The Immune System Strengthener (Recipe)


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

iStock_000020680620XSmallIt’s a funny thing when my friends and family complain to me about getting the cold or the seasonal flu.  Their are always questions I ask and I always get the classic answers::

1. Are you taking your vitamins every day?

Hesitant answer: “umm.. yes”.

2. How’s your nutrition? Are you taking your greens?

Hesitant answer again: “umm.. ya”.

3. Are you staying activate on a regular basis?

Hesitant answer: “mhmmm”.



I just chuckle under my breath because it’s pretty obvious the reason why they’re hesitant and sick is because they completely half-assed every answer to the questions I asked.

Here are my ways to guarantee that I can confidently answer ‘YES’ to every one of those questions:

1. I ALWAYS take my multi-vitamins from my friends at Bluestar (Vitality Men) (Vitality Women). And I ALWAYS take my digestive enzymes.

2. I am constantly making Flavia and I greens shakes to the point where it’s so annoying to constantly have to do dishes. Here is one of my FAVOURITE immune-boosting and digestive pleasing shakes. Just throw all the ingredients into the juicer and enjoy! 🙂

The Immune System Strengthener

1 cup fresh whole cranberries
3 apples, seeds removed

This juice is one of the best for boosting your immune
system. Use a sweeter apple, like Red Delicious to balance
the tartness of the cranberries. The cranberries
are great 
for cleaning out your digestive tract and
battling bad bacteria.

10490573_s3. The answer to his one is pretty simple. I work out. And if you need help finding a good program I am definitely more than confident I can help you out with some workout plans —> Products Page

The answers seem pretty obvious don’t they? Than why is it SO hard to for so many people to answer YES to my 3 questions?


Consistency is key. The first couple weeks of trying to get into the routine will be hard but once you got it you’ll feel off if you miss any one of these steps!

Anyway, let me know what you think about that juicing recipe and if you want 101 more you can snatch them here –> 101 Recipe Book

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