Shortcut To Looking 20-30 Pounds More Muscular

Scott Tousignant, BHK, joins us again this week with his plan to look more muscular than you may actually be.

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You want to look BIG and muscular… and you want results fast! This may sound like a lot to ask for, but as you’re about to discover… there is indeed a shortcut to looking 20-30 pounds more muscular.

The first thing you need to wrap your head around is that the number on the scale means Jack $h!t. The shortcut to looking BIG is all about creating the illusion that you are bigger than you actually are.

The guys at my gym typically guess my weight at 175lbs. When I tell them how much I really weigh they are shocked with disbelief and force me to step on the scale.

When I’ve surveyed my peers on the Internet, asking them how much they think I weigh in these photos, the most common response is between 175-185lbs. What would you guess? (Note: I’m 5’7” tall).

My actual weight in these photos… 145lbs


The scale number is less than impressive… but what do I care when my physique IS impressive… and I continue to build upon it.

By the way… not long ago I was a scrawny 123lb weakling.

After years of trying to bulk up I finally discovered the 3 key factors to creating this optical illusion of looking bigger and more muscular than what the scale reveals.

1.  Get Ripped

This sounds counter-intuitive, but the more ripped you are, the more muscular you look. When you’re cut and defined your muscles ‘POP-OUT’.

After bulking up to 175lbs I looked good with a shirt on, but once the shirt came off I didn’t look so hot…

To my surprise… as the scale weight went down throughout the shredding process, my peers at the gym began to ask me what I was doing to pack on muscle.

Day1picsThey referred to me as “Jacked” and “HUGE”. This was a massive confidence booster… especially for a guy only weighing in at a buck-fifty.

Vascularity and muscle separation come from getting ripped. They are two key triggers that cause the illusion of a much larger appearance. It shouts out, “bodybuilder” and commands respect from your peers.

2. Symmetry and Proportion

Size doesn’t matter if you’re physique is out of proportion. In fact, this ‘look’ is often the brunt of many jokes. Picture the guy with a barreled chest and stick legs.

Symmetry and proportion are two key factors in how a lightweight bodybuilders look bigger and beat the heavyweights in a physique competition. This happens more frequently than you may think.

I placed 2nd in my first Natural Bodybuilding Contest. I was the lightest guy in the competition and I beat out an impressive class of guys who all weighed 10lbs more than I did. The young guy who placed 1st also won the Juniors and the Overall title against the  heavy weights.

…The key… symmetry and proportion.

This includes, wide shoulder and a narrow waist, which produces the ‘V-Taper’ appearance. Add in muscular legs and you turn that ‘V’ into an ‘X’ for perfect proportions.

It’s crucial to evaluate your physique in an effort to determine what areas you must improve in order to create this X-Factor. A muscle building program with the only goal to pack on mass is a recipe for disaster.

Your program must be designed with the purpose to strategically pack on muscle in the appropriate places to enhance your symmetry and proportion. With this strategy in place, gaining 5lbs of muscle can look like 10 extra pounds of muscle.

When you sculpt a symmetrical physique each muscle ties into the next one seamlessly. It’s aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

3. Dedicated Shoulder Training

Cannonball shoulders are one of the most important features of an aesthetically pleasing physique and a key factor in looking bigger than you actually are. Without them, you’ll never develop a ‘V-Taper’.

Building giant round shoulder caps requires attention to the finer details. Most guys have well developed front delts and decent side delts, but their rear delts are severely lagging behind, simply because they don’t pay much attention to them.

Dedicating an entire training session to your shoulders is an optimal way to ensure each aspect of your delts receive the attention they deserve.

Pairing shoulders with chest can work as well. Since the front delts receive some stress during chest training they won’t need to be hit as much during the shoulder training component of the workout.

In Conclusion…

Although your goal is to pack on size… with a strategic approach you can make every ounce of muscle appear even bigger.

Instead of obsessing over scale weight, focus on aesthetics. Becoming JACKED and looking 20lbs more muscular is more about getting ripped… develop a symmetrical and proportionate physique… and paying attention to the details.

Follow these guidelines and prepare for the onslaught of compliments.

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