1-1 Physique & Performance Coaching Application Form



Please read each and every word on this page before applying below.

Did you know that for less than the cost of a personal trainer at your gym (who is not nearly as motivating, good looking or intelligent as us), you can become a coaching client of ours?

Why is this awesome news?

It means that after reviewing your application, which will help us determine specifically what your needs, goals, and dreams are, we will then begin an exciting mission: To help you crush those goals, while customizing every single step to your training age, body type, level of leanness, lifestyle and availability - whether you want to achieve your goals in two minutes a day or 20 minutes a day. To be clear, we're just kidding about the two minutes a day thing, but we CAN help you get the body of your dreams in as little as 20 minutes a day.

The top three reasons people fail…

Information overload. More info is not the answer. In fact, I believe more info can HOLD YOU BACK from achieving your dream body. How so? Three reasons:

  1. Paralysis by analysis. There is currently too much info available. After being in the industry for 10+ years, most guys are confused more than ever. People are majoring in the minors, experiencing goal hijacking daily, chasing conflicting goals at the same time, and there are simply too many cooks in the kitchen -- which is a quick formula for failure.
  2. No blood in the game. When was the last time you really put something at stake? My BEST results have ALWAYS come with a price. When I hired a business mentor, my business grew faster. When I hired a fitness coach, my body changed faster. Why? Because I could not afford to invest without experiencing a positive return on investment. Free programs are self-sabotaging because you have nothing at stake if you fail.
  3. Generic programming. Getting a bunch of information at once (consider reading a book or watching a few dozen YouTube videos) ironically makes learning and doing much more difficult - because none of the information is organized or customized to your personal goals, body type and needs, resulting in uncertainty of the methods and a half-assed effort in the gym and kitchen. Generic programming created for the masses will produce zero results or generic results at best.

I refuse to let your goals stop at the 50 or even 80 yard line…

It's time to get focused on your #1 goal over the next 16-weeks. It's time to get focused on your #1 goal over the next 16 weeks. It's time to make things happen. It's time to run you into the end zone. We'll keep you focused on one thing and one thing only -- the very next step, which is the MOST IMPORTANT factor to achieving your dream body.

As we move from phase to phase, you'll discover the workout and diet programming most effective for your body type, so you gain control of keeping and progressing your body beyond your wildest imagination. And, as your body changes, don't be surprised if it presents you new relationship and business opportunities we'd be happy to help you through, too.

Every single month we work together, you'll have a customized training and diet program individualized to you.

We do NOT believe in a one-size-fits-all approach you can find for free…

Every workout phase is CUSTOMIZED to you. Everyone has a unique training preference they respond best to. This applies to exercise selection, volume, intensity, density, rest periods and rate of progression. It also includes the way your body parts are split up. No one split can be said to be holy grail because so much is dependent on individual preferences. Plus, if you're a science buff, feel free to ask us about the science and logic behind every component of your program design so you have impenetrable confidence in your workout.

Every diet phase is CUSTOMIZED to you. Doesn't it suck when you're training hard and not sure if you're consuming the right number of calories or if your macros are set up properly? With us, that'll never happen again. Instead, imagine waking up every morning and heading into the kitchen to see your meal plan telling you exactly how much and when to eat! Every meal is customized to your level of leanness, eating schedule, food preferences and goals. Plus, you'll be able to get every single question you ever had on nutrition answered in application to you so you'll never doubt another nutrition decision again.

Every supplement phase is CUSTOMIZED to you. Whether you want to invest $50 or $500 a month on supplements, you're in control. We're both BioSignature Practitioners and specialize in removing body fat via specific nutrients and doses to help you get faster results with less effort. What this means is that while one meathead does two hours a day of cardio to get lean, we'll give you a few supplement recommendations to correct deficiencies stalling fat loss, without the cardio. Again, we'll make our recommendations on your body's highest needs and your budget so you can feel confident that your supplement budget is going toward products that actually matter to your goals.

