Craig Ballantyne Interview Part 2


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

Today, I bring you part 2 of the interview between fat loss expert Craig Ballantyne (writer for Men’s Health) and myself…(Read to the bottom… Craig is giving away 5 NEW bonus gifts until tonight at midnight)

Vince: What are you thoughts on fat burners and ECA stacks?

Craig Ballantyne: If you only look at the theory, they are great. For example, one study found that the components of Green Tea can burn an extra 80 calories per day. Yet, you’ll rarely find long-term studies that show fat loss results when you cram Green Tea and all the other fat burning compounds into an actual product.

It’s my belief that your body gets used to the compounds and the effects don’t last. So that’s why the majority of people won’t see any benefit from using supplements. Not too mention product quality and meeting label specs…so I just don’t believe these products will have an impact.

Vince: I heard that you did the 300 workout in around 19 minutes?! That’s sick. I think it took me around 24 minutes the first time I did it (but I’m also bigger than you 🙂 Are your workouts similar to these 300 style workouts? If not, could you give me a sample circuit or workout that my readers would find in Turbulence Training?

Craig Ballantyne: Kind of similar, but Turbulence Training workouts are done in supersets, rather than as one long circuit as the 300 was done. In fact, I “copied” the 300 workout model and put together my own Bodyweight 500 workout that is available through Turbulence Training.

What I did was I created two traditional superset TT workouts to be done during the week, and then on the
weekend a bodyweight challenge was performed. It was a 4-week program, and it worked up to the Bodyweight 500.

So at the end of week 1, a very easy Bodyweight 100 was done. After week 2, a Bodyweight 200 was done. After week 3, you were challenged to a Bodyweight 350, and then finally, after week 4, you did the 500.

The traditional TT workouts go like this…

Bodyweight Circuit- This takes about 3-5 minutes and replaces the traditional “5 minutes on the treadmill”
which I find inefficient and irrelevant. Then we move to…

Strength Training Supersets- This takes 20 minutes, and we’ll pair “non-competing” exercises together in the supersets. Often this means upper and lower body exercises, or pushing and pulling exercises. Non-competing supersets allow us to get more work done than traditional supersets.

Interval Training – Finally, we finish with 10-20 minutes of interval training. We use traditional cardio machines, kettlebells, and bodyweight circuits at this time. Fast, fun, and effective.

Vince: I understand you are 10x more “anti-supplement” than me. You don’t use ANY supplements?P

Craig Ballantyne: Fish oils. That’s it. I did use a Greens Plus drink, but I eat so many vegetables I found this to be redundant. Same with a multi-vitamin and mineral. I eat really well, so its a toss-up whether these would have added benefits. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don’t.

I have no problem with creatine, but I’m experimenting to see the results I can get without it. Similar
thoughts about protein.

One gram of protein per pound of bodyweight in a lean person isn’t too hard to reach if you eat meat, dairy,
eggs, nuts, and peanut butter. And even then, I’ve cut my meat consumption lately without problems. I just
think protein supplements aren’t worth the taste.

Vince: What’s the worst fat loss workout you have ever done or seen?

Craig Ballantyne: I just think that anything requiring you to train for over an hour everyday is overkill. And I also dislike these fluffy workouts you see where people are told to lift soup cans and water bottles.

Listen, the models demonstrating triceps kickbacks with a water bottle in hand did not get those arms by doing tricep kickbacks with water bottles.

So I find this type of info to be shameful and misleading. I’m all for getting maximum results in as little time
as possible, but you have to tell people there is going to be some hard work involved.

Fortunately, I like to think that I’ve made the workouts as fun as possible because we have a lot of variety in
the Turbulence Training workouts.

Train hard,
Vince Del Monte

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