannot afford to be without.

So many dudes spend thousands of dollars a year on fitness magazines, workout gear, supplements and worthless subscription sites. What is something of real value worth? If you really want to stop wasting money and start getting results from your workouts, then this program is an absolute must.

Vanity Biceps and Vanity Triceps are both 6-week merciless programs that help you maximize muscle growth of every available muscle fiber in your biceps and triceps: type I, type IIa, type IIb. Everything is organized into one easy-to-follow program. Your arms won’t know what hit them.

So, today, if you’re ready for a serious challenge and ready to stop complaining about your small arms and ready to follow a proven program, I would like to invite you take the call to action to build your best arms, with my Brand New 6-Week Vanity Biceps Specialization Program and Brand New 6-Week Vanity Triceps Specialization Program!


The Vanity Biceps & Triceps Specialization Programs

Each of these programs are your next logical steps to building the arms you’ll be proud to show off onstage, on the beach, or just walking down the street in a T-shirt.

Every rep, every set, every single week spelled out for you for the next 42 days. These are the most skillfully designed and progressive arm workouts ever written and completely different than anything you’ve ever seen or tried.

Every workout delivers the very satisfying feeling from getting an awesome pump in your bi’s and tri’s and flexing in the nearest mirror to admire the results of your effort. There’s no shame in that either. As Arnold once said, “An unflexed muscle is like an unpolished jewel.”

The Vanity Biceps & Triceps Specialization Printable Workout Sheets & Training Journals

Here is where you’ll find every single week outlined including dummy-proof instructions explaining every single detail of the program so you can hit the ground running.

You can print the workout sheets and/or save them to your phone and you’ll have them at your fingertips so you never waste any time at the gym. Each workout journal includes space to log your progress to keep you motivated, accountable and goal-oriented.


Get This Fast Action Bonus!

Guaranteed Availability Only Until Today:
September 18th, 2021

Want to know the number one reason you really struggle to build muscle?

It has very little to do with the commonly identified culprits, amongst ‘experts’ such as your diet, workout intensity, genetics etc.

While all those are critical aspects to muscle growth, none of these is the number one reason you can’t build muscle. From my ten years of experience, 9 times outta 10, it’s ineffective exercise execution, otherwise known as crappy lifting technique.

Now, if you just said, “Vinny, I lift with pretty good technique...” let me say that’s what I thought too UNTIL I started surrounding myself with some of the world’s brightest biomechanics experts and quickly discovered I was doing a ton of junk reps.

Guys go to the gym and push themselves, swinging heavy weights, and chase reps, but very few actually look any different. What’s up with that?

While some of that swinging results in “catching” some contractions, they often disperse the tension throughout the body (the body always seeks the path of least resistance which is NOT good if you want bigger muscles) and causes very little damage, tension and stress to the actual muscle tissue — which is the thing you want to grow!

Worst of all, ineffective exercise execution is a surefire way to destroy your joints, stay average-looking and eventually pay for your therapist's next European vacation in therapy bills... all while going through your training career filled with bewilderment over why you don’t see any significant development.

No matter how much weight you put on the bar, no matter what diet you’re on, no matter which supplements you take, you will never pack on the kind of mass you desire and deserve until you improve your exercise execution! How are we going to do that?


A 250+ page beast that teaches you the 3 Principles of optimal exercise execution that very few coaches and trainers even know.

Plus, every single exercise in the program is shown with a start and finish position image and provides unique “Max Contraction Cues” so that you know exactly what to concentrate on each rep. These are NOT your typical exercise cues you’ll find on YouTube or in the muscle magazines. These are completely different and will make every single rep you do the equivalent of your buddy’s 3 reps because your contractions will be far more efficient and effective.

The “Max Contraction Cues” will be your secret weapon for massive arms, and for everyone who picks up the Biceps & Triceps Vanity Specialization programs by tomorrow, we're going to GIVE it to you for FREE.

Are you pumped to get started yet?

If you've read this far, I know that you are serious about building your best arms!

As I mentioned earlier, I grew up nicknamed “Skinny Vinny”. Just like you, I always wanted a muscular body and would have done just about anything to build up my “spaghetti-noodle” arms. For years I didn’t know what it was like to have arms bigger than 12 inches. No matter how tight the T-shirt, my arms still looked pathetic.

I spent my high-school and University days as a long-distance runner making my genetics even more “muscle-unfriendly” and would still look like “Skinny Vinny” so I speak from painful and personal first hand experience.

I would probably still have 12 inch arms today if I continued to listen to everyone who told me I was destined to be “Skinny Vinny”.

So understand, this wasn’t just a “season” in my life, my puny arms plagued me more than half of my life.

(Maybe you can relate?)

If so, here’s a question for you...

What Would It Be Worth For You To Add A Solid 1-2 Inches To Your Arms?

