12-Week Body Transformation Winners


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

In The Past 12-Weeks, 9 Males & 1 Female Stepped Up & Dedicated Themselves To Building Muscle and Losing Belly Fat & Began Their Quest To A Flat, Firm & Sexy Stomach Using My No-Nonsense Muscle Building& Fat Loss Programs!

I Let YOU Vote For The Winners…And Here They Are Now…

I am extremely proud to introduce you to some inspiring and powerful 12-week success stories!

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Every 12-weeks I award my best male and female student a cool grand! The one who has changed their body the most…gets $1,000 cash and gets featured on my website by letting me show you how to get in head-turning, jaw-dropping shape… All you have to do is let me help you by following my No Nonsense Fat Loss Program. I give you everything you need from weight training routines… cardio workouts… female only workouts… home gym workouts… body weight training… meal plans… recipes…supplement recommendations and a community of support centered around motivating you and keeping you committed… yes, it’s a no-fail success plan! You will have absolutely everything you need to break-thru to that extreme body buried inside you. A physique everyone will be jealous of and that will go noticed! Why do I run this contest every 12-weeks? So that you can help me PROVE to the world that this is the single best fat-burning, ab-sharpening solution to get into…or back into the best shape of your life. I’m happy to say that my no nonsense contestants did not let me down, and more importantly, they did not let themselves down! They began their six pack quest…with determination…dedication and discipline…and trained like they TRULY meant it. Here are the inspirational and incredible results…

And Now It’s Time To Announce The Winners…

1st Place Winner – Men

“90 Days Later Peter Lost 22 Lbs Of Fat & Gained 3 Lbs of Steel-Solid Muscle.”

“Before I began your program, I was a regular at the gym… Your program taught me the true meaning of the word intensity, so I implemented your ideas and routines in the gym, and I got RESULTS.

My diet consisted of “trying to eat healthy” Following your program, I learned what to eat, how to eat, how to follow a compliance rule, and how to increase my meal frequency. This was by far the biggest hurdle for me, however I am sure was the most important step for me, and I got RESULTS.

Through your program, I now fully understand how cardio is a tool to maximize my level of fitness.

Finally, your program has the BEST motivational support I have ever experienced. I received e-mails from you which inspired me to STAY ON TRACK, something I have never been able to do before. Every direct question that I asked was answered promptly. Your blog, your discussion boards, your emails, your Facebook posts, your Twitter posts, they all kept the fire burning, and kept me wanting to improve.

My waist has shrunk by 4 ½ inches (I had to buy new pants J). I feel on top of the world because I made a decision to get lean and fit, followed my plan, and hit my goal. I have had numerous people ask me what I am doing to achieve these results, for advice, and have received many compliments in general regarding my transformation.

I can now go into any situation with much more confidence, and I feel comfortable, alive, the way I am supposed to feel.

Peter Luckraft Cape Cod, Ma.

2nd Place Winner – Men

“90 Days Later Charles Has Abs At 52 Years Of Age!”

“After 90 days of your program and writing here is my photo prior to not being able to workout for 3 years due to an auto accident.

I’m 52 years old and just absolutely “had to” start making these positive changes in my life. What has amazed me is the corresponding changes in my life on a mental and spiritual level that is nothing short of a miracle! This is just my first 90 days on a new lifelong journey and I thank you for your advice and dedication to your calling.

Charles Dray Plant City, FL

3rd Place Winner – Men

“…Your Full Body Routine Is Simply Amazing …I Can Not Find A Better One!”

“After and exhausting football season and losing 13 pounds of muscle I was skinner than ever. I started to use your program and I got excellent results. I am now more ripped than ever. Girls keep telling me compliments about how I look shirtless. I know I am not the biggest guy, I am around 142 pounds but my BF is around 7%.

