Top 40 Things I Learned In 2019


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

Did you know I’ve been doing a “Top 40” since 2008?

Many of my followers have told me the list gets better and better and I hope this one does not disappoint as we close out another decade.

It’s not easy to write these because I put each one up against a filter: “Am I using language to cover up lifestyle?” The last thing I want this to be is a summary of cute, man-made sound-bites versus things learned in the real-world.

I reassure you that what you’re about to read are lessons that have either helped me crush it or (in a few cases) crushed me.

And while my brand has expanded towards helping men maximize the 5 M’s of Manhood — Muscle, Mindset, Money, Mission and Marriage — you’ll notice a disproportionate amount of lessons around business and not fitness. 

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Top Things I Learned About Muscle…

1. Bigger muscles don’t equal more money   

This past year has been our highest revenue and most profitable year in 14 years of business and it’s also the year I’ve been in the worst shape of my life. (I’ll explain why as we go…)

2. You don’t need to train THAT hard to keep your muscle (if you have a foundation)

I wouldn’t say I exerted more than a 40% effort on any particular workout in all of 2019 and while I definitely didn’t make any gains, I certainly didn’t wither up.

I contribute this to having a base of 15+ years of solid lifting behind me and it’s encouraging to see years of previous hard work stay pay a return.   

3. Without a NEW training program I get bored fast   

This past year I was recycling old training programs and it just wasn’t the same. 

I thrive off of new challenges so when I’m ready to crank up the gains again, I won’t be going back to an old program.

In fact, a NEW program for men over 40 may be in the works for 2020… Stay tuned! 

4. You won’t appreciate the body you HAD until you lose it    

I’ve always felt I had an “ok” body but while Flavia was looking for photos of me to add to my 40th birthday slide deck she blurted out, “Holy cow! Look at you here Vince!” 

She shared some pics from 2-3 years ago that made me say, “Holy jeez! That’s me? I’ve got to get that body back. I DID look good. Why was I always so hard on myself?”  

Hopefully you don’t need to lose your great physique to discover this the hard way like I did. 

5.  Preload is still my #1 productivity hack  

In September 2017 I released the world’s MOST expensive pre-workout. Preload is the only pre-workout on the market to deliver 15 science-based ingredients and dosages for superior workouts (so many clients have told me they’ve achieved PR’s while using Preload), all-day energy, and tunnel-vision focus.

Preload has been the #1 thing that gets me through the day despite waking up with Aubriana (consistently) in the night and I’m excited to ramp up our marketing again in 2020 as users have affirmed it’s taken their profits, productivity, and physique to new heights!

To grab yourself a bottle of Preload (at the time we’re all sold out of Icy Blue Razz and Watermelon but have my favorite still in stock – Purple Infusion), stock up before it’s all gone:

6.  You can’t do everything 

If you don’t have young kids you likely won’t understand this and just think I’m making an excuse here but, one day, you’ll say, “I know what Vince was talking about now…”

This past year I chose to stay focused on my faith, family and finances and pretty much put my fitness on the back burner because I just couldn’t handle all the responsibilities that come with all of this combined.

To give my fitness goals the level of commitment they need with my sleep and nutrition, I just couldn’t pull it off so I gave up fighting and said, “Forget this. I’ll revisit my fitness when all 3 kids are sleeping through the night and our routines have more stability.”

While there are guys out there who are shredded, have big bank accounts and even project being faith and family men, do we REALLY know what’s going on in their private life? So let’s not play the comparison game.

With all this said, I DO believe it’s possible to have all these areas of life in order and I’ll become living proof of this, but I just haven’t been able to do it… yet.

Top Things I Learned About Mindset…

7.  People buy coaches, not coaching

Too many coaches get caught up selling speed, price point, features/benefits and personality. None of these are scalable.

People don’t care about what you do, they care about who you are.

8.  Everyone needs a right hand like Richard Yu 

This past year the hand of God brought Richard Yu, a UCLA student into my life and while there is a full blown story behind our relationship, Richard has been instrumental in positioning us for more growth (despite completing his final semester of school at the same time).

He’s been documenting our mentor-mentee relationship on his YouTube channel that’s skyrocketed to 1.5 million views and 35K + subscribers in just 3 months and I strongly recommend you find out why  he’s one of the most gifted, generous and value-centered humans you’ll ever ever meet.

Richard showed up with one intention — to over exceed value and that he did. Richard is now the Right Hand and Head of Operations of Team Del Monte and reinforced our vision that we’re building God’s Kingdom, not our own.

