Muscle Camp Magazine #001


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

Ask and thou shall receive!

If you checked out the Fascinating Vince Del Monte Survey Feedback Video then you’ll remember that the four top interests of yours when it came to information were:

1) Advanced Intensity Techniques to Build Muscle
2) Cutting Edge Nutrition Strategies
3) Advanced Intensity Techniques to Lose Fat
4) Optimal Exercise Execution

See for yourself:


So, based on this feedback, I have an awesome surprise for you that specifically addresses item 1, 3 and 4

>> Muscle Camp Magazine #01 << Click To Instantly Download

This was created by Matt Shwed, a young graphic design student from the University of Toronto, who attended the Toronto and Ancaster Muscle Camps recently.

I didn’t ask him to do this. He simply showed up to the camp and handed me a physical version of this outstanding summary of the muscle camps held in 2014:

thumbnailI was speechless.

>> When you download this magazine you’ll see what I mean.

(And you can bet that Matt has my attention now)

Inside you’ll get 50 proven muscle-building exercises and 14 muscle-building and fat-loss workouts. The majority of these workouts are how I personally trained in 2014 so I think you’ll be quite impressed by the methods and techniques.

These workouts are designed for men who make their own testosterone:

>> Click here to download it for free (no email required)

Here’s the table of contents.


Thanks Matt. And feel free to share this with your friends.

Ciao 4 now.


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