Treatment For Sciatica


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

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If you have ever suffered radiating pain running down the back of your leg that just won’t go away then you probably have sciatica and I have an article that discusses treatment for sciatica and how to treat it effectively, by my friend Jesse Cannone.

Click here for the article

Click here — Sciatica: What Causes It and How to Treat It Effectively

I guarantee you that what you are about to read will likely be far different than what you have read or heard anywhere else!

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I was supposed to include a bonus product called The Ultimate 10-Minute Warm Up in my six-pack program but my video editor thought it was supposed to be a free You Tube video so posted it there.

I don’t feel right about charging for it since it’s been on You Tube for free for some time now so here it is… (this routine can easily save you hundreds of dollars in therapy)

The Ultimate 10-Minute Warm Up

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This is far more powerful than static stretching and is a very cutting-edge way of priming the nervous system before you lift your weights or do cardio. It only takes 10-minutes and will create mobility and flexibility in all your major joints.

Let me know what you think by posting your comments and posting a rating for this video. I would be very interested in hearing your own comments.

Kids are back in school today (most places) and this is the time to get a new muscle building routine if you’re in one right now…

Train hard and train even smarter,

Vince Del Monte

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One thought on “Treatment For Sciatica

  1. Hi Vince

    Over a year ago I strained myself somehow and ended up with Sciatica. It could have been from training with dead lifts (I had only been training for a year at the time – with a trainer) I had a hell of a time with it. I couldn’t train or walk. Recently. I went back to the gym. I feel that pinched nerve ever so often, and after a light workout, no matter what I do, it starts to pinch down my leg.

    I really want to start your program and get conquer my problem. Any form of results are being dleayed because of this. I am so excited to buy your program and start, but I feel that the Sciatica will be in the way too much. Keep in mind: after learning much about Sciatica, I have conquered the important stretches and exercise techniques to ease the pain – my issue is gaining strength, weight training nad getting the body I have desired for 2 years now. I just have a few questions:

    1. Does your program offer alternative techniques for some not-so-friendly Sciatica workouts? (ie: deadlifts, squats) Will I achieve results without these going forward?

    2. I think the main issue here is the need to strengthen my core, area which is pretty weak. Is it crucial that I target this area first to stabalize by back? Does your prgram offer a complete core training section that is safe for the back?

    Any help would be most appreciated. I am itching to buy your program, but I truly want to believe that your program can help me through this damn Sciatica.

    Many thanks

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