9.  “The room should be working harder than you.” — Taki More 

This is another one I learned from Taki Moore when I expressed how exhausted I was after a mastermind event because I’m the one doing a lot of talking instead of doing a little teaching and then adding an implementation and QnA component to each Specialist Training so members would get more out of it. This restructuring has been a game changer to how we do our events and how much progress members make during and after the events.

10. Clarity of vision and path is the secret to progress

I have to thank Coach Bedros Keuilian for this Empire Builder lesson, and thanks to his advice, I was able to stay focused on growing The 7 Figure Mastermind during THE most stressful year of my life.

This required me to stop promoting Preload and putting my fitness business completely on hold. I also stopped promoting Maximize Your Muscle 2.0 because I just didn’t have the capacity to do it all.

At the time of this writing we’re closing in on 100 active 7-Figure Mastermind members which has been a goal of mine since I launched this business coaching program in July of 2017.

Now our vision is to turn our 100 members into ELITE producers in 2020!

11. “Enjoy your kids, don’t endure them.”  

This past year my pops (Luciano Del Monte) noticed I was always short with my kids and he made this observation that I was enduring them, not enjoying them.

Just being aware of that has allowed me to not freak out when they are fighting over who’s turn it is to sit in the middle seat. 

12. Get on your hands and knees 15 minutes a day with your kids   

Thanks Momma Bear (Rosetta Del Monte) for this life changing advice. Something I try to do every day is get onto the floor and engage with my kids for just 15 minutes a day.

Snakes and Ladders, BeyBlades with Gianluca, colouring with Milia, “The Questions Game” (something we made up), “The Buzzer Game” (another game I made up with them), or just tickling Aubriana or wrestling with the kids.

It’s amazing how the kids behave 10X better with 15 minutes of daily undivided attention. Thanks Mom, I can’t take credit for this. 

13. Pay for proximity because proximity equals power 

This year I’ve been in several masterminds — Bedros and Craig’s Empire, Taki Moore’s Black Belt, Dan Lok’s High Ticket Influencer, Zander Fryer’s Sales 2.0 and Joel Marion’s and Dan Fleysham’s 100 Million Dollar Mastermind Experience.

That’s $50,000 + $28,800 + $3,000 + $15,000 + $100,000 = $196,8000 

I’ve discovered that if you want to get rich, you need to hang around richer guys… Something “magical” happens. You think different. Act bigger. And operate with pressure because you don’t want to disappoint these guys.

The last thing you want is to be the guy that invests into coaching programs but has nothing to show for it. 

14. Be strong (and unapologetic) in your personal beliefs

You all know that I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and do my best to operate my life around biblical-anchored principles while striving to be a world dominator.

Even if people don’t agree with your beliefs, people respect those who don’t water down what they believe and that’s one of the reasons it’s ‘easy’ for me to let you in on my faith, share Elevation Church clips on my IG Stories and upload full songs from Bethel Music while attending Heaven Come.

I WANT you to know who I am. Not sharing this part of my life would be dishonest.

And for my Christian friends, God honours those who honour Him so don’t worry what about what others may think or else it’s not much of a faith 🙂 

15. The goal of entrepreneurship isn’t to get rid of your problems.   

The goal is to change your problems from Third World Problems to First World Problems. The goal isn’t to eliminate your problems altogether. The day this clicked I was able to reframe all my problems as a good thing because the bigger the problem I solved, the bigger the paycheck that accompanied it. 

16. “Don’t promise a unicorn and deliver a donkey.” – Bedros Keuilian   

This quote inspired us to build a full blown members area for The 7 Figure Mastermind that people have told me could easily be $1,000 a month for the training alone.

Your core offer should constantly be going through upgrades and improvements to offer ease-of-results.

I think of my own programs that have put me on the map — Preload, Maximize Your Muscle, Living Large, Hypertrophy Max, Live Large TV, all of my wife’s programs and now The 7 Figure Mastermind.

One thing I’ve been thinking (maybe in 2021) is changing The 7 Figure Mastermind to The 7 Figure Mastermind Experience and adding an experiential element to continually evolve the product.

17. Ask, “Who?”, not “How?”

Lets say you want to start running Facebook or Instagram ads. The question isn’t, “How do I set them up?” It’s, “Who can set them up for me?” which eliminates the need to know how or why.

We’ve spent as little as $15K in a month on FB ads with 6X returns and I have ZERO clue how to even login to the “ads interface” or whatever it’s called.

I just know how to communicate with the guy who runs them for me. 

18. “You need loyalty to scale.” – Dan Lok

While visiting Dan Lok at his stunning home in Vancouver I realized he had something I’ve been missing — loyalty.

He has 60+ team members ALL IN on Team Lok and the only person all in on my business is me because all my team members have ‘side hustles’ or working with other teams.

