Hi, this is Vince Del Monte and The Metabolic Ab-Shredder is my most powerful belly-blasting workout ever created.  

It'll strip the fat off your stomach, proving that spot-reduction is possible.  Get ready to:

  • Burn up to 3x more fat by training during the most "fat-senstive" time of the day... 
  • Rely on research-proven abdominal-shredding exercises...
  • Reignite your motivation and metabolism...
  • And experience a refreshing and stimulating metabolic workout to reveal your ripped body hidden underneath. 

The Metabolic Ab-Shredder is a 4-Level program that increases in intensity and difficulty every two weeks and I demonstrate every single move for perfect technique. You'll target your abs from four different angles, not just one or two.  

There's no reason you can't have shredded abs in 8-weeks or less.

So forget trying to burn fat with boot camps, machines or traditional cardio.  You don't even need a gym to strip the fat and get shredded. Throw every excuse out the window and try out my most powerful belly-blasting workout ever created.

This new approach to fat-burning will become your go-to method for last-minute deadlines for looking your best.

Let's do this together.

Vince DelMonte Fitness

Vince Del Monte

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Pack on serious muscle mass and burn fat with brutal timed sets.

The method behind High Definition Training is simple yet extremely challenging in the moment.  Every exercise receives an opportunity to perform as many reps as you can in three minutes.  Then you repeat this for the rest of your exercises.  Most workouts barely put your muscles under tension for 20-30 seconds.  With High Definition Training your most stubborn bodyparts will be forced into submission  like never before, stimulating growth, burning fat and getting you in the best shape of your life.
Why Is High Definition Training So Effective?

The entire premise is to improve your failure-threshold, which is the point you can't get another rep.  After a few weeks, your ability to train longer and heavier, simultaneously, will be significantly higher for each exercise. 

This happens because training your muscles this way puts them under a great deal of metabolic stress.  Learning how to tolerate the stress will help you train longer and harder which lead to improved workouts and a physique you once considered "impossible" to show off.  

Combine The Metabolic-Ab Shredder with High Definition Training for record-breaking results.

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60 Day 100% money back guarantee

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