From Smaller to Baller – 3 Transformation You’ll Want to See


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

thumbnail“After my first semester at college, i had already gained 10 pounds of the freshman 15, much to my disappointment. Returning home at semester my brother asked, “what happened to you?” and thats when the search started for a fat shredding, muscle gaining program that would get me shredded quickly, without wasting what little time I had extra at college.

I started working out about one and a half years ago with the goal to get an eight pack. But it turned out to be quite a bit of a challenge as there’s much more to it than just doing sit ups. Thanks to Google I was able to figure out that the right nutrition’s the key and soon I also stumbled upon Vince’s blog.

After searching over and under, Maximize Your Muscle caught my eye with a very affordable first month of the program. So i started the program, and was astounded by the fat burned, and changes in my body. My roommate at college told me that watching me change was “inspiring stuff”, and he then borrowed my first month of the program when i started month 2 of MYM. After just one month of the program i had packed on 10 pounds of pure muscle!

Never in my life have i accomplished something like this before. As the months went on, i saw rapid and incredible changed, not only in my body, but in my behavior. Every month, i was challenged with something new, a different way i can better my way of life, and ways of reaching my newly set goals, made in month number two.

Every month, my roommate and I would pick a new quote from the MYM book and post it in our status’ on facebook or on the wall of our room. My personal favorite was “You will not soar with the eagles if you’re running with the turkey’s”. Where I evaluated who I was hanging out with, and decided whether or not those people would help me become the person I wanted to become, and from there I saw the most improvement in my life. I started being true to myself, my friends, and my family. With this achiever’s mind-set, i was able to change my body. With the help of MYM i figured out important things in my life, packed on muscle, and got ripped. Now when someone asks me if i gained the “freshman 15” at college, and can proudly say, “yes i did–all in muscle”.

My arms exploded and got Huge during this program, I finally found my six pack, and packed on over 15 pounds of pure muscle during Maximize Your Muscle! Thanks Vince for the incredible program, and life lessons every month. This program was truely life-changing.

“You can’t soar with the eagles if you’re running with the turkeys”.

Matt Beukelman
Mitchell, South Dakota

Program Used: Maximize Your Muscle


​”Hi! Vince Del Monte,

The biggest obstacle was facing the people, who were laughing at me, and said on my face , that I can’t get big or gain the weight!! They said its my genetics. But I actually used this depression as my motivation.

As a result I gained 32 pounds of solid muscles in just 6 months maintaining 6-7% body Fat. As a result I was offered the position of Personal Trainer in my Gym.
Now I hit the platue at 155 pound. By this time I came across your name So I ordered Vince’s workouts and followed them.
I started gaining weight again.. At this moment i am 175 pound and aiming for 200 lbs.
Thank You,



I always had a hard time applying for the Fit Factor At Bodypower. Due to personal reasons I’d backed out, but then I got a message from Nick Orton (the CEO of Physique Elite) which pushed me into applying. I applied only because I knew my current level of conditioning was good. I was doing hardcore Crossfit for 2 months but was eating bad, no excuses. shot up to 15% body fat at 80-81kgs and lost quite a bit of hypertrophy.

When my application to Fit Factor got accepted, I hired a coach for my workout program, while I designed my own nutrition, HIIT, martial arts, stretching and core training. I strategized ahead and logged every single detail in my notebook. I carried it everywhere.
I burned anywhere between 2500-3000 calories a day. In 25 days I dropped 6% body fat and today I stand in front of you in the finals of the most prestigious fitness and health competition in the country at 9% body fat! So yea man, dream big and go for it. BUT be realistic!
Read more about Tharun inspiring transformation by clicking here.

Tharun Sholarajan

Program used: 8-8-16 Hyper Growth Protocol






Here is MY transformation.


Every month we have a mini-transformation contest.

The prize will be your choice one of my products/programs (excluding Hypertrophy MAX) and a free LIFETIME membership to my Live Large Inner Circle! Pretty good deal, eh!?!

To be eligible for this contest you must have used one of my programs or used some of my Facebook/YouTube tips to help you transform your body. There will be no required date range for the photo.

I will be choosing the winner of these contests along with my team, and we will be featuring the contestants on the Facebook Fan Page as they come in. The winner will be announced at the end of each month.

Send your before and after pictures to [email protected] with the subject line “Mini-Transformation Contest”

Here’s a quick look at the prizes you’ll be eligible for (excluding HMAX)! –>

If you haven’t heard about my Live Large Inner Circle, you can learn more here –>

Good luck!!!!

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