7 Weird Muscle Building Ideas No One Has Told You


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

10 Weird Muscle Building Tricks No One Has Told You

By Vince Del Monte – Author, No Nonsense Muscle Building

This is an amazing little article put together for any man or women who wants to learn how to build muscle with an edge.

1.  It’s not how much you lift. It’s about how you use your muscles.

How you use your muscles in bodybuilding is more important than how much you lift. This is equally true for strength trainers training for sport.

The training of muscles to act in a certain way, at a certain joint angle, and in conjunction with other muscles – is more crucial to visual appearance and performance.  For athletes, this is equally true.

Loading provides overload to the central nervous system, but this benefit needs to be balanced with the benefits of selective recruitment, which means fully stimulating and activating the targeted muscle.

The amount you lift can be manipulated by momentum and tricks on how to adjust your body position, which has nothing to do with how the muscles are trained.

How you isolate and activate your muscles through selective recruitment is far more important.  Simply put, proper lifting technique that recruits the target muscle is more important than load.

2. Intuition is more important than science.

This position declares my difference in foundational beliefs between ideas and the majority of mainstream beliefs other muscle gurus hold.  Western world science is founded on on the ability of man to control and measure all aspects of life, including the training process.

Simply put, many believe that science has all the answers and you should not trust your own intuition.  My philosophy is that you can, and should, learn to get in touch with and respect the feedback provided by your intuition.  This information is more important than the non-specific data provided by research papers, text books and “science.”

Case in point: if a scientific calorie calculator tells you to eat XXXX amount of calories and it results in fat gain, should you ignore your intuition of cutting back or respect the science? I trust you would become involved in the training process and follow your intuition to cut back on your calories.

3. Recovery is half of the training effect.

The training effect only occurs after training is matched with recovery.  If the training trumps the recovery, or to view alternatively, if the recovery is not optimal for the training, the training effect is diminished and can even be denied.

4. Bodybuilders should have dedicated flexibility sessions for the pure sake of improving flexibility from session to session, where no other form of training is conducted at least two times a week.

Enter yoga.  Yoga is not for women, old people or quirky types.  Yoga is for everyone, specifically bodybuilders. Not stretching limits the growth and size of the muscle and it’s output.  Stretching elongates the fascia, a protective sheath of connective tissue covering all muscle.  On a molecular level, fascia is stronger than structured steel.  It’s tough stuff.  This is why lazy-style stretching of 5-10 minutes before or after a workout is virtually useless.

Again, enter 60-90 minutes yoga sessions.  When the fascia is stretching using the techniques of yoga the muscle underneath is given greater room to grow.  Stretching also gives the muscle greater shape, which more convolutions, so muscle separation improves as well.

Yoga stretching can be especially good for muscles groups that respond well to regular muscle training.  Yoga stretching should be approached with the same mindset as bodybuilding training – progressive overload and recovery.  Each session should lead to a greater range in motion and result in soreness.  To progress, you must super compensate from the previous session.

I’ll bet you an all expenses paid trip to Europe that doing yoga at least two times a week will live up to the promises I’ve made. And those just a few of the many more benefits.

5. Don’t take stretching advice from people who can’t touch their toes.

Unfortunately, much of the flexibility and stretching advice given to date is done by bodybuilders, coaches and “gurus” who have never even been involved significantly in a stretching training program.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but my suggestion is that you don’t put much weight into the words of someone who cannot touch their toes, and who has never lived or committed to this form of training.

6. Learn by doing

Learning equals behavioural change. There are many levels of learning.  Level 0 learning is gaining knowledge from a theoretical perspective. Level 1 learning is doing and gaining new insights from the experience. Level 2 learning is ultimate behavioural change or transformation.  I recommend you strive for Level 2 learning.

The belief that you are learning by reading books, listening to audios and attending seminars is false. None of that information you required becomes true learning until you implement it and attain a result from it.

I was fortunate to have mentors and coaches who pushed me to learn by doing, not reading about it. I encourage you to learn through action and never say, “I know that…” unless you have change to prove it.

7. Your body has the power to recovery and rebuild – your goal is to assist it

Often times it’s not what you do but what you don’t do that leads to new muscle gains.  Your goal is to create an optimal environment to influence muscle growth.  If your body is exposed to progressive overload – your body must grow and adapt.  That’s the cornerstone principle of muscle building. Double check that your lifestyle and nutrition habits are not sabotaging the gains you should be experiencing.

For example, your training program and intensity may be perfect right now. However, are you getting to bed by 11pm each night? Are you eating natural and healthy foods or are you relying on supplements and packaged foods? Are you hydrated enough to rebuild muscle or are you getting drunk on the weekends, lowering your testosterone levels?

Your body will rebuild and repair itself if you simply don’t do counter productive habits that hinder your results.


In this article, I have gone beyond the small-time thinking of reps, sets, protein intake and creatine.  I wanted to communicate different muscle building ideas that many coaches and gurus don’t talk about or consider important.

If you are looking for more information on how to build muscle fast without drugs, bogus supplement and training less than before, please check out my famous No Nonsense Muscle Building program.

Vince Del Monte

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