How pumped (literally) would you feel if you put on your favorite T-shirt just a few short weeks from now and saw bigger, harder and more defined arms stretching your sleeves? Your eyes light up and you blurt out loud, “Holy crap, my arms look awesome!” You instantly look for your phone to take a selfie (even if you’re not the selfie type) just in case you’re dreaming...

Snap! Nope. You’re definitely not dreaming. Your arms look awesome!

How good would it feel to go through your day with the new confidence that comes with having awesome looking arms popping through your shirt? Do you think people would look at you differently? Do you think they'd treat you with respect?

You better believe it!

Wouldn't it be amazing to finally know EXACTLY what to do when you walk into the gym... And KNOW that what you're doing is going to add yet another inch of solid muscle mass to your arms if you keep up the hard work?

What will you do when your favorite girl starts checking you out more than you check her out? Because it’s going to happen. And I hope you're ready for when she smiles at you.

How important is it for you to stop dreaming of bigger arms and start showing them off in a matter of weeks? Do you really want to wait any longer for arms that make your buddies envious?

And while we’re talking man to man, let me ask you the most important question:

If You Don't Take Action... What Will You Do?

Listen, you’re a big boy. I’m not going to sit here and coddle you nor am I going to apologize for shooting straight from the hip because if you don't give Vanity Biceps and Vanity Triceps a shot, what other options do you have to build bigger arms that stand out onstage, on the beach, or just walking down the street with a T-shirt?

If you keep doing the same thing you've been doing you'll continue to get the same results. Expecting different results while doing the same thing is the definition of INSANITY according to Albert Einstein!

Of course you could keep spending HUNDREDS... or THOUSANDS of dollars on supplements hoping you'll stumble across the "miracle pill or powder" that gets you “jacked” overnight.

But haven’t you already tried that already? You already know that “miracle pills and powders” only give you the most expensive pee in town.

You could always hire a trainer for $75 an hour (who’s more trained in making sales than building muscle) who’ll count your reps and motivate you to do “one more”.

And if you’re lucky to find a “good” trainer ask him how many guys he’s helped add inches to their arms in 6 weeks. He’ll tell you that’s only possible with drugs or great genetics.

He’s clueless.

Let's say you give this trainer a chance. To get 6 unique arm workouts (3 for biceps and 3 for triceps) you’re looking at $450 just to go through the first week’s worth of workouts!

And I can promise you, he won’t be giving you Max Contraction Cues to make the workouts efficient and effective and his programming will be right out of the pages of Flex magazine.

How about steroids?

You mean RENTING your body? Listen, I’m not going to scare you with all the potential health risks because those are not guaranteed but what IS guaranteed is building a body you do NOT own!

Imagine this... Exchanging your nice medium sized car for a rented Lamborghini for a few weeks! Your new rented car brings you everything your old car didn’t in a matter of days — status, attention, girls, power and confidence — but you didn’t earn it! And how are you going to feel when you’re back in your medium sized car and the “perks” are gone?

It’s going to suck! Plus, call it what you want, but you’re now a CHEATER. Deep down, people (while they won’t say it to your face) don’t respect you as much as they respect the guy who built their body... the natural way. Is that the path you want to go down?

Now, if you want a shortcut to bigger arms... then be my guest.

Me? My students? No, thank you. We’re making great gains without the gear. #GainsWithoutTheGear baby

And YOU can too. Starting right now.

So How Much Do You Need To Invest Today To Get Started?

Here’s the deal, it frustrates me like crazy to see so many guys busting their ass trying to build their arms with little to show. I am on a mission to help 1 Million Men Build Life-Changing Muscle so I want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible.

So even though you would pay $100 per week for personalized coaching with these exact same methods, I’m making them available to YOU today for less than HALF what the regular retail price is going to be...

In fact, if you respond quickly and become one of the first 500 people to bet on himself and invest in this limited time opportunity, I’m going to reward you with a no brainer deal.

Now, you may be shocked to discover that the retail price of each specialization program is only $39 — with the biceps and triceps programs included — you can secure both programs for the super low regular price of only $78!...

That's less than the cost of a tub of Branched Chain Amino Acids!

Yet, if you are one of the first 500 people to TAKE ACTION, it gets even better because you aren’t even going to pay $78 today.

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Let’s Be Honest & Admit,

WHY Are You Working On Your Body?

For some it’s a challenge. For others it's a business venture, using their bodies as a marketing tool. For some it’s a profession. For others it’s for the lifestyle. For some it’s for health reasons.

And for many, whether they admit it or not, it’s about VANITY. And, there’s no shame in that.

You want to be the kind of lifter that commands respect and attention everywhere you go.

That’s the way it should be.

And that's the way it will be for you... if you'll just let us prove it to you!

