Calf Training Tips? Alcohol and Bodybuilding? Skinny Fat Transformation?

@0:23 – Ur the man Vince. My biggest problem is calves. No matter what I do they just don’t seem to grow. Any suggestions for my calves workout and calves training?

@1:41 – Vince what are the effects of alcohol on me bulking up? I drink about 3-5 litres of beer once a week usually. I need your thoughts on alcohol and bodybuilding…

@2:55 – Hey Vince, I love your ebook. How can I work stretching (bis,chest, etc) into my routine if I’m doing your program while still keeping the rest period short (Beginner-Intermediate Program, first 3 weeks with only 30 seconds rest between supersets?) Thanks so much.

@3:26 – There’s a way to control, correct or fix the skinny fat syndrome at the same time of bulking or should I focus totally on bulking and then cutting all the fat?

@4:23 – I cannot do pull-ups (of any grip style) – how would you train someone to do their first full range pull-up/chin-up? BTW awesome idea to do a FB Q and A. Thanks.

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Calf Training Tips? Alcohol and Bodybuilding? Skinny Fat Transformation?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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