Vince and Flavia's No Nonsense “Wedding Day” Workout Plan For Men And Women Who Want To Be Ripped And Sexy By June 26 - Just in Time For Summertime!

Watch This Short Video To Find Out How You Can Copy Our Exact Wedding Prep Plan Plus A Chance To Be A Guest At Our Wedding - We're Dead Serious!

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Are You Ready To Bust Out Your Best Bod Ever?

Then here is a once-in-a-life time opportunity to use our wedding date, June 26, as your deadline to have your hardest and leanest body ever.  There is no debate: The key to getting a summer-worthy body ready is choosing a fitness routine that will keep you motivated, challenged and has a deadline.

“Goals without deadlines are dreams!”

Attention Ladies: Flavia and I will help the ladies get fit and sexy, by blasting your legs and glutes so you won't feel ashamed to put on your favorite bathing suit. Imagine showing off sleek and tight arms that accompany a smaller butt and thighs. Your self-confidence and energy will reach an all-time high!
Attention Males:  Are you going to be the guy with the hot babe on his arm or the Pillsbury Doughboy sitting in the corner with your gut hanging out? Devote just 2 months to this program, and you can be the guy who gets the girls and stands out at the beach (And if you’re married – you can just be a lion in the bedroom all summer).. If you start today, you will have an athletic body, cut abs and the go-power of the Energizer Bunny. This is plenty of time in peak shape for summer. 

If you start today, you have plenty of time to get in peak shape for summer. In just 2 months, the Wedding Day Workout will turn you into a savage beast! (My nick name for male studs).

What To Expect From The Wedding Day Workout!

You will burn calories like a dynamo, firm up your sagging abs, sculpt your shoulders and develop the endless stamina to do “special things” with that special someone.  Your more powerful metabolism will create ripped muscles, a flatter stomach and a body like no-others. 

The Wedding Day Workout includes moderate-intensity aerobics, interval training, 4 days a week of weight training and some killer ab exercises to firm your midsection.  You also get a full stretching routine to keep your muscles supple and functional.  Best of all, this program does not involve more than 60-minutes a day for 4-6 workouts a week.

If you’re a male, this program will build your fitness in record time. It includes some intense workouts that are safe and effective; designed for beginner and advanced levels– I’ve designed it so my 23-year-old brother and my 55-year-old Dad can do it too. Start now and you will be the envy this summer! 

If you’re a female, get ready to build your most curvaceous figure and get that lean and mean midsection that will put a millon-dollar smile on your face. After a few weeks you’ll have a dropped a few sizes, will be so much happier and your man won’t be able to keep his hands off you.   Make sure your boyfriend or husband shape up with you because, whether you like or not, you’re going to be GETTING CHECKED OUT this summer – more than normal that is!  

The Complete June 26 Wedding Day Workout plan includes:

Inside this brand new program, you'll find:

Join us and make June 26 your deadline to get ready for summer
and get 62% until
Friday, April 16th midnight

Download It Now!

Retail price of The June 26 Wedding Day Guide $29.95
Retail price of The June 26 Wedding Day DVD $49.95

Total Value of the Program $79.90

Todays Price: $79.90 $29.95

(includes instantly downloadable pdf guide, and downloadable digital dvd - nothing is sent in the mail)

Plus, you can feel good knowing that 50% of each order will be donated by Flavia and I to Food Banks Canada who’s mission is to reduce hunger in Canada by enabling an effective food bank community that addresses the short term need for food and longer term solutions. 

We figure, not everyone in the world will be able to enjoy the kind of feast we’ll be having on our wedding day so we thought this would be a cool way for all of us to help out:

  1. Flavia and I look amazing for each other on our honeymoon!
  2. You get a summer-worthy body.
  3. We all help out some people  towards the hunger problem in Canada. 

Pretty awesome, eh?! 

Plus – The Top Transformation Student, By June 13th, Will Be Invited As A Guest To Our Wedding!

How amazing is that?!  Flavia and I have left 2 seats open at table 35 and this is your chance to come to our wedding.  The winner plus their guest will be invited to Niagara Falls to attend the ceremony and reception and celebrate the biggest day of our life with us.
Why in the world would we do this?  It actually made a lot of sense. I wouldn’t be where I am in life without my fans or customers so Flavia and I agreed that we need at least one fan (plus their guest) to represent all my fans, readers and customers.
Would you like to represent all the Vince Del Monte fans all over world?

Imagine getting a picture with Flavia and I on our wedding day, plus meeting all of our friends and family and attending the PARTY OF THE YEAR!  This will be a memory you’ll never forget.  

The contest starts TODAY and your after pictures must be submitted by June 13th.  You must purchase this program to be eligible and you must submit pictures between the dates of April 11 and June 13 – that’s 9-weeks exactly!


So what are you waiting for? Flavia and I are getting ready for June 26th with or without you but we’re seriously hoping that you choose to get into your best shape with us. 

Here’s the best guarantee you’ve ever seen!  Ask for a refund at any time before June 26 and we’ll send you a prompt 100% refund – every penny you paid – even if you cancel on June 25th.  Keep the entire program and digital DVD as a wedding day present from us to you.  Plus, we'll still give your 50% to the Canadian Food Bank. 

Seriously – It’s all yours FREE forever.  Flavia hates upsetting people (more than I do). She feels this offer is more than fair and as she put it,  “I don’t want to give you any reason not to order if you are super serious about your health and fitness!”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

All risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on ours.  Join today for only $29.95!

(includes instantly downloadable pdf guide, downloadable digital dvd - nothing is sent in the mail)


Flavia and Vince

P.S. Can we count on you being ready for June 26 with us? We hope so, and we're extremely excited to give you "behind-the-scenes" access to every single one of our nutrition and workout secrets for our wedding day.

If this is the kind of information you'd like to get your hands on to get you best body ever... ready for the summer... now you can. Click here to get started.


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