He Was 25% Fat & Now a Men’s Health Cover Model!


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

thumbnail-12I want to introduce you to Tharun. Tharun is a man who in 25 days transformed his body from 15% to 9% body fat. That’s not including another transformation from 25.5% to 7.5% in 9 months. Tharun has also won Gold at a fitness competition called Fit Factor. In fact this guys transformation is so inspiring that he was featured in June’s Edition of Men’s Health. Here’s what he has to say:

What programs/tips of mine have helped you along the way?

2. 10 Pounds in One Month.
3. 6-12-25.
4. Love changing angles, so Omni sets help a lot. Use them in quite a lot of my workouts
If I told you I wanted to look like you but only had one month to do it what would you say?
The only question that matters is “what’s your current level of conditioning?”
As a coach I would never discourage you but you need to be realistic!…if you’ve eaten bad for a year and not trained hard for as long then you’re not going to get amazing results as compared to someone with a clean diet.
I always had a hard time applying for the Fit Factor At Bodypower. Due to personal reasons I’d backed out, but then I got a message from Nick Orton (the CEO of Physique Elite) which pushed me into applying. I applied only because I knew my current level of conditioning was good. I was doing hardcore Crossfit for 2 months but was eating bad, no excuses. shot up to 15% body fat at 80-81kgs and lost quite a bit of hypertrophy.
13 .
When my application to Fit Factor got accepted, I hired a coach for my workout program, while I designed my own nutrition, HIIT, martial arts, stretching and core training. I strategized ahead and logged every single detail in my notebook. I carried it everywhere.
I burned anywhere between 2500-3000 calories a day. In 25 days I dropped 6% body fat and today I stand in front of you in the finals of the most prestigious fitness and health competition in the country at 9% body fat! So yea man, dream big and go for it. BUT be realistic!
So again: my question to you: what’s your current level of conditioning?
What are some tips you can give for aspiring fitness models like yourself?
1. Be on time, try eating, sleeping, waking, training at the similar times everyday. Don’t be late to the show. I know two guys who were shredded at 5% were late. Their names were called on stage 4 times and then got disqualified. Same thing with Men’s Health. People came unprepared for the look, and weren’t respectful of time slots.
2. Apply a spray like “HOT STUFF by ProTan USA” and Finish Pumping 20-30 minutes before getting on stage. I performed 2 exercises x 2 sets x 10/15reps x 4210/4010/4211 tempo for each muscle group, starting with chest, then back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Obviously no leg training if you’re short on water and sodium. For abs, just ensure to contract your core and keep it tight while pumping, breathe into your stomach, rather than diaphragm breathing, and maybe throw in 2-3 sets of planks/plank rotations to failure
3. Consistency is key. Ensure you’re consistently performing activities throughout your preparation all the way to the stage
4. Focus on symmetry, ensure your core and legs are well trained.
5. Remove negativity. Negative people will ruin you. When someone asks you to cheat on your meal saying “hey it’s just one meal, what’s the big deal?”, consider yourself a baby. Even one hit can kill a baby. Look at it as if you were walking a tightrope 1000 feet above, all it takes is one slip, and it’s devastating. Don’t care what people think about you. They don’t have your dreams and aspirations and would always want you to be in their comfort zone. Get out of theirs and yours.

Thorun’s story is all inspiring and has been a prime example that results such as his are achievable to the average Joe. Click here to grab a copy of one of my FREE programs Thoran used in his transformation.
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One thought on “He Was 25% Fat & Now a Men’s Health Cover Model!

  1. “When someone asks you to cheat on your meal saying “hey it’s just one meal, what’s the big deal?”, consider yourself a baby. Even one hit can kill a baby.” This is a great point. Many people will not see the results they want because they cheat 80% of the time. They compromise on their workouts and think they can eat what they want and see results. Great post about Tharun and Vince keep up the good work.

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