My Vision For Your Six Pack Quest


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

I am going to answer a load of questions today on how I am guaranteeing you a 6-pack in 6-months.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally have the exact body you want…

Here is my vision for you for Feburary 1, 2009 (6 months from today) after you finish my fat loss program

Here’s what you want…

To increase your energy levels
To decrease your stress levels
To lose that last 10 pounds
To lose that first 100 pounds
To be a little bit fitter
To look good for the opposite sex
To be known as someone who has a healthy lifestyle
To make the most of your time in the gym
To not have to worry about what clothes to wear
To live a long life free of health problems
To be a good example to your family and friends
To not feel like you “have to” work out
To “just look good” for your age
To only spend money on foods, books and supplements that work
To find someone you can trust and get good advice from

How would life look with that entire list checked off? You would probably be more than happy with just a few of those, no?

You ready for my vision? Imagine..

Your energy levels are contagious and infect everyone you meet.

You attract very high quality people in your life.

You are never tired and your body operates like a machine.

You will never, ever feel you are “stuck” with what you got.

To know exactly how to blow torch fat – any time of the day.

To have no limits and no fear of the “hurt box” when you train.

To turn heads where ever you go – the streets, the gym, the beach!

To be the “fitness celebrity” amongst your family and friends.

To have people stare at you while you train.

You wear the ugliest clothes and still look good because of your physique.

You demand respect just because of your appearance.

Your friends are secretly jealous of what you’ve achieved.

To go on any trip or adventure with your kids or grandchildren.

To be the parent who inspires their kids to value fitness.

You work out because it’s a gift to yourself, not an obligation.

Your spirit lives in a fit and healthy place.

Click here to start fulfilling this vision

Okay, on to your questions before the price doubles Thursday August 7th at 11:59pm

Question: My abs never show and I only have 8 weeks to flatten it. My stomach area has always been my problem spot…

Answer: You better get serious because 8 weeks is going to fly by! Three things need to happen:

1. Follow one of the 84-day meal plans 80-90% of the time.
2. Start with the 3-day Metabolic Boost program
3. Perform at least 3 additional cardio workouts on your off days.

You will start losing at least 1% of your fat each week. If not, add a 4th cardio session or drop your calories 200 per day.

If your weight is the same, repeat the step above. If you are dropping then don’t change anything.

Question: Should I bulk using your muscle building program or cut using ? Which program should I get?

Answer: Which is more important to you? Size or cuts? If you are hovering between 13-18% fat then you are a serious candidate for my fat loss program.

I would recommend cutting to at least 10% fat and then start a bulking cycle using my muscle program. It’s a pretty cool experience to see how tight and defined you can become after you put all your efforts into cutting. The “lean look” can become very addicting.

Question: How long does it take to ship this product?

Answer: It only takes seconds. Check your junk folder because your email receipt will probably get forwarded there which will give you access to the customer only page, a user name and password.

Nothing is sent in the mail because this is a completely digital package. In January 2009, you will be able to purchase the online DVD’s in hard copy but the price will be $197 for the complete set. Take advantage of the price now.

Question: Does this program work for females?

Answer: 1000% You’ll notice that I even include a special Female Only workout and the online video includes me taking a national level fitness model through the workout.

Lets put it this way. If you were my girlfriend, this is the exact workout I would give you 🙂

Question: I train at home so not sure if your program can help…

Answer: I got you covered. I include a specific “Home Gym Workout” that is done by myself and an ex pro bodybuilder.  There are some really funny clips on this video too. Once involves me getting sacked by a medicine ball while I’m tired during a workout.

I also include my Bodyweight Conditioning program which can be done anytime and anywhere and is VERY challenging and far beyond just sit ups, push ups, squats and chin ups.

Question: I don’t eat dairy, eggs and wheat… can I still use your meal plans?

Answer: Of course but you will obviously have to make those changes and not follow the plan blindly. Don’t forget you also get 12 hours of training footage, cardio plans, weight training routines and more. You need these to lose fat as well – not just a meal plan.

If you have any more questions, let me know. I’ll be looking forward to rewarding someone, (maybe you?), $1,000 cash every 12-weeks for the best transformation.

Click here to get 6-pack abs in 6-months and start my fat loss program


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