3 Inspiring Transformations to Kick-Start Yours!


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

thumbnailHi, my name is Harrison Thomas. I’m 18 years old and I am from Cumming, GA. All my life I had been skinny. I tried everything. Drinking protein shakes, working out 5 times a week. Nothing was working. I eventually got the nerve to get online and find a solution. Gratefully I stumbled across Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program.I printed out the ebook and started my quest for a better physique. I read over and over again highlighting and underlining what I thought was most important in every chapter. I can say I’ve never learned so much in so little time about how to build muscle. But then came the fun part. The training. I had never experienced the training I had to endure. But it was great! Also the diet was insane too. I was that skinny kid who always thought I ate so much. Once I started the meal plan, man was I wrong! I wasn’t eating anywhere what I needed to to build muscle.People at school quickly started to see the change in my body. Asking me if I was getting bigger. My response was easily yes. And I told them I was only going to continue to get bigger.  I explained how I was going to pack on 25 pounds of muscle. Everybody told me I was crazy and I was only going to get a little bit bigger. 5 more pounds at the most. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Within 6 months I had gone from a sad 130 pounds to a staggering 200 pounds! Everybody was accusing me of steroids. I took that as a compliment and told them no I just know how to train properly. I can say I was the talk of my school for awhile. I mean I was one of the skinniest kids in my grade and now I became one of the biggest. Not only that but people were now coming to me for advice! And I was known as the bodybuilder in my school. No one else had that title.

Harrison Thomas,
Cumming, GA




thumbnail-2I began working out consistently May 1 when I decided I wanted to be bigger. I was always fit from playing soccer. I am in college and in army but I wanted to be bigger. My max starting out was around 190 on the bench and when I last maxed in beginning of August it was 325. My abs became more developed and arms bigger.I saw your page on Facebook and began watching your videos on YouTube. I especially loved your videos on Chest and Shoulders. I began holding the weight longer at the bottom to switch it up and that helped a lot. The Ab videos with your two favorite workout buddies was my favorite about working out in mornings on empty stomache. I also loved your advice on eating habits. I have changed my diet due to that and look forward to more videos.The obstacles I ran into was breaking the plateau. I lifted heavier with a spotter to help me with each rep!

The main advice I have is just to stay with it. It’s very easy to lose motivation and start skipping days. You need to be disciplined with your diet and workout plan.Art Sweatman 

Program Used: Facebook & YouTube tips



thumbnail-3Hey Vince,
My name is Jonas Dekens and i’m 22 years old. I’m from Belgium and i’m following you now for almost 5 years. Over the years I learned alot of you  and recently from Ben too, thanks to you i’ve heard of him). I didn’t always followed your advice but it was more because of circumstances than not willing. But over the past years you gave me (and probably lot of other people) great advice and the change to grow.

My first year of training was just searching what to do and fooling around in the gym. My second year i thought i was going to do much better. But my second till fourth year it was more like trial and error. Now, in august, i’m training for my fifth year and i could only say that i made the most progress over the last year. Went from 81 kilogram and 18% bodyfat, to 68kg and 6.5% and now i’m bulking again trying to keep my bodyfat in mind.

At this moment I’m 81kg and a bodyfat of 12%. Thanks to your advice of barbell complexes, slow bulking and slow cutting, time under tension, and so much more. But your advice and e-mails about life, relationship, children, cooking,… It all made sense. I want to thank you for what you are doing, keep up the good work. I will put a before and after picture in this e- mail, and I hope you will be displaying it on your page. I’m curious about the reaction people will give as this is the first time i will be doing this.

Greetings Vince ( and Ben),
and i will be hearing you soon.


Jonas Dekens

Program Used: Facebook & YouTube tips






Here is MY transformation.


Every month we have a mini-transformation contest.

The prize will be your choice one of my products/programs (excluding Hypertrophy MAX) and a free LIFETIME membership to my Live Large Inner Circle! Pretty good deal, eh!?!

To be eligible for this contest you must have used one of my programs or used some of my Facebook/YouTube tips to help you transform your body. There will be no required date range for the photo.

I will be choosing the winner of these contests along with my team, and we will be featuring the contestants on the Facebook Fan Page as they come in. The winner will be announced at the end of each month.

Send your before and after pictures to [email protected] with the subject line “Mini-Transformation Contest”

Here’s a quick look at the prizes you’ll be eligible for (excluding HMAX)! –> http://www.vincedelmontefitness.com/blog/vince-del-monte-products/

If you haven’t heard about my Live Large Inner Circle, you can learn more here –> www.LiveLargeTV.com/

Good luck!!!!

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