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We’ve all heard people say that breakfast should be considered the most important meal of the entire day. That’s certainly true, IF it’s a proper breakfast. “Proper”, of course, is subject to definition, depending upon your goals. Right now, I’m going to talk about the goal of getting a lean body – in other words, looking great naked!

Several studies and many professionals have recommended the Meat and Nuts Breakfast as the best way to start a fitness-oriented day.

I was at Charles Poliquin’s 5 day Hypertrophy Camp recently, when one of his students asked for his recommendation for the single best diet tip to achieve energy, leanness and maintaining mental focus. Charles’ immediate response was: The Meat and Nuts Breakfast.

That wasn’t the first time I’d heard of it, of course. While I was preparing for the 2011 WBFF World Championship competition, Ben Pakulski, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who was my contest coach, was the one that introduced me to it. I can definitely tell you that I enjoyed greatly improved mental focus, higher energy and less craving than ever before. And since I stepped on that stage at a personal-best 4% body fat, with the leanest and hardest physique I’ve ever sported… well, you do the math.

Why is the Meat and Nuts Breakfast so Effective?

  • Meat

Meat, high in protein, creates a gradual blood sugar increase, lessening your craving for food for the whole day.  A 2011 study published in the Obesity journal, entitled “The Effects of Consuming Frequent, Higher-Protein Meals on Appetite and Satiety During Weight Loss in Overweight/Obese Men” is very informative. It documents two groups of obese men, one that ate high-protein diets and the other that consumed normal-protein diets. The subjects of the study reported on such things as hunger, thinking about food and a desire to eat.

The group on the high-protein diet demonstrated lower hunger pangs, less fixation on food and less late-night snacking than the other group. This shows us that a high-protein diet can reduce craving throughout the day.

  • Nuts

Nuts are a wonderful source of smart, healthy fats that help your body maintain the blood sugar level stable for longer periods. A study was published in mid-2011 in the Diabetes Care journal, in which they studied the value of 2-1/2 oz. of nuts versus a muffin of the same caloric value. Dr. David Jenkins, a leading pioneer of the glycemic index, conducted the study, which was constructed of three groups of type-2 diabetics.

The first group added nuts (75 grams per day) to their diet; another added whole wheat muffin (a protein-fortified); the third added half of a serving of each to their diet. After 3 months, the first group showed dramatic improvements in their LDL and total cholesterol and ApoB/ApoA1 ratio, in comparison with the other 2 groups. That same group also showed significantly better levels of the HbA1c, the marker of blood sugar. This is convincing evidence that enhancing the diet with nuts supports blood sugar balancing and has a beneficial effect on serum lipids.

  • Meat and Nuts in Combination

The combination of meat and nuts reduces the food sensitivities that can increase cortisol in the system. Food allergies are often born from repetitive consumption of the same protein source, such as beef, whey, eggs, tuna, casein and tuna… all staples of a typical bodybuilding diet. Variety of protein sources is an important technique of  lessening the vulnerability to such food allergies. Charles Poliquin suggests avoiding consuming the same protein source for two consecutive days, alternating with other meats.

Allergy testing is a good way to learn how different foods may be affecting you, but if testing isn’t available to you, varying your protein sources may be the next best thing. In the event you do develop a food allergy, it isn’t uncommon for such allergies to cease to exist after 2 to 6 weeks, in which case you may be able to reintroduce that protein source in moderation.

Varying your protein sources can also provide you with an increased energy level and can reduce your sleep requirements. Especially noteworthy is the added benefit of wild meat rather than domestic meat. As an example, a typical 100 gram burger will supply 7.8 grams of protein, while a calorically equal serving of buffalo meat will provide 19.9 grams.

A few meat sources you can rotate through your diet for variety are alligator, buffalo, black bear, elk, kangaroo, ostrich, venison, wagyu, wild boar and yak. If poultry is more your thing, try duck, goose, quinea, pheasant, quail and squab.

So, do you see now why breakfast is the most important meal of the day, when you’re eating the right breakfast?

I find it amusing when my friends look puzzled, seeing me prepare a steak or some chops for breakfast. But everyone that has ever tried it businessmen, athletes and mothers – has admitted that they felt increased energy levels, more mental focus and less craving to eat during the day.

