12-Week Body Transformation Contest Results


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

1st Place Winner!

“From Obese To Ripped Cover Model!”

“I want to thank you as i have achieved one of my life goals of being featured as cover Boy in India’s largest Health Magazine – “Men’s Health”. I purchased and followed your 6 pack abs quest program for 4 months religiously n got my 6 pack ab sheet. I reduced from 18% body fat to 2.9 % body fat to be shoot ready. I was obese since birth and by the time i finished high school i was hefty 119 kgs. with waistline of 44 inches but i started jogging and reduced my size to 85 kgs. in 9 months but still six pack was evasive and due to constant slow and steady cardio my metabolism went sluggush.

That time my body fat was 18 % and i hit the plateau. Then, i came to know about your program. I again want to put on this on record, without your training n diet principles it would have been impossible for me.”

Amit Sidhwani

2nd Place!

“From Fit To Freaking Shredded!”

“Before actually getting started and being disciplined on your program, I could not manage to get ripped and still maintain strength. I always had some power and strength, but I looked completely bloated before stumbling upon your program. Its so amazing what your program has done for me. I basically started eating right, as you adamantly put when stating how to get ripped. I began doing a lot of the isolated, slow moving exercises to tear the muscle fibers for complete reconstruction of the muscle and incorporated the cardio three times a week for at least fifteen minutes. These three main things did wonders for me as the fat began to disappear and people everywhere began giving me compliments and asking me to train them. All I could say was, “Vince Delmonte Program” and explain to them the things involved and the methods I was using. You really have helped me. Not only as a motivator but as a trainer. ”

Joey de la Cruz
Uvalde, Texas, USA

3rd Place!

“65 Is Only A Number…He’s Miles Ahead!”

“I was going to the gym fairly regularly, but not doing any specific ” Goal Oriented” training. I had a Personal Trainer that I used once a week, and he’s the one who suggested I should consider competing.

I decided to keep at the program and started to download many of your articles “Deadly Body Building Myths”, “Weight Training Tips”, “The Secret to 6 Pack Abs”, “Upside Down Training’, etc. I’m getting back into training now and have now downloaded your “Coaching Videos” and as before will follow routines from your “Insane Muscle Gain Report” and your “Virtual Trainer”.

I’m 65 now, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s only a number and should never be used as an excuse not to have a lean, trim, athletic body, and the extra energy I have from being fit puts me “Miles” ahead of many of my associates in their early “50’s.”

Don Casagrande
New Zealand

And Special Congratulations & Recognition To All Our Other Body Transformation Contestants From The 7th and 8th Transformation Contest

“I Will Do It I Will Make My Abs Visible!”

“I have been traning for years but still i never could remove my shirt and show my body to anyone. I was around 215 pounds for couple of years but i was far from ripped body, even not close to lean. I had lot of fat around my muscles. I was doing wrong things for years. I was working with heavy wheights and i was not checking type of food i was eating. Once i was in restaurant with couple of my friends we started to talk about gym and body. After while one of my friends said to me how come you are advicing us while your body doesnt look like u do gym at all. This is when i said to myself I WILL DO IT, I WILL MAKE MY ABS VISIBLE As i was subscribed in lot of Web sited including vince delmonde’s i started to follow those videos from YOUTUBE. I started this program on november and after sixmonths i got from fat to lean – ripped in 10 % body fat with very nice body shape with 180 pounds.”

Valerie Comeau
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Thanks…I’ve Started To Change My Life…”

“Hello, Vince!

I write to you to say thanks about your muscle building workouts and your tips who change my life.3moth ago i wanted to change my life and start looking on internet some tips – how to grow my muscles. And youtube show me first link to Vince Delmonte story. After some day of reading your public materials and workout tips i start to change my life.


I make my successfully meal plan and start go to gym. I use your workout tips and inspiration and now i can show my result after 90 day transformation.

3moth ago i have 75kg now i have 77kg. About body fat i don’t know how to calculate it,  but starting transformation my height: 187cm, weight: 74kg, waist: 89cm and after height: 187cm, weight: 77kg, waist: 84cm.

The biggest benefits from my transformation was:
1) I feel more healthier.
2) I learned how to reach the goals using my will force.
3) I feel more confident about myself.
4) And of course girls like my new body more better ;”

Latvia, Riga

“Chris Gains 19 Pounds Of Muscle & Takes Control Of His Life…”

“My name is Chris and I recently purchased your no-nonsense 30th birthday package about a week ago when you had that special birthday sale! I’ve been so wrapped up between reading the e-book and watching the DVD’s (thank you for those by the way! They are awesome!)  (note: I’ve done weight training and bodyweight training prior to purchasing your program, but I have never done so as intense as your program entails!)

I am 5’1″ and weighed in at 124 lbs. during my photo. I believe my body fat percentage was 4% during the taking of this photo ( I might have to get back with you again on this for proper accuracy… unsure if this was my body fat percentage or not but still calculated in the metabolic calculator anyways.)

Here are my measurements (used body measuring tape):

Biceps 13 inches 33 cm (left/right)
Waist 25 inches 75 cm
Chest 32 inches 88 cm
Legs (Thighs) 14 inches 40 cm (both)
Neck 14 inches
Calfs  14 inches 37 cm (both left and right)
Forearms 10 inches 29 cm (both)

Before purchasing your program I had no clue on what exercises to do and I just wasted alot of time in the gym doing alot of the wrong exercises. I wasn’t making any gains and I was really getting frustrated. I did some exercises before purchasing your program but never as intense as this program is.

I asked friends for advice but I didn’t quite get the advice I wanted. My only option was the internet. I researched thick and through until I found your webpage! I finally got the answers I wanted, so I ended up purchasing your program on your birthday special, which was really awesome. As I started reading the e-book upon purchasing, I was amazed at the valuable info that was in the book! It really changed my whole perspective on training. I love the online forums as I am making and motivating others to make success like I am myself.

