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From Muscle Building Expert, Vince Del Monte

Vince Del Monte
As Featured In ESPN,,
Men’s Health
& Inside Fitness

WBFF Pro Fitness Model & Skinny Guy Savior, Vince Del Monte is giving you one of his most popular muscle-building workouts ($67.00 retail value) to ensure you don’t waste another rep at the gym.

Eliminating your workouts of wasted exercises, complacent intensity and carefree reps is what the 1,000 Rep Muscle-Building Challenge is all about.

Inside the 1,000 Rep Muscle Challenge program you’ll discover…

  • Think you’ve seen every possible muscle-building workout under the sun?  Think again! With a strategic and science-based approach, you will shock any muscle into submission.  You’ll perform 250 reps per workout and train only 4 days a week for a total of 1,000 reps per week, not 1,000 reps per workout.
  • Each workout combines the two most tried & true rep & set schemes since the 1970s – the same protocols that have been proven by tens of thousands of power lifters, bodybuilders and athletes. 
  • The most IDEAL body part split when it comes to MAX MUSCLE SIZE & STRENGTH in 28 days.  The training split in 1,000 rep muscle guarantees you blow up your chest, back, legs, arms and delts – finally!
  • And you’ll discover the #1 abdominal exercise of all time – perhaps the hardest too!  You haven’t seen this in any magazine or website because it was invented by Six-Pack Shakur himself!  Find out how he’s got some of the best abs in the world.

Up until today, the 1,000 Rep Muscle-Building Challenge is sold for $67.00… but for the next 72 hours you can get the 3-hour DVD and the printable workout sheets absolutely free by simply clicking the button below… Plus you’ll find one more early Christmas gift on the next page…  



From Fat Loss Expert, Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne

World-Acclaimed Bodyweight Authority and Author of Turbulence Training

Men’s Health Magazine Contributor and Certified Turbulence Trainer, Craig Ballantyne is literally giving away his latest ZERO-equipment workout from the insanely popular Turbulence Training Bodyweight Cardio series.

That’s not all though… Craig is also throwing in one unusual fat burning bodyweight interval workout video that you won’t want to miss. If you’ve ever wanted to see an in-shape fat loss expert going through their toughest workout, now is your chance.

Inside the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Cardio 4-Hundred workout program you’ll discover…

  • The now infamous “5 rounds of 5 exercises” workout that is guaranteed to get your heart racing and your body primed to burn fat.
  • Workout B aka Nasty and its two 5-exercise circuits that follow on the heels of a difficult opening triset of Vertical Jumps, Pull-ups, and Pike Push-ups. I’m tired just even thinking about that ugly workout.
  • The Friday 4-Hundred – a workout of 400 grueling reps of bodyweight exercises that are all combined into one unique set-up. And I guarantee that once the third round of Burpees comes along, you’ll hate me… but love your results.

The price of TT Bodyweight Cardio 4-Hundred is normally $29.95, while the video isn’t even available to the public… but for the next 72 hours you can have both for free simply by clicking the button below.



From The Muscle Cook, Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel
Creator of Metabolic Cooking and
Anabolic Cooking Recipe Guides 

In his free report “Top 10 Most Anabolicious Recipes”, Dave Ruel aka “The Muscle Cook” will show you how to cook quick and easy tasty meals to fix you’re your boring diet and reach your fitness goals no matter what they may be.

Your meal plan DOESN'T have to be boring and only composed of boiled chicken breasts, baked potatoes and broccoli... Dave will prove to you that it is possible to cook easy and tasty meals that will make you enjoy your lifestyle a lot more!

Dave’s recipes are: Absolutely Delicious, Designed to Enhance Muscle Building, Promoting Fat Foss , Easy to make and that you can prepare in minutes.


3 Bonus Chapters Of Jon Benson's Bestseller, “7 Minute Muscle!”

From “The Bodybuilding Mad Scientist”, Jon Benson

Author of 7 Minute Muscle, Every Other Day Diet, and Fit Over 40

7 Minute Muscle Density Training system

I've really been behind Jon's "7 Minute Muscle" and "7 Minute Body" workouts for years now. In fact I did the videos for the System for free! That's how impressed I was with the workouts.

For the past few weeks I've been letting my readers in on Jon's "close- the-doors" sale.... and, well, the doors are closed.

But not for you... Jon let me leave a crack open for those who did NOT take advantage of the window of opportunity!

For the next 72 hours ONLY you can get three killer chapters of "7 Minute Muscle"... FREE. Right here. No cost, no strings... just enter your best email and download it along with these other killer bonuses on this page!

These 3 chapters will...

-- Let you in on why short, focused workouts are FAR superior (at specific times) than longer workouts for building muscle AND burning fat... -- How the 7 Minute Muscle System works, including many of the ground- breaking studies that support the data found in Jon's landmark program... -- Real-world examples of how to apply these techniques to your workouts... -- AND MORE!

7 Minute Muscle (and the beginner videos) have been $77 since day 1. For the past two weeks, Jon has SLASHED the price of 7 Minute Muscle and tossed in the in-home version, "7 Minute Body", FREE to my readers and his. Why? Because 7 Minute Muscle and 7 Minute Body have been picked up by a publisher. Those who took advantage of the bargain price while it was available are the lucky ones...


If you did NOT pick this up while you could at his discounted price, then download these bonus chapters and give them a read. If you like what you see, you can still get the full System at Jon's DISCOUNTED price as an extra-special gift to my readers... but for the next 72- hours ONLY.

And of course these bonus chapters are FREE... but again, 72-hours ONLY!




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