Several studies have also been conducted on employee productivity and the attention patterns of children, which have shown that the energy and mental focus benefits of a high-protein breakfast aren’t only felt in the morning, but through the afternoon, as well.

Here’s a six day menu of a typical Meat and Nuts Breakfast, so you can try it out:


*COOKING TIP: I add a dab of coconut oil, 2 whole eggs (organic, of course), and a big handful of fresh spinach, to a frying pan and cook it up for about five minutes. (Add 5 grams of fish oil to improve your insulin sensitivity.)

I know it may not be practical for everyone to try to find six different meats every week. At least, do what I do – try to find 2 or 3 different meat/nut combinations to rotate through every month.

This is The BEST Recipe Resource: The Muscle Cook, by Dave Ruel. It’s a great online cookbook for bodybuilders and includes dozens of fantastically tasty meals like Salmon Burgers, Sun Dried Tomato Salmon, Turkey Bacon Wrapped Scallops, London Broil, Buffalo (Bison) Burgers, Jamaican Pork and more, all suitable for your Meat and Nuts Breakfast rotation. Just add nuts! You can get Dave’s system, Anabolic Cooking, this week with a $40 discount.

Can I have a whey protein shake instead of meat?

If all I wanted to do was sell you a supplement, I’d say “sure”. But the truth is, it’s not the same.
The British Journal of Nutrition published a study in mid-2011, in which they investigated the differences between whole food protein and protein drinks.

They studied 2 groups of teens, one of which consumed high-protein whole food breakfasts and the other, protein drinks. Four hours later, both groups were offered an all-you-can-eat lunch, and even though both groups had reported equal levels of satiety after breakfast, the protein drink group consumed a full third more calories at lunch than the whole food group.

This is a convincing indication that whole foods provide better control of appetite. It also helps us understand why this article isn’t about the “Whey Protein Shake Breakfast”.

If you’re allergic to nuts, there are other low-glycemic/low-fructose fruits you can put to good use:

  • Papayas
  • Apricots
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Avocadoes
  • Plums
  • Blueberries
  • Grapefruit
  • Nectarines
  • Olives
  • Blackberries
  • Loganberries
  • Peaches


Just remember that you should always go for organic fruits, especially when buying strawberries, since they’re more heavily sprayed than nearly any other.

If you’re skinny and trying to build muscle, add one or two cups of carbs to your breakfast, as outlined in No Nonsense Muscle Building. If you’re trying to burn fat and lean out, then you MUST try the rotating meats and nuts breakfast!

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  1. STEPHANIE says:

    im a lady so, what happen if i do this type of diet?

    thanks vince!

  2. Hey Vince, this seems like a very useful post for me to share with my readers on my fat loss blog. Will you be fine with it if I link to this page from my blog?

  3. Waylon says:

    Is it okay if I stick with bacons and walnuts everyday?

  4. Ged says:

    hey Vince,

    I am 17 and weighting 57.4kgs and looking to lose my body fat, how long will I need to do this diet for and should I still take my whey like after I work out while on this diet?


    • Guðmundur Pétursson says:

      You are far to light to consider loosing fat/weight. Do a 3 day split, short fullbody (mostly compound exercises ) workout for a few months and mass up, eat well, …. those nuts are great ;-) always be sure to be in caloric surplus. When u get 5 -10 kg you can manipulate the carbohydrates to lean up … but still keep surplus, and when you hit the right balance … you stay there ;-)

  5. Jeremy Gage says:

    Hey Vince,

    I know you say with this meat and nuts diet that the goal is to not have carbs at all in the morning but with most raw nuts there are some carbs in all of them. So are you meaning to have a very limited amount of carbs that are in the nuts and nothing else?

    Thanks in advance!!

  6. vrubs says:


    I have been following the meat and nut breakfast for the past year when I was introduced to it in the MI40 program (which was amazing) but I have a quick question about putting everything together, as I now want to implement one or two more strategies from the Hypertrophy Max program I am now prescribed to, which has been even more AMAZING then MI40!! absolutely loving it thus far! Anyways, back to the matter at hand lol!