It became apparent that I needed to address this and over the second half of the year, my team has evolved to 4 full-time core members all in on our mission and what a world of difference.   

19. Discipline by subtraction   

This was a big one learned from Craig Ballantyne and we even did a video on it over here.  Discipline isn’t being able to say Yes to something but, more importantly, saying NO.

Saying no to working on the weekends to keep my family together. Saying no to expanding Preload because I haven’t had the manpower. Saying no to low dollar business products because we haven’t scratched the surface with 6 Figure Coach or 7 Figure Mastermind.  

Top Things I Learned About Money…

20. You must keep elevating your prestige  

The fastest way to accelerate your profits is elevate your status by who you are seen with. If people don’t perceive you as a leader, authority, or celebrity, they won’t follow you or trust you. This is one of the big reasons I heavily invest into relationship building through masterminds, collaborating and my podcast.

21. Your conversion rate will always constrain your revenue   

When we started our paid traffic campaigns for the mastermind we discovered we were getting a 20% show up rate for our triage calls. It took us a few months to dial that up to close to 80% and guess what happened? Profits went up. Money is produced from knowing which dials you need to turn up.   

22. “If they don’t know you, they can’t follow you.” – Grant Cardone

Grant said something interesting at 10X Growth Con that spoke to me, “Virtually every problem can be fixed with attention.” Knowing this business truth I’ve spent a lot of my time simply getting discovered by new audiences because the root problem isn’t that I don’t have a great offer — people simply don’t know it exists. 

23. The #1 way to make your business to grow is to ensure you’re growing    

When I visited Elevation Church in Charlotte North Carolina earlier this year we asked the head of the social media team how the church is growing so fast.

While there are a lot of factors his reply shocked me, “Furtick keeps getting better every week.” (Furtick is the lead pastor and if you want to see the #1 communicator in the world, check out their YouTube channel).

When the leader gets better, everything gets better. This really inspired me to keep leveling up my own knowledge, skills and quality of work. 

24. Hire people smarter than you 

This may be Imposter Syndrome, I don’t know, but this year I finally realized a big issue with me – I never hired people smarter than me which made me the bottleneck of our growth.

Our new head coach Korby Waters has been coaching longer than me! My videographer had made award winning films. My right hand knows operations 10X better than me. Our media buyer has managed millions of dollars.

I’m slowly building a team with members smarter than me and it’s a world of difference.  

25. It’s not your a strategy or tactic constraining your revenue, it’s your ambition  

I’ve seen this inside our own mastermind group. While everyone has access to the same strategies, tactics, coaches, members portal and events, some soar and some stall. What’s the difference? It’s clearly not access to knowledge. It’s their own desire and hunger. If your appetite is to just make $10K a month, that’s pretty much just feeding one mouth and won’t take much hunger. But if your goal is to feed your church and community, you’ll need a much bigger appetite. 

26. Live broke, not poor   

This past year was an interesting one. I had a big savings goal this year but that went out the window as my business needed more attention so I chose to “tighten the belt” and keep reinvesting with the long game in mind.  

27. It’s never the employee, it’s always the boss

It’s painful to share this but when you know a hire isn’t working out, you need to trust your gut and let them go… fast.

I ignored this prompt and it ended up costing more time and money than necessary and looking back, I need to take ownership. I should have hired slower. Had tougher conversations sooner. Drawn out clearer expectations. Learned how to provide feedback without emotion. I’m a big work in progress in this department…

28. Go ALL IN on one media source

Omnipresence is overrated. At least, for us, we’re not there yet. One of our goals this past year was to rebuild the YouTube channel and we just never got to it because we’re still scratching the surface with Instagram and Facebook. The fortune is not in going wider, but deeper. 

Top Things I Learned About Marriage…

29. You won’t understand her disappointment if you don’t understand her expectations 

Here’s a game changer — ask your spouse what she expects from you. Write it down. Review it. And hold up your end of the agreement. 

30. She’s actually upset because you don’t listen

So many fights are never because of the issue but because the issue is from not listening about her issue with the issue 🙂

This year I’m making my one word, “Listen” and I’m confident that it’ll help me show up in a way that makes me much more enjoyable to be around. 

31. Ask your spouse, “What’s it like living with me?”

And ask for brutal honesty and then focus on the areas that need improvement. It won’t be easy to hear a few of these things but it can change the temperature from cold to hot and ensure your wife doesn’t ever think, “I wish I didn’t marry this guy!” Remember, you can’t change her. But you can change yourself and it all starts with honest feedback. 

with Him so you can be guided on how to navigate conversations appropriately.