Half of the guys in the school wish to have my physique, seriously. They always bother me saying that I use steroids. I am very happy with what I have achieved. My strength has gone up. Guys in the gym keep asking me for my diet and my routine. I am feeling greater than ever and I look better than ever. Here are some pictures of how I looked before and after. By the way, your full body routine is simply amazing, I cannot find a better one.

I have been literally busting my !#!$ to get were I am now. The way is not easy, but the results worth it. Your program has taught me how to eat, what to eat and when. Now I know what works for me and what does not.” Daniel Ernesto Gomez Chama Veracruz, Mexico

And Special Congratulations To All Our Other Body Transformation Contestants

19-Year Old Packs On 10 lbs Of Steel-Solid Muscle In 12-Weeks

“Hey people, my names Chris, 19 years of age and from Wales (UK). The story goes like this…I’ve always been keen on building muscle and packing on some size. But this doesn’t come easy when burning 1500 kcals twice a week whilst mountain biking. Therefore i had to prioritize my goals and decided to invest in Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Program

I believe that this 12 week transformation contest could have come at a worse time due to starting a new life in university (college). Even with all the distractions of socialising and alcohol, i managed to balance my training and nutritional programme thanks to the expert guidance of Vince’s programme.

I started the 12 week transformation at 148lbs and 11% body fat, I’m now at 157lbs and 9% body fat. In addition to adding muscle and losing fat, my strength increased greatly in large compound exercises like squats. I started at 6 reps on 80kg, now im squatting 105kg for 3 reps (in as little as 12 short weeks). Thanks, Vince, for providing me with the tools to get the job done!”Chris Lowe Wales, UK

“Everyone is telling me how good I look!”

“Well, three short months flew by! I really tried to do my best especially when it came to nutrition. I went to the gym 5-6 days a week. It was so hard at first to wake up at 6 am and get myself ready but I did it because I was motivated and determined to change my body.

I must admit that I did slack off sometimes on food. I have a major sweet tooth and I did have a lot of social functions these past few months. I also travelled for work for a few days and wasn’t very able to choose my food wisely. Moreover, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I did have a piece of cake. But DARN….that cake was awesome! :o)

Attached are my first set of pictures for the first three months of being committed to your great program. I am taking a few days off and will bust my ass on the nutrition aspect after my short break. Looking at my after pictures, I couldn’t really see a huge difference at first even though my pants are starting to fall off and everyone is telling me how good I look now.

But still….I am kind of unsatisfied and want to push myself even more. So hopefully in another 3 months, I will be happier with myself.

I had my body fat percentage measured on one of those digital scales. I started off with 29.9% and yesterday I was at 26.8% (I wasn’t too impressed).

Here are my new measurements:

Neck: 28Cm Waist: 61cm Left arm: 25.5 cm Right arm: 26 cm Left leg: 52 cm Right leg: 52 cm Chest: 87

Thank you Vince for everything. I will get back to you in 2-3 months with hopefully a better ripped body!”

Sincerely, Laura Kawasmi Stockton, CA

“After 12-Weeks Marios Went From 200 lbs at 17% Body Fat To 210 lbs at 10% Body Fat!”

“My years of frustration on trying to bulk without packing on fat were finally over… I was amazed by the amount of information that I was able to download. I had all the information that I needed to succeed at my fingertips…

If this is not enough, you do all the hard work for your clients and also provide tools such as a metabolic calculator and mass meal plans for both men and women. I love the way that you bust the top muscle building myths. This information alone is worth the whole price of the program.

I finally learned what to eat in order to gain lean mass without the fat and how many calories to consume each day… which exercises build muscle, what tempo to use, and which exercises to avoid. What type of cardio to do, and most importantly that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym in order to build your dream physique. I was once a supplement junkie but not anymore thanks to your no bull guide on supplements. This info alone has already saved my hundreds of dollars. My friends ask me what steroids am I on when they see me each day getting better and better. I laugh and tell them that I am hooked on Vince Delmonte.