    Im going to continue to do the meat and nuts breakfast as I always have, but I want to alkalize my body first using a large dose of glutamine, a greens powder, and a lemon. The question I have is: can I just take all three at the same time, or should i space them out or something? If i can take them all at once, would you advice the normal 20 min wait time til I have breakfast? Thanks Vince, you are an inspiration and wealth of knowledge!!
    -Dan Vrubley

  7. Adrian b says:

    Hey vince
    Sorry mate I know you have answered this before but don’t fully understand so if you or anyone else could go over it again would be great. I am desperately trying to loose fat. I weigh 148 pounds but have the skinny fat problem. Skinny arms and legs but fat belly and body fat is 25%+. I train first thing when I get out of bed. Should I be doing this on empty stomach then post training try this diet with carbs or no carbs at all. Or even should I be training on an empty stomach. Thanks mate I hope you can help me I really need a body transformation

  8. Rob says:

    Hey Vince, great article but what would be the best substitute for the meat being a vegetarian?

  9. Rick says:

    Hey Vince,

    Could we use almond butter (only ingredient is dry roasted almonds) in place of almonds. Say maybe 2 tablespoons. Thanks.

  10. Paul says:

    What are some options for buying meat on a budget. I want to do this but buying meat can be expensive do you have some ideas or options?

    • Vince says:

      Buy in bulk.
      Buy what’s on sale.
      Don’t shop at the “big box” stores that have their prices inflated for “store experience” etc
      Go for whole chickens and roasts rather then pre cut, breasts etc.

      Those 5 tips will save you $30 a week right there.

  11. john says:

    what if you dont eat till noon, i usually fast till then, would you still reccomend i start w nuts and meat?

  12. Maria says:

    Hey Vince, I am a fellow Italian. =o) Tell me are you talking just meat as in meat or can you eat like tuna and other fish for your protein and will that have the same affect? I see you have salmon patties on your meal plan so was wondering. I do my cardio in the morning so I eat carbs for breakfast, Ezekiel 4:9 cereal. I thought your body needed carbs after a cardio workout for energy?

  13. Rafael says:

    Hey Vince! is it recommended to have a light dinner? In case you wonder I’m about 9-10% bf

  14. Alex says:

    Hey Vince,

    I work out in the morning (5am), but I eat a pre work out meal of oatmeal and 2 boiled eggs a hour and half before. So I’m actually awake at 330am. Do you suggest replacing my pre work out meal with “meat and nuts” or have it as a post work out meal. Thanks in advance!


  15. Paul S says:

    Hey Vince! How can this be incorporated if I am weight training pretty much first thing in the morning? Would this be the first meal I have after my workout? But I know you and many others speak of the importance of carbs in a post-workout meal…so I’m not sure what the best approach would be in this case.


    • Vince says:

      What’s your level of body fat?
      How many carbs you consume and when is DICTATED by one thing – whether you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle & your current level of body fat…

      • Paul S says:

        Thanks for the response Vince.

        I’m currently just finishing a bulk, so I’m at 210 lbs and about 17-18% body fat. I’m starting a cut so I’m definitely in the “trying to lose fat” category moving forward.

        I’ve got my calories and macros figured out, so I want to give this a try as my first meal, and still hit my daily macros using all my other meals throughout the day. Is that the right idea? Just like everyone else, I want to get lean, but not compromise muscle retention. :)

  16. yasir says:

    can we replace the protein source to eggs instead of having meat??regards

    • Vince says:

      yes but meat is more powerful than the eggs alone. The main goal of the meat nut breakfast is to raise Acetylcholine, Dopamine, Phenylalanine and Tyrosine. Acetylcholine is a major neurotransmitter in the nervous system. It is required for memory, concentration and focus, and it also plays a role in muscle coordination.

      Eggs are a significant source of choline (which produce acetylcholine), mainly because their yolks contain lecithin. The meat will really help boost phenylaanine and tryosine too though and gives you more protein.

  17. TONY says:

    Vince. Great post! I am currently engaged in the MI40 workout. I have added 1.5 cups of carbs to the meat and nit diet. As soon as i complete MI40, im back to the meat and nuts breakfast. I used it for quite some time and i use carbs bettef than ever!

