Are Readers More Muscular?


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

Would you agree with the statement? “Leaders are readers.”

I don’t know who coined this phrase but it’s something that has had a massive impact on my physical, intellectual and spiritual life.

If leaders are readers then let me ask you a question…

Why do less than 4% of North America even own a library card?

Why only ten percent of people who begin reading a non-fiction book ever get beyond the first chapter?

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln used to walk miles to borrow and return books. He read them by candlelight after working long, hard days. Do you think his reverence and devotion to books made a difference in his ability as a leader
to lead a troubled nation?

I do.

I personally can’t go into a bookstore without buying a book (lately I have been getting lots of audio books – I’m probably the only guy who looks forward to a 24 hour drive because I get to learn the entire time.)

I was once asked, “If your house set on fire and you could only grab one thing, what would it be?”

I can’t answer that 100% but I’m guessing my personal library collection since I consider that one of my most valued material possessions. I take MASSIVE pride in the fact that I have over 300 non-fiction books in my office.

So what does this all have to do with muscle building and getting super buff, ripped and muscular for 2008?abraham-lincoln

Here’s what Chalres Poliquin would advise you:

“The basic rule is that you have to read ten hours a week on a particular topic for five years to develop an appreciable level of expertise on that precise subject. If you’re not willing to commit that much time, you might consider a different line of work.”

To get to the point where you know enough, you’ve gotta make some serious investments – probably both time and money are required.

That what I did before I wrote my book.

This should be true for any serious student of success.

If you are truly committed to building the strongest, healthiest and most muscular body ever this 2008, I implore you to become a voracious reader.

A book a month will keep you in the middle of the pack. A book a year and you’re in the very back of the pack.

I don’t care if you love it or hate – reading is just one of those things you NEED to do to be successful.

So what are you reading these days Vince? Remember, leaders are readers and if you need the best book
to kick start your quest for your best body ever in 2008, you know where to go.

Train hard,
Vince Del Monte


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One thought on “Are Readers More Muscular?

  1. Great idea. I really do believe we should read alot of stuff to be successful.

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