With your program, I have a huge increase in strength, I gained fifteen pounds (137) since starting your program and my co-workers have notice the increase in the mass of muscle I’ve been gaining within these three months. I have learned how to properly recover, better sleep, improved my eating habits, and using the correct form with the exercises. I am having a blast with the program and I can’t thank you enough!!! Things are starting to turn around for me and I can’t wait until the end result!!! You’ve taught me to believe in myself and train hard to acheive the success that other guys don’t want to do! I’ve earned alot of respect from my peers and I keep myself motivated through the forums and committing to what I do to stick with it! I’ve even inspired some people on the forums as well as in my personal life.

I can now enjoy fitness and I can incorporate this into my lifestyle. Fitness can be so much fun if you make it fun and improvise.

It’s helped me live a better lifestyle and be lean as well as healthy at the same time!!! Thanks Again!

6 Month Update From Chris:

Just within the last month I gained another 5 lbs of muscle getting myself now to 143 lbs. with 10% BF. I have the summer look that I want but I am still working out alot more to further improve myself throughout the summer. I am mixing things up and keeping the muscles guessing all the time. I’ve even cut my social life to a minimum so that I can focus and acheive the body I want to get.

All of my friends are pretty jealous of me now and alot more attention from the ladies… even at work! It feels pretty damn good to finally get the attention I deserve and the results just keep on coming!! I’ve done some variations with your program as well as outside your program. I’m doing alot of bodyweight conditioning, as well as some kettlebell training, plyometrics, and some yoga for flexibility (I know yoga is weird, but it’s helped me alot with everyday life and improved my posture).

I changed up my eating habits not eating too much salt or sugar and I’ve been drinking water 24/7! I have portioned my meals eating at least 6 times a day eating lean proteins and eating alot of fruits and veggies. I only eat now when I get hungry! I am hoping for an additional 5-6 lbs. of lean muscle by the end of this month as we speak! Thank you again for giving me the confidence to acheive my results inside the gym and doing so outside the gym as well. Keep up the good work!”

Elburn, IL

“Ex-“Skinny Kimmy” Gains 90 Pounds Of Muscle In 1.5 Years!”

“Just wanted to thank you for the muscle building program, i have built over 90lbs in total of which almost i am sure most are muscle in 1.5 years following your program beginning healthy eating, but because i live in Hong Kong, i did not have access to the gym all the time, but over this time, i have worked very hard following your principles in the No Nonsense Muscle Building program!

I know the weight gain might seem a little exaggerated, but because i suffered from Anorexia bulimia before so i lost weight, lost so much that i almost died, i was only 80lbs and now i am 170lbs. Thanks a lot!

This was taken 1.5 years apart. People even accused me of being on steroids! Just wanted to thank you so much again! I have been bullied when i was in primary school and most of the time i just got physically abused, after hopping onto your website i saw all the amazing gains, i could not believe my eyes.

I have actually suffered from anorexia bulimia a while ago, and then got so skinny and got bullied so badly, I had to gain some muscle. I was so skinny i was only 80lbs around now i am 170lbs. People called me Skinny Kimmy like you being called Skinny Vinny. Thank you so much Vince! ”

Hong Kong

“55-Year Old James Gains 20 Pounds Of Clean Muscle And Get Single Digit Fat!”

“At age 55, between July and October, I have put on 20 lbs. of clean muscle. This Saturday, three years to the week after having major back reconstruction surgery, I’ll be stepping onstage in the Over 50 and Novice Heavyweight Divisions of the L.A. Bodybuilding Championships! I’ve dropped from 254 and 18% bf to 209 and 7.5% BF.”

James Davis
Los Angeles, California

Congratulations from Vince!

I want to personally congratulate every success story above and every person who has taken action and transformed their mind, body and life.  If you would like to be featured on my blog and have a dramatic before and after transformation, please email me at vince at vincedelmontefitness dot com

If you were in the recent transformation contest and do not see your pictures above but would like them featured on my blog, please let me know below and I’ll be sure to add them to this page.

Who are these people?

The pictures featured were contestants of my 7th and 8th 12-week transformation contest.  I combined two contests because the last one finished up while I was on my Honeymoon so I didn’t have time to put together a voting page.

Each contestant above is a user of either my No Nonsense Muscle Building or Your Six Pack Quest transformation programs.

Want to compete in the next contest?

The current deadline is December 31st, 2010.  You must be a user of one of the programs above and submit your before and after pictures, body fat percentage, measurements and a testimonial similar to the ones you see above.  Also include your first and last name and the place of your residing.

The next deadline after December 31st is March 31st, 2011.  I look forward to featuring you one day on the site.

Feel free to congratulate and ask any of the contestants above questions and hopefully they can stop by the site.

Vince Del Monte

FTC Legal Disclaimer: Your results may vary. All testimonials are real but are not claimed to represent typical results. Testimonials are a showcase of what the most motivated and exceptionally dedicated clients have done. Testimonial results should not be taken as average or typical results. You should not begin our programs if you have a physical condition that makes intense exercise dangerous. Consult your physician before beginning this, or any, exercise or nutrition program.
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  3. Vince can we use your 1000rep muscle for the next contest? Thank you! Everyone looks great!!

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  4. Nice work guys! (and gals) It’s amazing what determination, focus and action can do when you have a training program as great as Vince’s.

    Amit – You gotta feel pretty awesome getting the cover of Mens Health magazine in India, way to go!

    Don – Congrats you look awesome and at 65! My dad is 63 and I am designing him a workout program but after seeing these results that you got I might just put him on one of Vince’s programs.

    Once again, well done to everyone!

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