  18. john says:

    But I dont eat till noon, I fast, should I still do them even though its so late?

    • Vince says:

      If you fast till noon, I’m assuming you’re trying to lose fat….

      Yes, your first meal could be meat and nuts… it’ll help you lose fat even faster.

  19. RJ says:

    Off topic question, hey Vince, can you explain how you get that haircut in the featured pic? How do you get the top done, what length do you get the sides and back, and what kind of fade/taper do do you get? TY

    Oh yeah, overall how many grams of protein per pound of body weight per day do you recommend for “optimal leanness”? TY

  20. Dana M says:

    Hey Vince! First thing when I get up is Super Greens With protein, Vitamins, minerals etc. Have put 10 lbs. muscle on and went from 22% body fat to just a little over 11% in 35 days. Am now cutting back on carb intake. Want the six pack to start showing. Will the meat and nut breakfast help in that area and should I consume with greens drink ?
    I have veggies with every meal also.

    Thanks for your hard work Vince!

  21. Ann says:

    Interesting – but I’ll skip the meat as I don’t put dead animals in my body. I’ll try a nut breakfast, though.

  22. bzar says:

    hi vince
    yes i know this stratgy along time but i start to use it whit mi40!
    so i think its realy a good way to stay lean and build mussel!
    greetings bzar

  23. Guðmundur Pétursson says:

    I have for a half a year started the day with nuts and protein, and limit the carbs until 3pm. Best energy, mental focus, fat burning trix ever.

  24. Belgian Blue says:

    Could you please provide the full references for the studies you cite, including author and title ? Saying study “from this year” in “this journal” is ok if you are writing for Men’s Health and no one cares where you got it, but the actual reference makes it easier to find, read and verify for ourselves. Thanks in advance.

  25. Brad says:

    Hi Vince,

    In regards to using whey protein to as one of the rotation, other than the appetite problem you mentioned above; would it work just fine if I can ultimately follow my meal plan anyways?

    Would it bring a similar effect as eating whole food (except being more hungry later)? I wouldn’t mind adding whey in one of my rotation as it is more convenient, cheaper and faster. No cooking time, cleaning up time and chowing down food time!


  26. Kerry says:

    Hi, is the rotation of meats necessary or is it just there for those who like variety in their meals? I’ve been eating steak (usually a 150g ribeye) with a small cup of peas (brought to just before the boil so they are still almost scrunchy) and two fish oil pills for breakfast for some time and find it quite satisfying.

  27. mohammed says:

    Hey Vince can I eat chicken breast for breakfast and any type of nuts instead? Thank you.

  28. mohammed says:

    Hey Vince can I eat chicken breastt for breakfast and any type of nuts instead? Thank you.

  29. gigih says:

    wow awesome. what you give extraordinary

  30. Laura says:

    I’ve been following these guidelines since reading them on your blog a couple weeks ago and have experienced great results. Thanks to you Vince I’ll be ready for my wedding in the early summer…and not hungry in the process!

  31. Chad says:

    Hi Vince, I’ve been reading about using Dextrose in Post workout shakes. What are you thoughts on Dextrose? I’m not quite sold on this and would appreciate your advice.


  32. Ramses says:

    So I assume the best time to train is in the pm, and protein shake before and after, I would like to add about 10 to 15 pounds, what the best combination Vince?

  33. I’ve been following a similar plan as listed above with great results as well. In addition to the protein and nuts I’ve also added a grapefruit as I’ve heard this really helps to keep your blood sugar at a stable, low level. Does it have this effect on a very low GI breakfast such as meat and nuts or are these effects primarily shown when mixed with a more carby breakfast in which someone would traditional experience a more sudden rise in insulin?

  34. Martin says:

    Hi vince:
    Hey want to know that if according to my body fat mass and I could provide a routine with their respective diet and I train at night.
    I hope your answer

  35. Martin says:

    Hola vince:
    Oye quisiera saber que si de acuerdo a mi masa y grasa corporal me pudieras facilitar una rutina con su respectiva dieta ya que entreno por la noche.
    espero tu respuesta

  36. steve says:

    Sounds like the perfect recipe for colon cancer by the time you are 40

    • Andy Baxter says:

      Not if you are consuming the right amount of fiber. You need to have a balance. Greens, fiber, antioxidants,vitamins, etc…
      (Correct me if I’m wrong Vince)

      • Vince says:

        Hard to say…. No one can predict the future…. regular blood work is the only indication of whether you’re genetics are predisposed to certain cancers or diseases.