Top Things I Learned About Mission…

32. Don’t let friendships come between business

Early this year I had to ask a team member to step down because he want not delivering what was expected and it started hurting my reputation.

I need to man up, have the hard decision and say, “I’d prefer business to not interfere with our friendship” and he agreed.

Don’t let being a ‘nice guy’ prevent you from making hard decisions that will negatively impact your livelihood.  

33. Always show your members more “runway”  

The reason members don’t renew is because they don’t know they have further to go and this require constant communication of what’s next with your coaching.

For us, we have 4 levels to 7 figures. Level 1 is our funnel towards your first 50K, level 2 is our funnel to your first 100K, level 3 is our funnel to your first 300K and then we make a run to 7 figures with our level 4 funnel.

As a guide, you must always be creating anticipation, possibility and excitement about the future. 

34. The key to growth is getting PUSHED  

“Vince, be honest. Who’s REALLY pushing you back home to grow your business?” That was what Joel Marion said to me to help me see I NEEDED to join The 100 Million Dollar Mastermind.

Growth is about getting around others performing at higher levels and for me to expand I needed to make the leap and get exposed to all the potential I was leaving on the table.

My first day I met guys doing $300K a day on Facebook ads and quickly realized I needed to step up my game! 

35. Assume the risk!   

This past month we launched our brand new Better Than Money Back Guarantee inside The 7 Figure Mastermind. What this means is that you if you don’t make your money back in the first year, you stay inside the group, for FREE, until you do.

In short, there is ZERO CHANCE you can lose money joining The 7 Figure Mastermind and while our goal is not only help you make your investment back, we have put out a guarantee that no other fitness business coaching program offers.

So you now have all the more reason to set up a call with us at if you’re ready to start or scale.

36. Investing 40+ hours with our beginner 6 Figure Coach Members was a huge win

This past year I launched a new program — (which opens up very soon so register right away) for $1,000 and we had 140 people sign up. It’s a 10 week group coaching program to help beginners hit their first 10K month without paid ads.

My question was, “Do I really want to work with beginners?” because I had a belief that beginners are bad clients and this could NOT be further from the truth. They aren’t bad clients, they just have bad beliefs and this was an opportunity to break them and reboot their mindset and prepare them for the journey ahead.

For 10 weeks straight we went from 8:30 pm to past midnight and we saw more than 20% of the group ascend into The 7 Figure Mastermind which was a huge win for us and the client.

Register here if you’d like to join the next season that starts February 5th at

37. Build your mission around your students successes

Tactically, featuring your members success stories will grow your business faster than anything. Personally, it’ll give you more satisfaction. This past year we’ve had so many members hit new income levels and most importantly, grow personally and position themselves to make another leap.

It’s my goal is to continue to elevate them, and share their success with the world so that they continue to believe in themselves and reach further than ever.    


So, which lessons “popped” out at you? Leave a comment below. I would love to know.

And, if you have a second, I would love to know what you want to see more and less of from Vince Del Monte in 2020. Your feedback is priceless, thank you!

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12 thoughts on “Top 40 Things I Learned In 2019

  1. You had a great year, and it is very important that you create such a list, you can always see your achievements and compare them in the future to become better. I also want to create a similar list on this website, thank you for inspiring me.

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  2. i am happy to see this site. Though I appreciate a few choice Mobile Apps as much as the next person, the phone simply came with a lot of distracting bloatware.

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  4. Do I really want to work with beginners

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  5. 25 – Ambition, not strategy
    33 – More Runway

    There’s always more to learn and grow. Thank you for sharing your lessons.

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  6. Hi Vince,

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve been reading your top 40 lists for a number of years and I’ve learned a lot. It seems to be getting better and better.

    I liked a lot of your fitness side and now liking your business side.

    I think tip 17 is very important. Working with the right people helps to make things so much easier.


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  7. Wow Vince! Even though I haven’t followed you much this year (as I was not business focused), I still enjoy reading these and learning. I hope to learn more of the business side this year as I just released a hard rock album and struggle in the promoting area. Keeping social media to just one or two avenues is key for me, and I’m running ads through Facebook primarily while building a base in Twitter. Thanks for putting these lessons out!

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  8. Vince you are such a learner!! I really appreciated your family and marriage learnings, but also hiring people smarter than you says you are not intimidated by the strengths of others but seek to learn from whomever to make yourself a better business person and human being! Well done!!!

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    • They collected 2,000 signatures on a petition demanding that women be allowed to join the club. Copy There were dramatic changes in the role of women and men, in the value placed on women’s work within the traditional economy and within the internal dynamics of their society of origin.50 Most Popular Women

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