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Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

unnamedLast July, I made a very special offer to my readers. To everyone who ordered Ben Pakulski’s incredible MI40X program, I offered my 6-Week Vanity Specialization Program – Shoulders and Arms – for free.

I didn’t do this just to be nice. I wanted readers to already have this program in hand for a very important reason. This six-week program is the first of three six-week phases that consists of the core techniques found inside my No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 System, to be released January 2015.

The reason I gave away Phase 1 of NNMB 2.0 is that I want to recruit the twelve people with the most impressive transformations and stories from the program to spots on the first ever Del Monte Pro Team.


What is the Del Monte Pro Team?

The Del Monte Pro Team will be a group of 12 individuals who will represent and endorse the No Nonsense and Live Large approach to lifting and life. In short, these 12 people will be my online ambassadors.

These 12 people must be action-takers, committed individuals who have used my programs to transform their minds, bodies and lives through my approach to nutrition, training and living.

These 12 people that make up the Del Monte Pro Team will work with me toward one incredibly ambitious and important goal: to help 1-million skinny guys transform their bodies, without drugs or bogus supplements, by the year 2020.


The Benefits of Being Part of the Del Monte Pro Team

But this program is not just to benefit me or even just to benefit the one million guys we’ll be helping. There are also some huge benefits for the twelve men and/or women who become the Del Monte Pro Team. Take a look:

  • Your transformation will be featured on my blog.
  • Your transformation will featured on my fan page.
  • You transformation will be featured on my YouTube channel.
  • Your transformation be featured in this newsletter.
  • You will write for my blog at least once a month.
  • You will be featured on my upcoming podcast.
  • You will help me coach MUSCLE CAMPS with other fitness pros.
  • You will learn how to monetize your knowledge on social media.
  • You will have opportunities to write for some of the biggest fitness magazines out there, publications where I regularly contribute and with whom I have connections.
  • You will receive free supplements while on Del Monte Pro Team.
  • You will receive a Del Monte Pro Team hoodie and t-shirt.
  • You will have an opportunity to be featured on Live Large TV.
  • You will have a chance to be featured in my upcoming hardcopy book.
  • You will be invited to private training certifications and online marketing events to expand your knowledge and help you to become an extremely successful fitness professional.
  • You will learn how I’ve built an ultra-successful online business and there will be an opportunity to work for my company.


In addition, I’ve put together a special Grand Prize package for the twelve individuals who make the team:

You will be invited to attend a 3-day trip to Tampa, Florida in either February or March. During those three days, you will:

  • Take part in a professional team photo shoot.
  • Have an intense MUSCLE CAMP training day.
  • Attend an exclusive Business Mastermind Seminar.
  • Lend your hand to a local charity.
  • Have one day to relax and have fun with a surprise destination. It could be Disney World, it could be sky diving. Be prepared!

proteamAll of these things are meant to introduce you to my world and what makes that world so fulfilling and exciting – and to help you decide if you want that world to be your future.

My company is going through phenomenal growth and I need people to help us through that growth. We cannot do it alone.

We need a bigger team. We need an army. We need eagles. We need action takers who want more for their future and who want to turn their passion for bodybuilding into their profession.

Through the formation of the Del Monte Pro Team, I’m going to get 12 amazing people who believe in my work and want to get a taste of all the opportunities that being a fitness professional affords – opportunities that result in far more than just a phenomenal body.

Del Monte Pro Team will bring together 12 amazing people to help us promote our work in natural bodybuilding and help further build our brand using my mega online platforms as the vehicle.

Becoming one of the twelve members of Del Monte Pro Team is an unprecedented opportunity to launch a lasting, fulfilling and profitable career in the fitness industry, allowing you to achieve your own personal goals and help ONE MILLION people in the process.


Please understand fully what being a part of Del Monte Pro Team means

I am privileged to call the biggest names in nutrition and bodybuilding my friends, colleagues and business partners. The 12 people who become Del Monte Pro Team will have access to networking opportunities that simply aren’t available to others.

I cannot overstate to you what being a part of my inner circle, as a team member, will mean to those 12 individuals who make the cut. This is an enormous opportunity and because of that, the path to making the team will be strenuous.


Qualifying for the Del Monte Pro Team 

Try outs officially begin Monday, September 29, 2014. That means you need to start Phase 1 of NNMB 2.0 on this day.

I will be accepting a maximum of 48 applicants.

The first round of try outs will begin September 29, last exactly six weeks and end on November 9th. At that time, there will be a vote for the Top 36 applicants.

The Top 36 applicants will enter Round 2 and receive Phase 2 of NNMB 2.0 free of charge. That’s a completely brand new SPECIALIZATION program based on YOUR weak body parts.  The result of following this phase of the program will be a dramatic visual transformation.

Round 2 will begin November 10th, will also last exactly six weeks and will end on December 21st. At that time, there will be a vote for the Top 24 applicants.

The Top 24 applicants will enter Round 3 and receive Phase 3 of NNMB 2.0 free of charge. Phase 3 will be another six-week specialization program designed to attack your specific weak body parts.  This entire 18-weeks is dedicated to improving your weak body parts specifically.

Round 3 begins December 22nd, will also last six weeks and will end February 1st. At that time, there will be a vote for the Top 12 applicants, who will then be named the twelve members of the first Del Monte Pro Team.

If you feel this opportunity is something that you can commit to and that can help you to turn your passion into your profession, please follow the below steps to apply. Read carefully, so that you can be sure you’ve followed all of the instructions properly.

You must reply by email before Sunday September 28th. Time is of the essence and we are only accepting 48 applicants. Send your email to “[email protected]with the subject line, “I want to try out for the Del Monte Pro Team.”


In the body of your email, please include the following:

1. Tell me: Who are you? How old are you? Where are you from? Why do you want to be on the team? Where do you live? Do you have any fitness or nutrition certifications? Have you ever competed?

2. Will you be able to come to Tampa, Florida for the entire 3 days in February or March? (Dates to be announced)

3. Would it be realistic for you to take a few days off work and afford a flight to Tampa Florida in February or March?

4. Which programs of mine have you completed? Are you a Live Large TV member? 1-on-1 coaching client?

5. Are you prepared to record ONE weekly video (3 minutes or less) about your progress? Are you okay having these videos featured on YouTube? Are you committed to taking weekly progress pictures and measurements?

6. Is there anything preventing you from being committed 100% to both the 18-week application process and Del Monte Pro Team?

7. Don’t forget to attach a picture of your front and back with good lighting. iPhone quality pictures are fine.

If you fail to answer any questions here, you’ll immediately lose your spot on the team. Read the instructions above carefully!

I wish everyone who applies the best of luck and I thank you sincerely ahead of time for the hard work and commitment that it will require for you to participate in this competition.


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