        Always consult with your doctor on these matters.

    • Thomas says:

      “Red meat causes colon cancer” is another Lamestream Medical Myth. Argentinians are the most prolific beef consumers on Earth and have cancer rates lower than the U.S.A. Of course, it is not pumped full of estrogen, antibiotics, and GMO feed which is the real reason American beef ( non grass fed) is so bad for you. source “24 Hour Diet” by Prof Brian Peskin

  37. Jeremy C says:

    Hey Vince
    I’m in the military, therefor I do my workouts in the evening 5:00.
    When should I consume a meal with carbs?

    • Daniel says:

      Straight after your workout. The rest of the day
      You should be eating fibrous vegetables. And like Vince said about the meat and nuts breakfast. It’s awesome!

    • Vince says:


      I would consider these 4 times:

      1. 2-4 hours before you train
      2. Half way through your workout
      3. 1 hour after your workout
      4. 4 hours after your workout

      Amounts vary based on your body fat % and goals.

      • Thomas says:

        Dang, Vince, if I ate that much I’d be 290 lbs. again at 6’1″. I Intermittent Fast now with one main meal every 20-24 hrs. and a snack within 3 hrs. usually of mixed nuts or a Quest Protein Bar. I’m down to 210 lbs and have added 12 lbs. of muscle. Get blood tested every 3 mos. and at 61 yrs. old test out like a 42 yr. old with resting heart rate of 52 bpm and that’s while I’m slugging down black coffee. :-)

    • Vince says:

      At least 2-4 hours before.

  38. Jeremy C says:

    Hey Vince,

    I’m in the Military, therefore I do my workouts in the evening 5:00pm. When should I consume a meal with carbs?

  39. mariusz says:

    Hi Vince.
    for last 3months i have been eating egs or fish for breakfast with nuts.mixed but alminds and brazilian are best:)every day plus omega 3fish oil and some vegies or fruits. felt good. now i know why:) nice to know that i am eating like pro recommends;)
    take care

  40. Scott Essin says:

    Sounds great. I have been having eggs, beans and spinach with salsa. The nuts are better than the beans I suspect.

  41. andre says:

    what if I workout in the morning right after breakfast?

    • Vince says:


      Depends if you’re trying to lose fat. I have three options for you if you train in the am:

      1. If you’re skinny (under 10% fat), then eat P + C (egg whites and ezikiel cereal)
      2. If you’re fat (over 20%), then eat nothing.
      3. If you’re in between, try just protein (like a shake) and if you feel REALLY tired, add some fats like nuts or avocado.

      • Andy Baxter says:

        Thanks Vince! I’ve been dropping body fat like crazy on 21FMB, so I may give the meat and nut breakfast a try preworkout. Thank you for all your time and energy! Be blessed!

  42. john says:

    hey Vince, what if I workout in the morning right after breakfast?

  43. David P says:

    I bought your program last spring played around with it a bit for the year got to know it, then in the last two weeks been doing it really hardcore. already gained 8.8 pounds in 10 days.
    I have a problem with a lack of appetite and its worst in the morning, sometimes I can hardly handle a piece of toast when I wake up.
    I have been going to the doctor and they actually think it is revolving around my sleep not being good, even tho I get 8-10 hours a night they think its not quality sleep.
    Just wondering if you have ever come across this before, know anything that would help? Im going to be going to be going to a sleep clinic but that could take a while.

    • John says:

      Have you ever tried zma’s? Vince has posted about them before. They are a natural test booster but with the main advantage of putting you into rem sleep more effectively.

      • Vince says:

        ZMA is VERY powerful… those are two minerals the majority of population test deficient in and responsible for hundreds of metabolic reactions in the body. Two must have supplements, no matter how good your diet is.

        • Alex says:

          I know you should take ZMA’s on an empty stomach.. how can you do that if you workout at night and you must have a shake, meal, and the ZMA’s ?
          Is it ok to take them 1 hour after eating ?