So here's what you need to do now:

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Without this program you'll ALWAYS be working harder than you really need to. I know that sounds harsh but I think you'll agree that it's true.

Don't risk leaving this page, and forgetting that your dream of bigger arms is just around the corner.

There's no risk.

My no-nonsense “skinny-to-muscular” methods are the most widely used in the world! Over 100,000 users in 118 countries can’t be wrong!

You have no more excuses! Just trust the program. Believe in yourself. You have nothing to lose and yet you stand to gain so much.

I look forward to working with you.

Regular Price: $78


If You Don't Take Advantage Of This Offer, Here’s A Parting "Gift" For You...

You're not going to like this, but I’ve been 100% honest with you so far, so I’m not going to stop now.

My parting "gift" is a dose of reality...

Yes, you continue on with normal arm training but do you think that’s really going to cut it?

Most likely you’ll end up going back to what you were doing before. This will leave you continually sweating blood to put on hardly an ounce of muscle on your still-too-scrawny biceps and triceps.

You may have started to realize this by now, but no matter how developed the rest of your body is, as a man, your arms are always what get noticed first...

Without big arms, people will get a look of bewilderment on their faces when you tell them you workout regularly. Heck, you may even hear the dreaded, “Do you even lift, bro?”

Not only that, but deep down you know that every time you look in the mirror, your confidence and self-esteem takes a hit...

...Just looking at your scrawny arms oftentimes leaves you feeling depressed for days.

Having scrawny arms is one thing, but the real damage comes from the lack of confidence that prevents you from things like asking that hot girl out for a date, standing up for yourself or pursuing your dream career...

Scrawny arms can literally ruin your life. They rip away the self-esteem and self-confidence you would otherwise have, making it impossible to ever achieve your dreams and to truly be yourself.

The months and years will pass, and you will have LOST a golden opportunity to take advantage of a proven system that could have reversed all of that... at a price that will never be offered again.

Sure, that’s not much of a gift...but I am not here to coddle you with bullshit. I believe in tough love.

And, I believe in YOU. I believe that you will make the best and only decision for your greatest chance at building arms that command respect from other guys, get admiring looks from the ladies, and give you life-changing confidence you’ve never had before.

When you make this wise decision, you will...

  • Crack the "code" to blowing up your arms and literally FORCE them into rapid growth
  • Turn your arms from a weak point into a strong point
  • Learn how to FOCUS your body's mass-building efforts into just your arms
  • Finally have perfectly proportioned arms you’ll be proud to show off onstage, at the beach or on a hot night out on the town
  • Be arming yourself with the know-how programming behind adding a visually noticeable inch to your arms in the next few weeks
  • And so much more!

Regular Price: $78


This Program Works -

If You Work! (I Trust You Will)...

Once you arm yourself with the right programming and exercise execution cues, you’ll be blown away by how fast your body changes if you’re willing to make every workout count.

Here are five simple steps to ensure you get the best results:

  • Decide on a specific goal – Are you going to start with the 6-week biceps program or 6-week triceps program?
  • Decide on your starting day – Announce to your friends that you’re getting ready to blow up your arms these next 6 weeks.
  • Print off the workouts – Don’t be like a traveller without a map. Print off the program and make sure you understand everything. If you need any help I’m only an email away.
  • Take your before pictures – You’re going to be shocked at how quickly your arms change so take weekly progress pictures (and measurements) and share your transformation and we’ll show it off if you wish.
  • See your plan through to completion – Follow your program consistently, without fail, until you add that extra inch or more to your arms. And by tracking your results along the way, you get motivation to keep on going.
  • It’s time to take action champ!
  • The opportunity is NOW and NOW stands for:
  • No Opportunity Wasted.

P.S. Listen, if you want bigger arms then you need a totally different approach to bring up your lagging arms — you need these one-of-a-kind muscle specialization programs that you won’t find anywhere else. Normal training is not going to cut it.

“Yes, I’m ready to create myself a set of monster arms!”

P.P.S. What are you waiting for? The longer you delay, the less likely you are to take action. If there is one thing I can preach it's that life rewards action takers. So take action while this is fresh in your mind...

“I’m ready Vince! I want to arms that stand out!”

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“Mitch is an advanced guy and went from 17 inch guns to 18 inch guns!”

“I got to the point though in my routine where I thought my arms had hit their genetic potential and any new acquired growth would be a miracle, amongst other words.

Starting the arm specialization program was a completely new as far as the technique of training a body part 3 days in a row – a concept that I would have taken as ridiculous just a few short years back when I thought I knew everything!

Over the last 6 weeks my arms went from just over 17” to over 18”! After finishing the arm specialization program, I can honestly say that it has catapulted me into the next level of elite training. The results speak for themselves!”

-Mitch Muller

26 years old, Phoenix, Arizona