For the lousy $100 that I gave you in exchange for your program, I have received so much! I will even compete in the Cypriot Fitness Nationals at the end of this year. I also have the guts to offer my own fitness advice to all my friends since I finally have the body to back it all up. I am now the man at the gym and I am being chased by all the gals. Your program will change the life of everyone that purchases it. All that I can say is:

“Get the Vince Delmonte program now!” “It will be the best decision that you will ever make in your life.

Marios Prodromou Larnaca Cyprus

“My confidence has skyrocketed, I feel strong and love running into people I haven’t seen for 6 months…”

“Well it’s been 12 weeks buddy and I have seen a huge change in the way I look and feel. Everybody is commenting on how good I look.

I was 110 kgs and had a low self esteem. I’ve got two young kids and knew that I was heading towards heart attack territory. I wanted to feel better about myself, look good and be fitter and stronger.

Your program definitely has helped me achieve these goals. I had been going to a gym sporadically but never wrote down what I was lifting and never improved my strength and didn’t lose any weight. I had a terrible diet and drank too much alcohol.

I decided enough was enough so did some research on the internet about what I should do. I found your site, like what I read and decided to purchase the abs program. The first few weeks I found really challenging but got better quite quickly as I kept at it. I found very soon that I was looking forward to my workouts and didn’t want to skip any days. I cleaned up my diet (ran at about 85% clean) and trained hard. The weight has shredded off me as you can see in the photos.

I think in another 12 weeks I will look quite lean and muscular. I am very excited about that. My confidence has skyrocketed, I feel strong and love running into people who haven’t seen me for 6 months or so and the comments I receive from everybody.

As a side effect my wife has lost about 10 kilos as well as she has been eating a similar clean diet to myself. My energy levels are huge and I actually like looking at myself in the mirror again (my wife thinks maybe a little too much!!).

My biggest obstacle with the last 12 weeks was always been able to find the hour needed to go to the gym. But I found as I enjoyed the program more I was happy getting up an hour earlier and starting my day with an intense workout. It actually put me in a great mood for the day.

Vince, a big thank you to you for writing this excellent workout program. The difference in me in just 12 short weeks has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve dropped two pants sizes!! I can’t wait for summer here (currently autumn moving to winter) so I can go to the beach and happily be without my shirt. I don’t mind if I don’t win the body transformation contest but am very proud of my achievements and am happy to tell everybody.

Vince, I can’t thank you enough mate.” Comparison Statistics – then and now.

Height – 183cm (6 Foot) -> same

Weight – 110.2kgs (243 pounds) -> 98.9kgs

Body fat percentage (off scales) – 40.3% -> 32%

Neck – 44.5cm (17.5″) – > 42cm

Shoulders – 126cm (49.6″) -> 123cm

Chest – 121cm (47.6″) – >115cm

Waist – 118cm (46.5″) -> 98cm

Arms flexed (bicep) – 39cm (15.4″) -> 38cm

Thighs – 58cm (22.8″) -> 54cm

Calf – 42cm (16.5″) -> 38cm

Ace Freely

“I’m no longer afraid to take my shirt off at the beach!”

“My greatest obstacle in the last three months was, really, myself. I’ve been overweight my entire life, but have always aspired to be lean and muscular. Subconsciously, though, I felt that no matter how hard I tried I was simply fat, and there was nothing I could do about it.

After years of, what seemed to be, pointless training (which I now view as a learning experience), I came across you and your great programs. Well, to say the least, my world has been turned upside down. All the bodybuilding myths and misconceptions were instantly dissolved. I finally gained a clearer focus on what I should and shouldn’t be doing. You gave me the knowledge and tools to succeed and excel toward my goals.

