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Your comments are more than welcome. Please comment!

I’m not sure if that comes to a surprise but I take pride in the community we’ve built together and it’s the best part about this home.  Hearing from you allows me to find out whats on your mind so I can serve you better and post content that you want more info on.

This is also your opportunity to foster the growth of a no-nonsense community of action-takers who are a mission to become the best physically, mentally and spiritually.  Without your feedback, this site would not exist and I want you to have a one-stop shop for building your perfect physique.

Whether you post on other blogs or not, since you’re going to be posting regularly on mine, hook yourself up with a Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) which will bring your post to life by adding your picture and personality.  It’s always more enjoyable to see another persons face when conversing.  It’s not mandatory but i encourage you to do so.

You only need to set this up once which is great because if you post on other blogs or forums on the internet, many of these websites will recognize them.

A couple of “house keeping rules” before you post your first comment:

1. Please focus on the topic at hand.  Do not post unrelated questions that do not have to do with the current post.  They will not be answered.  If you have a unrelated questions, please visit our Contact Page

2.  We only allow G-rated Gravatars, so feel free to post a picture of you without your shirt (males) or swimsuit (females) but it must be appropriate.  Anything that is overly provocative or distastful will not be allowed.

3.  We do not tolerate any explicity profanity, blatant disrespect, or “flaming” of other user’s comments. Leave your egos at the door so you can become apart of the “family.”

4.  You can be notified via email if you wish to know when someone replies to a comment you posted.  Just check off the box after your comment.

So that’s it, I hope that sounds pretty laid back because I’m a really laid back kind’ve guy and don’t like enforcing rules so lets make this your favorite place to visit each day, start building our bodies and minds and make some new friends!

Here’s what I want you to do next. Find a blog post that looks interesting and go post your first comment today.

Vince DelMonte

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