An eye-opening ‘TELL-ALL” interview with my father and I on success

By Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle Building.

Today you have a rare opportunity to hear from the most instrumental and influential person in my life – Luciano DelMonte. He starts the call by saying, “Vince is still the pony. I’m the stallion!” Thanks for clarifying that Dad!

In this really inspiring interview you’ll learn:

- My fathers surprising thoughts of me pursuing a career in the fitness industry

- What it took to convince my father that I was making the right career decision…

- How I launched my online fitness business and cashed in my passion

- My father will tell you how I’ve changed since I decided to go after my dreams

- My father reveals the #1 character trait contributing to my humble successes

- The number one trait you MUST exemplify if you wish to maximize your career potential

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I go into some REALLY personal info on this call and talk about the early days when working for $10 an hour as a trainer, finding mentors, working as a personal trainer and the decisions that lead me to starting my own fitness business.

If you’re happy with how your body is transforming and ready to start transforming your life and lifestyle, you’re going to LOVE this content in this video.

Let me know what you thought,

Vince Del Monte

P.S. Don’t worry – I’m not trying to become a “self improvement” coach or anything. I feel it’s neat for you to see how my body transformation has influenced other areas of life. That might seem like common sense but many fitness professionals don’t talk about anything beyond fitness. There is nothing wrong with that but it’s hard for me to talk about ONLY fitness so thanks for allowing me to share this video interview with you.

If you have any questions for my Dad and I, post them below and be sure to “Like” up this video.

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An eye-opening 'TELL-ALL" interview with my father and I on success , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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6 thoughts on “An eye-opening ‘TELL-ALL” interview with my father and I on success

  1. Hey Vince,

    Very inspiring interview Vince.
    Belief it or not, I am right now working very hard on my internet business (nothing to do about fitness). And today I had a big dip because google adwords is rejected. It happens all the time they told me that internet entrepreneurs are not welcome in google adwords…

    Now I am over to the SEO part :p to generate some traffic. Just started back linking.

    I see so many common aspects in your story like that you told nobody of your project. Probably because nobody believed in you and would just laugh at you. I made the mistake by telling my father and he just told me I am dreaming and getting scammed, wasting my time and money I already invested in classes, books, tools and programs… Glad you made it to the B side of the quadrant!

    What I would like to hear from you is who or what learned you all the aspects of internet marketing and bringing great content and of course a super product and make that into a system.

    It felt super when I heard that you support kids and have a wall dedicated to those kids! Did you learned that from Jim Rohn? “Give 10% of your income to charity”?

    I just finished rich dad poor dad and now I’m reading the cashflow quadrant which is Robert Kiyosaki’s second book in the line which you probably read to, am I right? Next books in the line are the 4 hour work week, the 7 habits of highly effective people and of course think and grow rich.

    Question where we didn’t got an answer from is : how did you get traffic to your site? And such a huge amount! Was it thanks to SEO? Facebook or other web 2.0 products?

    For me this was the BEST blog post ever because it’s such a great inspiration. I am ready to kick my ambition to the next level thanks to you Vince! I’m starting back linking right away!

    Unfortunately I am not able to go to your first seminar because I made a lot of expenses this month ( I count them as investments into my upcoming business). But I will be at your second seminar! And I know you will give a second seminar, you are wey to successful to give only one seminar bro!

    Thank you so much for this interview!

    Living large greetings,

    PS: the only reason why you got haters is because you have the perfect life any man would love to have. Own business, nice body, fans, and of course your fantastic wive and parents!

    Keep on rocking bro!

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    • That was Robert Kiosakyis Rich Dad Poor Dad book. the first one in the series.

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  2. thanks for sharing this I wasnt able to catch it live so I was looking forward to this

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  3. Thanks for sharing! Took bits and piesces that really resonates with me. Especially when your dad said something like: ‘I had easily could excuse my life away…’
    No excuses cause non is acceptable to start livin’ your best life!!!!
    And like mr Travis I’ll be looking out to the DVD of this great event of yours. In my book.. you rock but you already knew that! ;)

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  4. Life Changing interview indeed Vince! Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to the vent this time. But Id love to buy the DVD I’m sure you’ll be filming to put on sale for those that wont be able to make it. Do you plan doing any more events in the near future in Tampa Florida? I live in Georgia witch isn’t far at all :).

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