5 Killer Tricks For Fast Muscle Gains!


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

Building muscle it is NOT about stuffing your face and eating until you are ready to puke. It’s NOT simply “Lifting Big To Get Big”. These are old out-dated concepts that ONLY work for genetic freaks and steroid abusers…

In fact if you have ever tried this kind of approach yourself, chances are you just ended up looking fat and bloated… Rather than Lean and Muscular.

The REAL KEY to building a lean muscular body is by working in alignment with your body’s natural growth, and recovery systems. Because when things are working properly, the results happen AUTOMATICALLY!

So instead of beating your head against the wall and trying to FORCE your muscles to grow, which is exactly what most frustrated hardgainers do, we’re going to share 5 killer tricks that you can start using immediately that will make the whole muscle building process a lot easier.

Fast Mass Building Trick #1
Break Down Your Large Goals Into Smaller Chunks!

One of the main problems that I see over and over again with novice muscle building enthusiasts is that they get overwhelmed with the entire process of building muscle. They think it will take months or even years before they can see any progress. And due to having this mentality they give up before they even start.

Even for folks who are already working out consistently, they often think in terms of following a set workout for several months, bulking up for several months, cutting for several months, etc. When you take such a long-term view on things it’s hard to buckle down and channel your efforts towards making some fast muscle gains.So when it comes to your muscle building goals, set some short-term deadlines to get things done. Rather then giving yourself 6 months to “bulk up”. Break it down into a smaller goal of gaining 10 pounds this month.Trust me you’ll make much faster progress by repeatedly setting and achieving smaller short-term goals, rather than having 1 big long-term goal.And just in case you think gaining 10 pounds of muscular bodyweight in just 1 month is impossible… It’s not! In fact with the brand new 21 Day Fast Mass Building System that’s coming out on January 11th, you can literally gain as much as 12 pounds of pure muscle mass in just 21 days! Set Frequent Small Weight Gain Goals.

Fast Mass Building Trick # 2
Smaller Training Cycles = Bigger Muscle Gains!

To go along with the previous tip of breaking down your larger muscle building goals into smaller goals. You can break down your larger workout training cycles into smaller training cycles and make better overall gains.

Whenever you start a new workout program you can usually make fantastic progress for the first few weeks. But after that, the body starts to adjust to the new program and the results come to a plateau.

The body is very good at adapting to changes in our environment. So the rapid progress that you make whenever you change your training program is your body adapting and growing in response to the changes made.

You see the key thing you need to realize when it comes to building muscle is that:
Everything Works, But Nothing Works Forever…

You can’t stick to the same training program forever and continue making progress. Eventually your body will adapt and your progress will level off. So you need to provide unique muscle stimulation in order to keep things progressing forwards over the long term.

Now when most people first here about this they think:”I’ll Just Keep Changing Things Up All The Time.”That’s the basis for the muscle confusion theory. And a lot of people mistakenly think that if they keep changing their programs all the time, they’ll keep making progress all the time. But they are neglecting one key element…Adaptation!In order for significant muscle growth to occur you have to give your body time to adapt and grow from the program you are currently following before changing it to something else. Muscle Confusion…
So while change is good, you can’t be haphazard about it either. You need to have a planned system and structure in place so that your body adapts and grows from your current training program before you change things and move on to another complementary program. And for most people this adaptation process occurs within a 3-week time span. After 3 weeks progress usually slows down and you’ll be ready both mentally and physically for some new unique muscle stimulation.

Fast Mass Building Trick # 3
Calorie Cycling For Maximum Muscle Growth!

Competitive bodybuilders will regularly cycle their calories for the purpose of gaining lean muscle mass. They will follow an ultra strict diet before a competition in effort to lose weight and get ripped to the bone shredded. Then right after the competition is over they will purposely change their diets and gain back the weight they lost, along with several pounds of additional new muscle mass. The end result is they get bigger and more muscular with every single competition they do!

But the problem with most recreational weight lifters is that they don’t pay any particular attention to their nutritional program. Most folks get caught up in the habit of eating the same thing day in and day out. But just like your body can adapt to following the same training program day in and day out, it can also adapt to following the same nutritional program for too long as well.

Now there have been tons of research articles published about this calorie cycling concept from fat loss point of view. After all we live in an overweight society where the average person wants to lose weight. But this same principle also applies in reverse to muscle building as well. It just hasn’t been documented as much because building muscle isn’t nearly as popular as losing fat.

Whenever you drastically increase your calorie intake over base levels your body will release higher amounts of anabolic hormones to shuttle those extra calories towards lean muscle growth. This elevated anabolic response continues for about 2 weeks. After that, the body adapts to the higher calorie intake and your muscle growth progress hits a plateau. This is when you need to temporarily back off on your food intake and “Re-Prime” your body for another rapid growth “Rebound” phase.