    • Vince says:

      Your certainly missing some nutrients in your diet…

      For your situation, liquid nutrition is called for. 40g of Whey protein as soon as you wake up. Handful of nuts. Then eat again 1 hour later.

      Drink 1-2 scoops of greens powder in the morning…. if your body is very acidic then you won’t have an appetite. (Why most guys are not hungry after a DEADLY workout)

  44. Dave says:

    Hey Vince, love the idea of meat and nuts for breakfast. 1 question, I do HIIT training first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Will this breakfast be ok for me or do i need to add in some carbs??

    Love ya work bro :)

    • Frank Sparticus says:


      It is a bad idea to do anything more than LISS before eating or getting some protein in you, as you will be burning muscle, not fat. The quickest source is sugar, you are in a fasted state so no sugar, the next thing is protein. If you have that ammonia smell, you’ll know you are burning muscle. At very least, down a shake. If you want to eat, make sure you leave adequate time for it to enter your system. 90 minutes is a fairly safe time.

  45. Retirementcoach says:

    I started eating meat/nuts for breakfast after your Live Large conference. Prior to that I was eating oatmeal and eggs. I felt a big difference in energy with the meat/nuts regimin. For those who haven’t tried this, I would recommend it just to experience the difference for yourself.

    I cannot speak about improved mental alterness because at my age I’ve killed so many brain cells mental alterness is a distant memory! LOL

  46. Andy Baxter says:

    Hey Vince,
    I am following your 21 Day FMB program. My workouts fall in the morning and the nutrition guide suggests:
    Iso-Smooth Protein Shake
    Bowl of oatmeal
    I know that this is just a suggestion, but I have heard you and Ben say not to consume fats before a workout. Is it more important to not consume fats or should I try the Meats & Nuts breakfast?

  47. jasmine says:

    Do you suggest the same for women? Also, is eating chicken in the morning just as effective? I don’t eat red meat, but this sounds very interesting and I would like to try. I only eat chicken, fish and vegetarian “meats” as my protein sourcees.

    Thank you

  48. Lachlan says:

    Hey Vince,
    What is the best meal to have for lunch, for muscle building and fat burning, and for just burning heaps of fat to get ripped.

  49. Lachlan says:

    Hey Vince what is a good meal to have for lunch for burning fat and building muscle or a serious cutting fat burning meal, to get ripped

  50. Inga María says:

    okto use fish and nuts?

  51. Dustin says:

    Hi Vince, I love the meat and nuts rotating breakfast. I am a huge fan of it. As far as incorporating veggies and fruits into breakfast I am a big fan of Bolthouse farms juices and smoothies. I was wondering if you familiar with those products and what is your take on them as far as fulfilling daily fruit and veggie requirements. Thanks!

    • Vince says:

      Never heard of them Dustin…

      I would not rely solely on liquid nutrition to acquire your greens and fruits – you don’t get the same thermic effect. But I’m a big fan of juicing my greens when I don’t have time to cook so I think you’re in good shape overall.

  52. Rob s says:

    Hey Vince what do you think would be a good subsitution for the meats if you are a vegetarian?

  53. Chad says:

    Hi Vince, I’ve never had much of an appetite when I wake up in the morning. I have a protein shake which is made of protein powder, a greens powder, skim milk, olive oil, and about 4 raw egg yolks. What are your thoughts?


    • Vince says:

      Beside that being disgusting?! ha

      I’m more interested in why you don’t have an appetite… assuming your not over trained.

      Try the rotating meat & nuts and let me know how you feel.

      Your meal is going to empty out of your stomach within an hour so it’s not very fulfilling.

  54. Paul says:

    Would eggs work for a breakfast food instead of the meat? I am a college kid and cant afford to eat all kinds of random meats lol. (What is the perfect number of eggs for breakfast I usually have 3 full eggs one egg white. One piece of Ezekial bread and a hand full of almonds.)

  55. Ron says:

    Vince, I have been on the meat and nuts breakfast for month now. I will say I never felt better then I do now. My energy throughout the day is better and I have better mental focus.