You are a walking billboard of success- which is what truly sold me on your products. The fact that you practice what you teach is both inspiring and motivational. You took your genetics, defied them and proved there are no limits to what one can achieve. I recall something you said, in an e-mail/newsletter from the beginning of this year, “If I want to change then I have to stop being me.” I studied your words daily in my office, and it stuck with me. Without that quote I don’t know where I would be or if I would have been able to come this far. To me, it meant if wanted to be a lean muscular guy, I had to stop behaving (eating & exercising) as though I were overweight. So I took action, made some sacrifices and eliminated foods that were hindering my progress.

I paired your nutritional guidelines with a specific meal plan and stuck to it. I kept my weight training short, yet heavy with high reps, and always intense. I used the fasted cardio technique in the morning on my off days, and at least four nighttime cardio sessions during the week. That’s how I did it! However, without your program I would still be that same guy in the “before” picture who was afraid to take his shirt off at the beach.

Thanks, Vince, from the bottom of my heart. You have not only helped me achieve my fitness goals, but my health goals as well. That’s something I can take with me the rest of my life!”

Matt Sistler Huntington Beach, CA

“Gained 18 lbs of Lean Muscle Mass”

“It’s Alex McKerrow, I sent you an Email January 31st saying that I was going to transform my body naturally. Guess what? I did. I know your time is limited so I’m going to cut to the chase. I used your 12 week Defeat Skinny Guy Genetics program from bodybuilding.com. I took a week break every four weeks to make sure I didn’t overtrain and the results are in. Starting out I weighed 154lbs at 9% body fat. Now I’m 171lbs 10% body fat.

Only supplement I used regularly was Prolab’s N-Large II, starting last month I started using Prolab Creatine too. Other than that just ate healthy, slept, trained, and made sure to take a multi-vitamin. The pictures I sent are from today, not that great of a trasformation for what I gained, but my strength has gone up alot.

Biggest gain, underhand bent over rows: started at 4×4 – at 145 struggling, now 4×4 – 195 with great control. Overall my biggest inspirations were you and Steve Reeves. Full body workouts all the way!” Alex McKerrow

No Body Believes Dave Is 70 Years Old & Only Started 18 Months Ago…

“I am 70 years old and I started training about 18 months ago, in order to get rid of the fat round my midrift, which had appeared since I started your beginner – intermediate 29 week programme four weeks ago, and I am impressed with the results. The biggest boost I get by excercising and eating sensibly is that I am retarding the aging process, nobody believes that I am seventy, by big aim in life is keep fit and see my grand kids grown up.”

Dave Turner

I Want To Personally Applaud Each Of You For ‘Manning Up’ & Truly Committing To Your Word. THANK YOU For Participating In The No-Nonsense Muscle Building & Fat Loss Body Transformation Contest! Your friend and coach,

Vince DelMonte

P.S. The deadline for the next 12-week transformation contest is Sunday September 13th. Get started today!

Click Here To Begin Your Six Pack Quest TODAY!

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6 thoughts on “12-Week Body Transformation Winners

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  2. Impressive group this year! I really had a hard time voting!! Excellent work everyone!! 😉

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    • Me too! I can’t wait to see the next batch, they keep getting better and better.

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  3. Hey Vince

    I’m a 19 year old guy who has your program and who is in search for size and muscle. I have started your program and it is something I am fascinated… actually me and my friend started it. Since I came to college i have been eating really bad stuff like fries and other… I never had a belly but now i have one that is getting bigger. I’m eating more to gain weight and to preserve my muscle but I don’t want to have a belly. My questin is: can i do cardio (high intensitiy) like two times a week while maintaining weight. I just want to lose that belly fat. I have really strong abs but you can see them very little because of the fat -.-‘

    I dumped the bad food, juices (never drinked alcohol), chocolates and all that. The only problem is that i have to drink 2.8% milk instead of like 1% because the 1% cost me 2$ and the 2.8% costs 40 cents because the college gives us that cheaper.

    My only problem is the belly fat so i’m hoping to get an answer on that cardio thing.

    All best from Croatia and Marco, your fan 😉

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