#1 Thing To Do For 2008 (for more muscle)…


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

So if you were in my office and asked, “Vince, what’s the number one thing I should do to build as much muscle possible for 2008?”

I would say three things:


I would then quote the late Benjamin Franklin, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

Training without a program is like building a house with out a blueprint.

(I’ll add, not just a “program” but a program specifically designed for YOU… not a body part bodybuilder program that only works if you’re using drugs and have great genetics… )

So what should a muscle building “plan” include?

— You need a specific weight training program. You need to know how to split up your muscle groups. You need to know how many reps and sets. How fast to lift the weights. How long to rest for. When to switch the program completely…

— You need a specific meal plan. You need to know EXACTLY what and how much food to put in your mouth every 3 hours.

— You need proper lifting technique. You need to train safely and effectively so you don’t hurt yourself and so that you isolate the targeted muscle group.

— You need to know EXACTLY which supplements to use and which ones to avoid.

— You need to know how much sleep you should be getting.

— You need to know how much cardio you should be doing on your workout days and non-workout days.

— You need to know how to stretch and when to stretch or else you will get injured (if not now… later).

— You need to know how to cut all the fat after you bulk up.

— You need to know when and for how long to take take recovery periods.

These details MUST be pre-planned before you start… before you start going to the gym!

Having this information is TRUE planning.

Once you have your plan… you have ONE job only …


Click here to get your complete muscle building plan

Here’s what you get when you use my plan:

Two 29 week muscle building workouts (beginner and advanced included) are essentially your blueprints – they are very powerful and intense workouts I used to gain 41 pounds of muscle.

84 day meal plans that range from 2000 calories to 6000 calories in 500 calorie increments can be printed off and put in your kitchen so all you need to do is FOLLOW YOUR PLAN!

An exercise database that will teach you how to do EVERY single exercise with proper lifting technique (even if you workout at home).

The Supplement Watch Files will tell you exactly which supplements to buy and which ones to save your money on.

My private email. If you get stuck with your plan then you can contact me personally!

What else do you want?

Now man up and show me you’re truly committed to your goals in 2008!

Click here to get started with your 2008 muscle building workout:

Train hard,
Vince Del Monte

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One thought on “#1 Thing To Do For 2008 (for more muscle)…

  1. Hey Vince,

    Today happens to be my birthday, and I came across this post about planning (even though it's from 2008). I usually take two times a year to reflect on my goals, my progress, and how I can improve going forward; at the end of the year / new year and in the middle of the year (which happens to be my birthday).

    Great advice which will never go old; if you want to achieve your goals… you have to have a plan!


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