The process of repeatedly cycling your diet with a low calorie “Primer Phase” and then switching to a high calorie “Overload Phase” is what we refer to as the Anabolic Amplifier Effect.

The Anabolic Amplifier Effect.

This concept is covered in more detail at:

Fast Mass Building Trick # 4
Match Your Workouts With Your Diet!

A big mistake a lot of guys make when following a muscle building program is they don’t match their workouts to their diets. I’ll often hear of guys following the traditional “see food” bulk up diet. Which is basically eating everything and anything in order to gain weight. And then they’ll try and compensate for it by doing endless cardio and abdominal training with the idea that it will cancel out the junk food they are eating.

Bottom Line: You can’t out train a bad diet!If you are training for fat loss, you need to eat for fat loss. And when you are training for mass you need to eat for mass. When you match your workouts with your diet you’ll get the synergistic effect of both your training and nutrition working for you.Within the 21 Day Fast Mass Building Program that will be released on January 11th. We have specialized training and nutritional cycles that complement one another. So when you are following a fat loss diet, you’ll also be following a fat loss workout routine. And when you are following a mass building eating-plan, you’ll also be following a mass building training program. This is all cycled into an easy to follow 21 Day program that works with your body’s natural growth processes and keeps you on the Anabolic Edge for gaining pure muscle mass. Match Your Diet With Your Workouts!

Fast Mass Building Trick # 5
Strive For Progress, NOT Perfection!

No body can eat and train perfectly all the time. There will be times when you skip meals, cheat on your diet, and miss workouts. That’s just the way it is for everyone. But as long as you focus on the big picture and stick to your plan most of the time, you’ll still move yourself in the right direction towards your muscle building goals.

You see a big mistake a lot of people make is falling into the All or Nothing trap. So many people say to themselves;

“If I canít do it perfectly, then I wonít do it at all.”

They maybe super strict and meticulous about their workouts and diet for a few weeks in a row, doing everything spot on and to the letter. But if they fall off the bandwagon and mess up a little bit, they get discouraged, quit, and then go back to their old habits.

I Quit My Diet…

The key to success with any program is being consistent with it over the long term. You can have the best training and nutrition program in the world. But if you are not consistent with it, you will not get the results you want. Simple as that!

A tip that I learned from Dr. John Berardi, and one that I want to share with you is: When it comes to real world results, there is virtually NO difference between following a program perfectly 90% of the time, and following a program perfectly 100% of the time.

And if you were so stubborn as to try and stick to a perfect program 100% of the time, the stress you’d have to undertake and sacrifices you’d have to make in your life would not be worth the messily extra bit of progress you’d probably get.

Having this 10% of leeway factored into your program makes it possible to be flexible when life situations get in your way, and yet still stick to your routine over the long term.

So when you have that big family BBQ get together and cheat on your diet. Or you have an exam to study for and you skip a workout. Simply count those little mishaps as part of your 10% and just pick things back up for your very next meal or very next workout.

I’ve been bodybuilding for over 20 years and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect… I’ll sometimes give into my junk food cravings, I’ll miss a scheduled workout from time to time. But because 90% of the time I do stick to my plan. I’m still able to move in the right direction towards my muscle building goals.

So my advice to you when it comes to any program you follow; be it the 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program or any other program you choose to follow, make sure that you: “Strive For Progress, NOT Perfection”.

If you fall off the bandwagon (and most likely you will) just take it in stride, chalk it up as part of your not so perfect 10% and pick things up right where you left off. This takes the stress out of following a muscle building program because rather then getting freaked out over every little mishap, you can stay focused on the big picture and move closer towards your ultimate muscle building and physique transformation goals.

Stay tuned for our next Fast Mass Building Update because we’re going to share some real world success stories from guys, just like you, who have already followed this killer training system.

Trust me, you’ll definitely want to check this one out, it just goes to show how fast you can really pack on pure muscle mass when you follow a proven system that works!

Here’s to making 2011 the year you get in your best shape ever!


Vince & Lee

P.S. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please post them in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “5 Killer Tricks For Fast Muscle Gains!

  1. Vince
    i paid for membership and the info a couple months back.. how do i get the program again? Together with the password, it is lost in my computer somehow. i got the video but i think i am better off with the text version.. i find viewing the video too time consuming

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  2. “Strive for progress, NOT perfection” is now one of my favourite quotes in life alongside Teddy Roosevelt’s “Do what you can with what you have where you are.” Well done, Vince.

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  4. WOW VINCE… ALL these 4 days ive been tuned up with the updates…. you and lee gave me a lesson today! the fitness trick # 5 hit me in the head…! thats really true!

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