10 Foods That No Man Should Eat – EVER!


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

You’re probably thinking I am about to scare you into avoiding a bunch of “forbidden foods” that you should avoid at all costs, right?


Instead, we’re going to have some fun and reveal 10 foods no man should ever be caught eating… at least while people are watching.

WARNING: Some of these nonsense foods will up your estrogen levels and give you man boobs just by looking at them. You’ve been warned 🙂


10. Veggie burgers
Are you intentionally trying to give yourself man boobs? If you’re going to eat meat, EAT MEAT!

9. Lettuce burgers
Trying to fit into your girlfriends dress? Slap some delicious bread around that meat and smarten up.

8. Chocolate-covered strawberries
I don’t care if the chocolate is designed in the shape of football, put it down.

7. Low-fat yogurt
Y12651113_sou do realize these chemically man-made ingredients are marketed to women, right?

6. Quinoa
Who cares if it’s an ancient grain. It’s a waste of valuable plate space where meat should be.

5. Luna bars
Do you have a matching pursue to go with the color of the wrapper, too?

4. Anything that requires a French accent to order
When I eat I like to eat with a big knife, big fork and off a big plate. Sorry, Pierre.

3. Movie popcorn
You might as well just bring a stick of butter with 90% saturated fat to the theater. At least it’ll cost you 1/3 the price!

2. Pop
Do people actually still drink POP? It’s 2014, people! Heck, you might as well start smoking, too.

1. Cereal
Unless your Mom still makes your lunch, this is unacceptable. Cook some hearty oatmeal and grow up.

In all serious, there are many foods that you should completely eliminate and at the link below you’ll learn which ones if you’re interested in stripping fat off your belly a whole lot faster and easier:

==> 5 Foods Keeping Men Fat <—- Eliminate these foods from your diet NOW


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