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Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

In the last 4 weeks I’ve had over 2000 new people sign up for my No Nonsense Muscle Building program

…and I’m getting hammered with emails on “supplement recommendations.”

So lets talk supplements today 🙂

Even though I am quite “anit-supplement” on my website,I have to admit that using CERTAIN sport supplements CAN help you get faster muscle building and fat loss results.

And better health, most importantly.

I personally recommend supplements more strongly when you hit about a 90% threshold in your training, nutrition and lifestyle. Supplements WILL help an advanced trainee getto the “next level.”

For beginners (training less than a year), supplements will improve health and recovery but the affects will not be as noticeable as an advanced trainee who has hit a plateau.

So which muscle building supplements REALLY work at building mass, burning fat, or increasing hormones…and which ones are designed to simply suck money out of your wallet like a Hoover vacuum?!

Do you know how to tell?

Sure, you can read reviews in forums by amateur 16 year olds…

…or you can fall victim to the latest hyped-up “natural mass-builder” supplement that promises you “freakishly huge muscles” like the steroid-fueled pro who’s holding up the bottle in the magazine ad…

…but you’ve been there before, haven’t you?

Well get all this BS out of your head because I’m going to introduce you to the ULTIMATE solution for all of your supplement frustrations…

If you’ve been with me longer then a few months, you will have heard me talk about my good friend Jeff Anderson, also known as “The Muscle Nerd.” He’s the only guy I know who actually TEACHES YOU how to make your OWN powerful sports supplements in the privacy of your home. Honestly, this is the one supplement product I wish I created first!

This step-by-step program has gotten RAVE REVIEWS from users who are now saving HUNDREDS on their monthly supplement bills and discovering just how easy it is to copy the formulas of the best selling supplements on the market today.

Jeff emailed me last night, right after I sent my newsletter to you, to tell me about his special promotion going on right now that’s going to get you to that “next level.”

Until February 15th, Jeff is adding an amazing 5 EXTRA GIFTS to the already jam-packed package…including his own PERSONAL supplement formula recipes that have taken him over 16 months to develop and test! Don’t wait on this because the extra bonuses are gone after this Friday!

Click here to check out Jeff’s “Home Made Supplement Secrets” program.

Oh yeah… check out the price on this baby too… I wonder if you’ll laugh as hard as I did when I saw it!

Train hard,
Vince DelMonte

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3 thoughts on “Home Made Supplement Program

  1. you’re full of shit Vince.

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  3. hey, I got to tell you this blog about Jeff’s supplements-at-home deal is the real deal. He knows his stuff about supplements amd he is steering you in a good direction. I know about these things after being a research scientist 30 yrs in the sports supplement business. My store caters to pro bodybuilders and other athletes from around the globe, and our website is here:

    Pro Bodybuilding Supps – http://www.musclefitnessnutrition.com

    Free Online Coaching – http://www.steelforce-bodybuilding.com/forum

    I’d just like to give these supp recipes a thumbs up, and also invite anyone who wants professional strength sports supplements to visit the above website.

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