Add 1/2 Inch To Your Arms In 5 Days


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

Here’s a story of how Arthur Jones helped pro bodybuilders gain 1/2 inch on their arms in 5 days!

Back in 1971, Arthur Jones issued a challenge to readers of Ironman magazine:

“Build your arms as big as you can by any method except Nautilus equipment, and then come to DeLand, Florida, in muscular condition with the largest arms you can develop. Then, if you will follow my instructions I’ll put a full one-half inch on the cold measurement of each of your upper arms – from one workout only.”

Here’s some interesting notes:

— This was a call to pro bodybuilders… not beginners.

— This was a challenge with guys who already hit their “genetic potential.”

— These guys were consistent all year round with their training.

— They were DESPERATE for even a fraction of an inch on their arms.

— Jones backed up his promise by reimbursing any travel expenses from disappointed bodybuilders.

Guess how many asked for refunds? Only 2 of 50 but later on they withdrew their requests. So what was Jones “secret?”

How did he induce muscle growth so fast?

The first part you already know – high intensity weight training like I show you in my brand new muscle building training DVD.

The second part is what most lifters neglect –  RECOVERY from the workout. Taking enough days between training sessions and getting enough sleep.

The Surefire Formula

Jones treated almost each bodybuilder the same. He greeted them at the airport, bus station or restaurant. He would measure their arms almost immediately and then he would make small chat and explain his hard-but-brief training philosophy.

After some eating and food, Jones would check the bodybuilder into a resort or beach side hotel and instructed him to take the next three days sleeping, relaxing and resting. Guess what the bodybuilder said, “What about the workout?” Jones knew that the bodybuilder was over trained and needed everything BUT a workout and it would be counterproductive to train the bodybuilder in that condition. The bodybuilder needed a layoff – not a workout.

After a few days of enjoying the sun, beach and fresh air and ZERO exercise of any kind, Jones would meet the bodybuilder after 4 days of nothing and measure his arms again. As with everyone else, his arms would be 1/4 inch larger! That’s because for the first time in years, the guy was fully recovered from his last workout.

Next would come the “all out” bodybuilding workout similar to the advanced training protocol I used in my program. After the “intense-but-brief” workout, Jones would instruct the bodybuilder to go back for a good nights sleep and then measure his arms the next morning. On almost every bodybuilder, each would gain another 1/8 of an inch. Incredible!

My training formula is based on the same one Jones uses: “Training stimulates growth but only full recovery permits that growth to actually occur.”

As you know, I have JUST uploaded 4 hours of DVD footage to accompany my weight training program. For more info on how to own the Internets Top Muscle Building Course DVD and learn more information on specific recovery methods… you know where to go

Train hard,
Vince Del Monte

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