Are Your THOUGHTS Stealing Your Gains? (Part 1 of 3)


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

Sometimes when we look at a ripped body like this 24-year old guy or super fit gal….

…we think, “Man, I could never look like that… I could never do the big things involved in achieving a body like that…” 

Well, today we’re going to talk about how your THOUGHTS may be STEALING your gains and preventing you from looking YOUR best.

Today I’m going to beg you to embrace this truth: 

It’s often the small things that no one sees that result in the big things that everyone wants!

Read that again…

It’s often the small things that no one sees that result in the big things that everyone wants!

Our thoughts matter SO much because they influence our words, which influence our habits, which ultimately influence our destiny.


This applies to your personal… professional… and physical life.

As a person thinks in his heart, so he becomes.

Your life will always move in the direction of your strongest thoughts.

Your thoughts are SO important in determining who you become.

Your thoughts may seem small, but they are NOT. Again, your life will always move in the direction of your strongest thoughts.

Don’t miss the power in this message — as a person thinks in his heart, so he is.

  • If you think you can’t, you probably won’t.
  • If you think you’re going to fail, you’ll probably fail.
  • If you think your life is an accident and doesn’t matter, then it probably won’t matter.

On the other hand…

  • If you think you can make a difference, you probably will.
  • If you believe there are opportunities out there, you will see those opportunities.
  • If you believe you can tap into the strength of a higher power greater than yourself, you will probably sense it and experience it.

Our THOUGHTS matter.

As a person thinks in his heart, so he becomes!

Your life will always move in the direction of your strongest thoughts.

So today I want to encourage you to do a Thought Audit” and have you think about what you think about! 

Are your thoughts mainly:

  • Negative or Positive?
  • Fearful or Peaceful?
  • Helpful or Hurtful?
  • Skeptical or Trusting?
  • Worldly or Eternal?

My mom always warned me, “Today’s obsessions become tomorrow’s realities!” As I look back on my life’s milestones, this is a truth bomb I used positively…

Your life will always move in the direction of your strongest thoughts.

So you’re probably asking now, “How do I change my thoughts?”

Glad you asked!

Two simple steps:

Step 1: We need to CAPTURE our destructive thoughtsThese destructive thoughts are DOWNRIGHT LIES. We must capture these lies and stop telling ourselves…

  • “I’ll never get ripped.”
  • “I’ll never be able to stick to my diet.
  • “I’ll never meet a beautiful spouse.”
  • “I’ll never get ahead financially.” 
  • “I’ll never amount to anything significant.”






These are ALL destructive thoughts. LIES. LIES. LIES. LIES. LIES!

You must CAPTURE these thoughts and say, “These are destructive thoughts and LIES! I am an overcomer. I can do ALL things through a power greater than myself that strengthens me!”

Do you believe this?

You must.

Your destiny depends on it.

Step 2: Fix Your Thoughts On Spiritual Things (notice I said spiritual, not religious).

I don’t know where you get your inner strength from, but for me personally, I do my best to fix my thoughts on SPIRITUAL things rooted in TIMELESS TRUTH… It’s NOT easy of course, especially after a bad day…  but if it doesn’t pass this “thought audit” I try not to think it…

What is TRUE.

What is NOBLE.

What is RIGHT.

What is PURE.

What is LOVELY.



This is my CRITERIA! If my thoughts don’t align with the above, I throw those thoughts in the TRASH. Right in the garbage. They don’t belong in my mind.

You need a way to FILTER YOUR THOUGHTS or else you’ll believe LIES that steal yourgains and rob you of an amazing life and future.


Literally changing the way I think has changed my life since my “Skinny Vinny” days….

This is not an overstatement.

Let me tell you a lie I used to believe around the time I was getting ready to launch my first e-system, No Nonsense Muscle Building, back in May of 2006.

(And this is before YouTube and Facebook when hating wasn’t half as bad as it is now…)

When I got into the online fitness business I was fearful of starting an online presence because I was never the biggest guy in the gym — and I was selling muscle!

I believed that I needed to be bigger than everyone else to contribute my knowledge. To have a voice. Platform. Audience. To be a muscle authority.

I even had haters on flame me, “What do you know about muscle building? You still look skinny. Go away!”

I believed that for a long time, and did consider going away...

However, It was a destructive thought and a LIE. I captured it. I threw it in the trash.

I then remembered that the information I had to share was more than good enough to help me pack on 40 lbs of muscle so it had to be good enough for others just like me, and I went on to have the #1 selling muscle building e-system in the world according to

I threw away the lie and accepted the truth.

I was not put on this earth to be the biggest bodybuilder in the world.

That’s not what I do.

That’s not who I am.

(That’s not even what I want).

I was made to influence skinny guys who started off just like me who wanted to build muscle DRUG FREE, and not spend their life in the gym.

And that’s what I did.

And today, more than 120,000 people have download my No Nonsense Muscle Building course, I am working towards helping 1 million guys and gals build life-changing muscle by the year 2020, and I live the lifestyle of my dreams.

Thank God I didn’t believe that lie back in 2006 or you would not be reading this right now.

So, what lies are you believing right now?

Maybe they are holding you back from your physical goals? Professional goals? Personal goals?

Remember, as a person thinks, so he becomes.

When I struggle with my thoughts I often pray something really simple like this,

“God, you have permission to interrupt my day today and help me CAPTURE any and all destructive thoughts and lies that enter my mind. Don’t allow me to believe these lies.”  

If you don’t believe in a God or the God I believe in, that’s cool. And if you’re unsure, maybe throw that prayer up and see what happens… You may be surprised… It definitely won’t hurt!

Regardless of your beliefs and how you go about changing your thoughts, understand,

if you want to change the way you live… you have to change the way you THINK. 

To capturing your thoughts and trashing the lies,


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11 thoughts on “Are Your THOUGHTS Stealing Your Gains? (Part 1 of 3)

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  4. Simranjeet singh May 24, 2015 at 11:42 am - Reply

    Great inspiration

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  5. Wow, such an inspiring article! I’m really looking forward for the next parts…

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