Muscle Building Systems Order of Attack

Build Muscle with No-Nonsense Muscle Building

Step 1. No-Nonsense Muscle Building

No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets For Insane Muscle Gain

This is my original flagship muscle building program that has been followed by more than 80,000 guys and gals worldwide. It’s the same system I followed to gain 41 pounds of drug-free muscle in exactly 24 weeks. It’s where I strongly recommend all my students begin. It includes a 6-month program for Beginners and Intermediate trainees and an additional 6-month program for Advanced trainees.

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Build Muscle with Maximize Your Muscle

Step 2. Maximize Your Muscle

Maximize Your Muscle: Advanced Muscle Routines & Exclusive Coaching To Blow Beyond Your Genetic Potential

This is my first 16-month curriculum-based coaching program that is open to students who successfully complete No Nonsense Muscle Building first. This is 16 months of periodized muscle building workouts that focus on 12 untapped targets for igniting new muscle growth. This is a membership based program that includes a 24-page hardcopy newsletter, two hour workout DVD, 90-minute coaching call and private members community.

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Build Muscle with Maximize Your Muscle

Step 3. Hypertrophy MAX

Hypertrophy M.A.X.: 12 Unique Hypertrophy Models & Elite Coaching For Colossal Gains In Size & Strength

This is my current muscle-building masterpiece and it’s designed exclusively for advanced trainees seeking out the most professional and advanced programming in the world. I teamed up with my coach, great buddy and IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Benjamin Pakulski to deliver the only 12-month periodized muscle-building program in the world that includes a 24-page hardcopy newsletter, two-hour workout DVD of the month, secrets from the pros, a 90-minute coaching call and private members community with over 2,089 members. Hypertrophy M.A.X. is currently closed and only opens twice a year.

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Build Muscle with 1,000 Rep Muscle

Step 1. 1,000 Rep Muscle

The 1,000 Rep Muscle Challenge: Shock Any Muscle Into Submission With Vince Del Monte’s & Artus Shakur’s 1,000 Rep Challenge Workout

This is an extreme, short-term, 28-day muscle building workout for emergency use only. If you’re not as ripped and muscular as you want to be and you’re looking for a groundbreaking program to shock your muscles into submission then you’re going to want to give this a shot. You’ll also get to meet one of the biggest rising stars in professional fitness modeling, Artus “Six Pack” Shakur who is my guest. Click here to test out the 1,000 Rep Muscle Challenge.

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The 7x7 Size & Strenght Solution

Step 2. The 7×7 Size & Strength Solution

The 7×7 Size & Strength Solution: Building Muscle & Strength at the Same Time!

The Best Of Series

Step 3. The Best Of Series

The Best Of Series: Featuring The Best Muscle-Building & Fat-Loss Exercices

If your muscle gains have come to a halt and you’re looking to bust through your plateau then start introducing my best muscle-building and fat-loss exercises that include advanced intensity techniques. None of these exercises or techniques are included in my other programs so this is a “plateau-busting” owners’ manual. The best part is that you incorporate anything you learn into the workout program you’re currently on.

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