How To Lose Belly Fat Part 2


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

As promised, I have the 2nd part of my interview with Men’s Health fat loss expert Craig Ballantyne.

Let’s just jump right in because you don’t have much time left to lose your belly fat and get lean for summer (and you only have until TONIGHT at midnight to get 10 ‘birthday presents’ he’s giving you to get a ‘beach body’ this summer).

Vince: What is one thing most guys are missing the boat on how to lose belly fat?

Craig: Most guys, at least that I deal with through Men’s Health, are still doing outrageous amounts of slow cardio.

It’s lame.

It’s gotta stop.

One guy today wrote that he’s doing an hour twice a day. It’s stupid. I have to reign in a lot of guys who get the ‘more is better’ thinking going on.

You and I might think a lot of people know about interval training, but in reality, the people that do are very few and very far between.

So I just spend my time teaching guys that if they want to look like the college athlete they remember themselves to be, then they need to train more like an athlete, and less like a marathon runner.
Vince: Share your top 3 secrets for single digit body fat…

1. Drop the grains from your diet. That doesn’t mean drop all carbs, it just means drop the bread, pasta, and processed cereals. And I shouldn’t have to mention that all sugar has to go as well.

Eat whole, natural foods only.

2. Do total body resistance training sessions 3x’s per week. Hit the upper back, the chest, the posterior chain, the quads, and the torso/abs. I have a new program out called the ‘Big 5 Fat Loss Circuit’ which shows guys how to do that with dumbells, barbells, or bodyweight exercises.

I believe there are 5 big movements a fat-loss focused workout should contain.

a) A squatting exercise
b) A pushing exercis
c) A pulling exercise
d) A single leg exercise
e) A total body ab exercise

3. Add interval training, 3-4 times per week, for 20-30 minutes. NOT 6 days per week for 45 minutes…that’s another thing guys screw up…they bring the marathon mentality to interval training. That’s not how it works. It’s like bringing a ‘hot dog eating contest’ mentality to Happy Hour at a bar…do that, and you’re in a heap of trouble.

Vince: How would you address the ‘skinny fat’ syndrome with your program?
Craig: Most skinny fat guys eat a wussy diet, full of sugar and foods from bags and boxes. They have good intentions, but lie to themselves about how many times they go astray from their nutrition plan.

They are the guys who say they eat almost perfect, but in reality, are more like 60% compliant. They are the guys who give in and eat a bag of MM’s (the chocolate kind, not the manly peanut kind) while watching chick flicks with their girlfriend.

So they need to cut the crap out of their diet. It’s painfully obvious.

Next, they need a good total body program, something that addresses the Big 5 movements. When these guys do go to the gym (often only twice per week – Monday for chest and Wednesday for back – and the rest of the week they are at Big Box stores picking out drapes with the girlfriend) they use machines and isolation exercises.

They need to do the exercises they hate – squats (and not Smith Machine Squats), free weight rows, split squats or lunges, pullups, and total body ab exercises (not 2-inch crunches).

And they need to do intervals, rather than flipping through magazines while doing slow cardio.

Personally, I think the ultimate beach body physique that most guys are looking for is what a typical NFL or NCAA football cornerback looks like.

Now imagine how he eats and trains. He’d be doing something like my TT Hard-core Fat Loss Program

You think you’d see one of those guys on an elliptical machine? Or doing cable crossovers?

No way.

So why are you?

End of interview

If you want more amazing information from Craig then be sure to check out his new Turbulence Training ‘Birthday Celebration’ bonus package and learn how to lose belly fat.

You have less than 24 hours to grab the incredible bonus package Craig has put together to help you lose fat in time for summer.

I’m off to Italy for the month of July and am working against the clock myself – I have two months to get to 5% body fat so that I’ll be ripped for the beaches!

Whether it’s a summer wedding or a trip to the beach, you want those defined arms, rock hard abs, and those inches off your belly, and Turbulence Training gives you a roadmap to do just that.

What good is it having a great body if you have to be a slave to the gym – especially in the summertime?
You should be outside enjoying your new body, not wasting your life away on the treadmill every day. You need short, effective workouts that allow you to get in, get out, and get on with your life.

I’m recommending that you check out a Turbulence Training so you can find a balance between working out and spending time with your family and friends, because Turbulence Training, unlike most workouts, requires only three short, but intense, 45-minute workouts per week.

Vince Del Monte

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