  56. jeff blowers says:

    Well, i do have turkey breast for breakfast on wholegrain bread, so i am halfway there!! I also use hemp seed oil supplements to get my good fats.

    I am going to try this out though, it sounds pretty logical that it will have the desired effect.

  57. Kobus says:

    hey Vince

    I will definitely try it as i iam a big fan of all your info!just one thing as one wont get any carbs with the first meal wont this have a affect on muscle building/maintaining?and then how late after the 1ste meal should one get some carbs in?

  58. James says:

    Hi Vince….any chance of you sharing your Turkey Burger recipe. Cheers

  59. Alex says:

    Been doing something similar for a long time now and it’s been working wonders..
    I really dont like eating anything solid as i wake up, but i do have my mix of whey and casein shake, a few dried fruits (just 1 or 2 because i dont want an insulin response to it), handfull of raw mixed nuts and my multi and omega 3′s.
    I’ve done this since i decided to never mix carbs and fat again, so the good fats and protein seemed logic for breakfast.
    Been studying that neurotransmitter production theory and it makes perfect sense too..
    I eat exactly the same before bed and throw in some pumpkin seeds for testosterone support, works wonders ;)
    Keep it up !!

    • Vince says:

      Hey Alex

      Protein shakes still cause a insulin spike (think about how quickly you drink it) but not as much as sugars etc.

      Whole foods will always delay hunger and provide more fullness than a “Whey Protein Shake Breakfast”

      • Alex says:

        I completelly agree with you, and the reference you did sometime ago about “eating solid in order to look solid” really makes sense, but i simply cannot eat solid as i wake up.. even the nuts are a sacrifice, but i will surelly make an effort..
        Thx 4 the help ;)

  60. george says:

    i immeadiately started taking meat and nuts for breakfast when i read about what u learnt in 2011.now i believe and will try not to stop.thanks Vince for all the information.

  61. tjardo says:

    @Aaron B
    100% raw nuts, these are better and wont contain the bad fats and sald.
    p.s I’m from holland, 20 years old, 190 cm( i think this is 6.16 feet?) and waying +- 220 pounds. I’m not fat, my shoulders are big, only this is i have some nasty blubber on the belly.
    Having a hardtime getting rid of it…
    Looking all over the internet for all kinds of information and dieets, but most of them are for woman or let you LOSE muscle i.s.o fat.
    Vince, I play soccer 3 times a week and i bycicle averyday. I know that nutrision is most important, but now i’m thinking that in all the food are bad things…
    Just wanna loose those extra fat pouds. Goal:200Pounds
    Any advise?
    (sorry for the bad typing, typing english isnt my cup of thee…)

  62. Perry says:

    Hello Vince,
    Like your idea of adding greens to the eggs(saves cooking time). Tried a few times clicking on the link you supplied but i only come up with a blank page.

  63. James says:


    Since I am vegan, I will use ‘meat wheat’ or tofu:)

  64. Kevin Stock says:

    Mr. Delmonte, right on the money with this one! Whole eggs are also a tremendous substitute due to it’s high fat content + protein (also has testosterone boosting properties that can really aid in the building of muscle AND shedding fat).

  65. Andy Baxter says:

    I really want to try this but all my workouts are within thirty minutes of my breakfast. MI40 protocol suggests no fats before workouts. What’s my best strategy to apply this technique. I work nights so my breakfast is at one in the afternoon. I workout with my wife at two. This is the only time we don’t have our children’s activities conflicting.

  66. Hey vince, since your live large, I have been using the meat and nuts for breakfast and man does it keep you full. I’ll usually use avocado oil, bison, lean beef, even had ostrich a few times.

    For the nuts, I usually buy a whole bunch of raw variety and just take a scoop full to keep it mixed every day.

    My cravings are extremely low/non existent. Only time I crave is if I stay up late at night.

    Would you suggest ever throwing in an avocado to the mix of the morning? I felt that mixed with nuts was a good mix.

    Thanks for all the strategies. Looking forward to the April WBFF show.

  67. Aaron B says:

    Hey Vince,

    So now I have an excuse to eat steak in the morning ;)

    Are these the raw version of the nuts, or do you ever mix it up with roasted or lightly salted versions?

    I’m assuming you’re probably talking raw?

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