Every phase is CUSTOMIZED to your life. 1-1 coaching is for anyone -- whether you're a pro bodybuilder, physique athlete, varsity athlete, weekend warrior, male, female, young, old, mother, father, crazy busy business owner, or if you live out of hotels and always on the road. And don't feel like our coaching program will hold you back from the good life -- hot dates, parties, vacations and other social events. Trust us, both of us travel almost two weeks out of every month and enjoy our good times, so you'll learn all of our secrets in this department, too. If anything, this coaching program will benefit you most because you'll learn how to achieve your goals while managing your business, relational and fitness world.

How we'll roll…

Each month, you'll receive a completely new workout program based on your goals and progression and feedback. Your meal plans will involve the most tweaking at the start and then we'll make changes based on where you are relative to the deadline of your goals. If you wish to invest more into supplements, we'll tell you the next most important one for you. With unlimited email support, you'll always be just an email away from any necessary adjustments to keep your progress flying forward.

Plus, coaching clients will also get access to some of our best educational resources and tools for developing you in the smartest trainee you wish to be.

Please Read This 12 Point Checklist Before Applying Below:

  1. Yes! I understand there is a minimum four month commitment to get started and I can cancel anytime afterwards.
  2. Yes! I understand that my training, nutrition and supplement plan will be specifically tailored to my work and travel schedule.
  3. Yes! I understand Coach Vince and/or Ryan will personally answer any and all of my questions via email within 48 hours.
  4. Yes! I understand Coach Vince and/or Ryan expect 90% compliance from me or they can let me go. If my goals are physique related, I'll be required to send progress photos.
  5. Yes! I understand Coach Vince and/or Ryan will be honest with me, sometimes it may be what I need to hear, and not necessarily what I want to hear. They will always have my best interests at heart to ensure I am extremely happy with my results.
  6. Yes! I understand that I must make myself available to train 4-10 times per week for MAXIMUM optimal gains and workouts will range from 20-90 minutes a session. My coaches will always work around my current schedule and limitations. They will not ask me to train 10x/week when my schedule is busy and stressful. If I'm really crazy, Vince/Ryan can design protocols that involve training up to 15 times in 5 days to produce super human gains.
  7. Yes! I understand the monthly investment is about the same price as a one hour personal training session (with someone who doesn't know what Vince and Ryan know) and if I wish to commit to a program longer than 4 months, I'll be offered a greater discount. Currently, the pricing is as affordable as it will ever be.
  8. Yes! I understand that I will be training with professional coaches who do not accept whining, excuses, substitutions, or complaints. I understand my coaches will only accept EFFORT, DEDICATION, DRIVE, DETERMINATION, SUCCESS, and RESULTS!
  9. Yes! I understand that supplements will be recommended and could range anywhere from $0 to $500 a month depending on my goals, needs and budget.
  10. Yes! It would be ideal to have the following equipement but it's not necessary
    - Power rack
    - Barbells and plates
    - Lifting platform (or area to do dead-lifts / cleans / RDLs, etc)
    - Chin Up bar
    - Dip station
    - Dumbbells
    - Adjustable pulley unit
    - 45-degree back extension OR glute ham raise
    - Adjustable benches (both incline and decline)
    - Dip/chin up belt
    - Preacher curl bench
    - Leg press
    - Leg curl/extension machine
    Coach Vince and Coach Ryan will work with me if I train at home or live out of hotel gyms with limited equipment. There is always a substitution and my coaches will make sure it's the best one for me.
  11. Yes! I understand that my current training and nutrition theories might be challenged. I understand that getting results often goes against what society tells me I should do for health and exercise. I understand my coaches will answer any questions I have about the science and logic of my programs.
  12. Yes! I understand that Coach Vince and Coach Ryan are every bit as driven and dedicated toward me achieving my results as I am!
  13. Yes! I am sure that I can afford this Elite Coaching Program and believe that this investment will pay me back ten fold in the years to come. This is something that I really want to do now, and I will gratefully invest in my confidence, my health, my future, my education and my life.


With this understood, please accept our request to apply and/or request more information about personal coaching. Just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 1-2 days.