LIVING LARGE | A Day In The Life with Vince Del Monte | September 2015 | Episode 03


About Today’s Video:

In today’s BRAND NEW Day In The Life Episode you’re going to see a ton of cool footage…

>> How my abs are looking… duh!
>> Supplements I take the day of a photo shoot…
>> My brutal honest thoughts about photo shoots…
>> Check out my crazy gut inflammation…

>> My NEW pre-ritual “cut & shave” routine… You’re going to LOVE this…
>> My meals for the day…
>> A peek at the Inside Fitness headquarters where we shot…
>> A funny noise I make to smile…  (Don’t laugh too hard)
>> What goes into shooting 96 exercises in ONE day…
>> And tons of candid moments…

And… Watch Until The Very End… For An Interesting Decision I Made…

I believe in LIVING LARGE inside and outside of the gym, which results in becoming the best version of YOU — physically, intellectually, relationally and spiritually.

However, a few years ago I got away from myself and began uploading a bunch of videos that were intentionally designed to criticize, attract attention and stir up controversy all for the sake of getting a click and a view.

Although I stood by the content, I was focused on purposefully addressing the negative aspects of certain dietary and lifestyle approaches without giving them a fair look and without putting them into a broader context.

(And I HATE when people do that to me so it’s crazy how I dropped the ball here…)

Here’s the deal…

I do not want to be the guy who climbs to the top by stomping on other people’s ideologies, EVEN if I don’t agree with them, EVEN if there is “science” and “facts” to refute them.

I was focused on telling my viewers what NOT to do…

Don’t do this…

Don’t do that…

Don’t do this…

Don’t do that…

I Was Focused On Teaching What “NOT” To Do, Providing A Flaky Foundation To Transform Your Life

Teaching with “Dont’s” is great if you want to raise a baby…

It’s the equivalent of giving a baby soft food, which is good for a little while, but you can’t survive off of it and you definitely won’t THRIVE.

Coaches/Gurus/YouTubers who focus on criticizing others are doing their followers a DISSERVICE because criticism is like soft food

It focuses on what’s wrong and not what’s right.

You need to build your decisions around a ROCK SOLID FOUNDATION.

Telling you to “Avoid broscience…” or “Avoid being a vegan…” or “Avoid IIFYM…” or “Avoid intermittent fasting…” or “Avoid wheat…” or “Avoid soy….” or “Avoid cell phone radiation…”  (You get the point?!)





Living Large requires you to be ENABLED… EMPOWERED… ARMED!

Living large requires you to know HOW TO do this and HOW TO do that…

Living large requires you to rely on timeless principles that will ALWAYS BE TRUE.

**QUALIFIER TIME:  There is certainly a time and place for content that speaks to “Dont’s” but it’s not going to be a central part of my message because when I look at the success of myself and students, there is a trend of things we all DID DO and that’s what I want to continue to reinforce.



Back to the decision to delete a bunch of older YouTube videos as you can see here…

As I said, while I agreed with what I was saying, the spirit and tone of the video was coming from a negative spot and a spirit of criticism.

If you have ever met me you’ll quickly see that I’m a very positive person. If I disagree with you I will do it face to face.

But criticizing others from behind a computer screen is NOT my style…. it was not how I was raised… it’s not what LIVING LARGE is all about.

 Living large is all about… CREATING… NOT CRITICIZING.

Criticizing is the equivalent of taking a baseball bat to something. ANYONE can do it.

Congratulations. You know how to break stuff. Look at you, you flamed that guy and mocked him. You deserve a trophy! I bet your parents are really proud of you.

That’s not me. That’s not how I was raised. That’s not what I stand for. That’s not what I’ll teach my children. That’s not what I want people to think of when they see me.
I built my name, brand and following around CREATING… INSPIRING… and being REAL…. NOTHING good came when I criticized. It only brought me a ton of unwanted negativity and grief.

So at the end of this video you’ll see me do a little “housekeeping”… a little “inventory check” if you will.

Just like big shoe or computer companies DISCONTINUE certain products because they missed the mark and don’t represent the brand accurately, I’m doing the same thing.

FINAL WORDS: A Challenge To Critics…  

(Every one of us has a spirit of criticism… it CAN be defeated, so whether you’re a “full-time critic” or just a “part-time critic” this message is for ALL of us.)


If you’re older than me, I may be preaching to the choir.

But now that I have two children and a different perspective on what’s really important in life I’ve started to realize, as the comedian Kevin Smith says:

“Criticizing Is A Young Man’s Game”

Sure, critical analysis is important and I agree with Plato: “An unexamined life is not worth living” so if you want to critique what I say or others do… go right ahead but here’s something to think about…

You have two options in life:

Sit around and criticize what was said or what happened…


Get off your ass and go create something in response…

If you see a deficit in the world, bring it back to a surplus.

If you see a missing spoke in the wheel, add a new one.

If you see a gap in the marketplace, fill it.  

Don’t be content bitching and complaining about what’s wrong with everything… UNLESS you’re prepared to do something about it.

Otherwise, what’s the point?


If you know so much more… don’t tell us… SHOW US and do it in an INSPIRATIONAL way that makes the world a better place.

Take your panties out of your knapsack and get in the game with the rest of us who are CREATING and CONTRIBUTING to society and leaving a positive mark.

My challenge is simple:

It’s not easy, it’ll stretch you.

It’s not fleeting, it’s lasting.

It’s not faulty, it’s solid.

It’s the key to…

Leaving a Lived Large Legacy!

It’s not enough to talk anymore… the world needs YOU to ACT and DO.

Deeds, not words.

Go make it happen.

Train HARD, Train SMARTER, Build FASTER,
P.S. SHARE this video with all your friends who you think would be inspired by this message of CREATION VS CRITICISM.

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2 thoughts on “LIVING LARGE | A Day In The Life with Vince Del Monte | September 2015 | Episode 03

  1. Hey I loved this video and the documentary feel of it. A lot cooler than the old videos.

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  2. Great Blog. Thanks Vince

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