3 Training Techniques To Fix Muscle Imbalances

Is one side of your body bigger/stronger than the other? Here are 3 training techniques you can use to balance out your body’s aesthetics.

Here are today’s questions:

@1:54 – Hey Vince, I have been working out for a year now 5 days a week and have noticed a big more strength of my left arm than my right also there is somewhat of a noticeable difference between the two biceps…what can I do to improve my weak arm (biceps). Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! – Use the weak side rule to even out muscle imbalances.

@3:21 – Vince, I was wondering, what should I do about muscles that lag. For example, my left upper peck is more developed compared to my right upper pec. Also, my left outer triceps bulges out more…what should I do to correct this? Would you recommend more reps on the weak side? Should I leave it alone? By the way, I keep my form as correct and precise as possible – New chest workout that you haven’t tried before to build wide and full chest muscles.

@5:11 Hey Vince, good job with the video. My problem is that one arm is bigger than the other arm. Do you have any tips on how to get bigger muscles in the weaker side to improve this left to right muscle imbalance. – Exercise selection for maximum to work biceps.

@6:30 Hey Vince! How’s it going? I have this problem where my upper left pec is noticeably smaller than the right one. Any tips on helping me out build my left upper pec so that it isn’t so imbalanced compared to my right upper pec. Much appreciated! – See previous answer on how to build up your chest muscles

@6:53 Why is it that one calf can “fire” more than the other calf muscle? I’ve tried all kinds of time under tension (TUT) on my calf muscles, but one is a lot more toned than the other calf muscle, but both calf muscles have gotten the same amount of work? How can this happen? Thanks Vince! – Mind muscle connection between your calf muscles using single calf raise exercises.

Stay tuned for future episodes that will focus on muscle building workout programs and exercise description.

Vince Del Monte
Muscle Building Author, Expert, Model


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2 thoughts on “3 Training Techniques To Fix Muscle Imbalances

  1. Vince my name is Tim and I have a Lat imbalance, was wondering how to correct this, Tahnks for any help.

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    • Try doing a few sets of unilateral (one-arm) work on your weaker side. Do higher reps so you can focus on contracting as hard as possible and increasing your mind-muscle connection.

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