Fat Loss Systems Order of Attack:

Lose fat with Your Six Pack Quest

Step 1. Your Six Pack Quest

Your Six Pack Quest: Your Six-Pack In 6 Months: the “No-Nonsense Fat Loss System”

This is my original flagship fat loss program that has been followed by over 20,000 guys and gals worldwide. It’s the same system I used to help one client lose 100 pounds in six months and the same system I used to place third at the Canadian Fitness Model Championships. It includes a 3-day, 4-day and 5-day workout program. It’s the fat loss program I recommend all my students start with if you’re interested in eliminating all your belly fat and getting into the best shape of your life.

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Lose fat with Stage Shredded Status

Step 2. Stage Shredded Status

Stage Shredded Status: How I Became a WBFF Pro Fitness Model & Stripped 30 lbs of Fat In A Lightening Fast 16 Weeks

This is perhaps one of my favorite programs to date. It documents my entire transformation from 227 pounds down to 195 pounds and 4.8% body fat. In this 8-disk hardcopy DVD series you’ll get to see how I ate and trained to win my WBFF Pro Card, you’ll meet my coach IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski, my training partner former NFL lineman Ryan Watson, and you’ll get to see me compete in two separate shows. Everything from weight training, cardio, supplements, nutrition and stage prep is covered in explicit and step-by-step detail. For anyone looking to get ultra ripped, this bad boy is for you.

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Lose fat with Hypertophy MAX

Step 3. Hypertrophy MAX

Hypertrophy M.A.X.: 12 Unique Hypertrophy Models & Elite Coaching For Colossal Gains In Size & Strength

This is my current muscle-building masterpiece and it’s designed exclusively for advanced trainees seeking out the most professional and advanced programming in the world. I teamed up with my coach, great buddy and IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Benjamin Pakulski to deliver the only 12-month periodized muscle-building program in the world that includes a 24-page hardcopy newsletter, two-hour workout DVD of the month, secrets from the pros, a 90-minute coaching call and private members community with over 2,089 members. Hypertrophy M.A.X. is currently closed and only opens twice a year.

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Lose fat with Get Ripped Abs

Step 1. Get Ripped Abs

Get Ripped Abs: New Foolproof Ab Assault

This is the identical abdominal workout and cardio protocol I utilized to get my WBFF Pro Card and to lose 25 pounds of fat in 12 weeks. You can incorporate this abdominal workout and cardio protocol into your current program.

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Lose fat with The Wedding Workout

Step 2. The Wedding Day Workout

The June 26th Wedding Day Workout: Copy Our Exact Workout & Nutrition To Look Smoking Hot For Summer!

This is the workout program my wife and I followed to get ready for the biggest day of our lives – our wedding day! It’s a 4-day hypertrophy-based workout program that includes an interval cardio workout program and a full-blown stretching routine as well. I recommend this for beginner and intermediate lifters, males and females alike. You’ll also learn all the nutrition rules we followed to look sexy for our wedding night and our honeymoon!

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Lose fat with Metabolic Ab Shredder

Step 3. Metabolic Ab Shredder

Metabolic Ab Shredder: Kill Belly Fat & Carve Out Dynamite-Looking Abs

This is my early morning abdominal and cardio protocol I perform on an empty stomach when I need to get ultra lean in a short period of time. Learn the cardio protocol and the abdominal exercises and abdominal circuits I use to get ripped abs and blast my belly fat. You can incorporate this protocol into your current muscle building or fat loss workout.

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