May 2010 12
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The Top 3 Best Muscle Building Supplements

By Vince Del Monte

When it comes to lifting for size and strength, boat loads of iron and buckets of sweat are summoned. Over the past eight years of bodybuilding I’ve resorted to three primary muscle building supplements, that have stood the test of time, and support muscle growth directly and indirectly.

In no particular order, here are my personal top 3 muscle building supplements to build into your bodybuilding budget:

Top Muscle Building Supplement #1: Creatine

Creatine is made from the three aminos arginine, glycine and methionine, creatine is technically is an amino-acid supplement, not an individual amino.  There has been endless debate on whether to take creatine pre or post workout or both and which protocol works best.

During my research and experience, I’ve found that post workout creatine supplementation is more effective then pre-workout and does not require the traditional 5-day loading phase.  For best results, take a dosage of creatine in your protein-shake immediately after a workout to prepare you for your next workout.

One way creatine boosts growth postworkout is by increasing levels of insulinlike growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in muscle. Whether you weight train or not, creatine has many other general health benefits: It guards against heart disease, provides antioxidant protection, can ease chronic fatigue syndrome, shields the brain against damage and can guard against skin damage.

I continue to use the original creatine monohydrate but most supplement products market multiple forms of creatine together these days.

DOSE: Bodybuilder over 200-pounds should consume 5 grams in the morning and 5 grams after a workout.  Bodybuilder under 200-pounds should consume 2.5 grams in the morning and 2.5 grams after a workout.  I recommend supplementing with creatine all year round and to only take a break when you go on vacation. This approach allows you to say “loaded” all year round and avoid the 5-day loading cycle.


Top Muscle Building Supplement #2: Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA)

The combination of zinc and magnesium aspartate plus vitamin B6 has been shown to increase anabolic hormone levels, include free testosterone and IGF-1, that could otherwise be suppressed in hard-training athletes.

ZMA can improve your quality of sleep. Enhanced recovery from workouts due to sleep efficiency, increased anabolic-hormone levels, and greater gains in strength and power are the reported benefits of ZMA supplementation.

DOSE: Follow the label recommendations and take on a empty stomach 30-45 minutes before bed.  Don’t mix with any form of dairy.  Most products contain 30 mg of zinc, 450 mg of magnesium aspartate and 11 mg of B6.


Top Muscle Building Supplement #3: Caffeine

It’s as simple as having a large black cup of coffee or an espresso 60-minutes before you workout.  Caffeine not only acts as a stimulant to increase workout intensity but it’s an effective fat-burner due to it’s ability to increase the release of fat from fat cells.

Research that caffeine immediately boosts muscular strength and power output when taken one hour before workouts. I take caffeine before my cardio and weight training workouts.

While certain communities advise against excessive caffeine use, newer studies show that your body can tolerate up to 400-800 grams of caffeine per day without adrenal fatigue. Caffeine has a powerful antixoidant and has been shown to guard against neurodegenerative diseases.

DOSE: For fat loss, take 100-300 mg every four hours. For mental acuity and focus, try 100-200 mg every four hours. For strength and power, take 200-400 mg one hour pre workout.


Your turn to share your knowledge: What are your top 3 muscle building supplements?

Let us know what dosages you have experimented with, side effects and brand recommendations.  Look forward to hearing your experiences.



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  2. Ricardo says:

    @vince_delmonte -

    Not completely sure but i think Caffeine releases adrenaline or something

  3. Ricardo says:

    @vince_delmonte -

    What does Caffeine do?

  4. Paul Amenumey says:

    How re u doing vince. Hope u re ok. Is it true that if u use supplement and u stop training ur muscle comes down. The reason why am asking is because some guys that i train with experince it. Secondly is it also true that some supplements does’nt not work for some people.

  5. Hi. would seem to be a problem with the first link you presented : it returns an error

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  7. Diet says:

    I drink a cup of coffee every day I feel I want to eat more food. I don’t know about you but I feel coffee make me hungry more than not drink.

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  11. Chris Cannon says:


    Interesting post. I have to say that I've never really thought of caffeine as a muscle building supplement, always put that one in the fat burning category. Of course I have to add whey protein to this list as well!


  12. Robyn says:

    i recently bought Extreme Rush by Blue Star and am wondering how much a single serving is since it didnt come with a scooper or anything. I used my scooper from Pro/Grade.

  13. AG7 says:

    Vince, you recommend ZMAs even for teens as well? I'm only 18, I personally think I sleep just fine, and I'm sure as other normal teens I've got testosterones flooding through my body, so would ZMAs just add on to the benefits or am I JUST AS GOOD without it?

    Cheers bro,

  14. Rod says:

    Hi Vince, I would very much appreciate your opinion on taking a supplement with nitric oxide. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Rod in Barcelona, Spain

  15. Joe T says:

    Hey Vince, just a quick question or if anyone else can answer that would be great:

    I just got some of the PowerXd and you said to take 2.5 grams if you are under 200lbs, but the instructions say serving size is 2 caps and the "supplement facts" don't say 2.5 or 5 grams per serving. So how many should i take to be taking 2.5 grams of creatine?


  16. whocares says:

    Sorry, but as good as his intentions may be, Vince is an Hypocrite! If you read NNMB as I DID, you will get the idea that vince is almost against supplements, he is always criticising supplement companies and other bodybuilding magazines…. and now I see here this article among others where he gives supplements as prize do his 12 weeks contest….
    He is completly different to the general public, in NNMB he almost say you are an idiot if you don´t go for heavy bulking and you have 7 meals a day… But for outside he is much more mild….

    What a disappointment..

  17. Ann says:

    so, I was wondering too about Creatine, and is it appropriate for women to take who want to lose body fat? Ie-it's water retention properties? Like someone posted- is the creatine with ethyl ester or the kre-alkalyn form better than monohydrate to add in fat loss with muscle gain? thanks.

  18. raymondgho says:

    I think all this stuff you have mentioned is harmless enough. My money is on Creatine seems to work for most people, it gets the water into the cells and bloats some people, does seem to product a better workout. For some I think acts more as a placebo.
    Coffee well what can you say except it good to have drink. FYI- Jake Gyllendaal (Prince of Persia) beofre when he wakes up has a banana and coffee before his workout!
    Zinc and Mag most nutriionist would recommend it….
    SO TRY THEM AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS .. nothing to loose?

  19. Josh says:

    Vince, you recommend 2.5 grams in the am and then 2.5 grams post workout. What if you work out early am, is that too close together?

    I get up at 5am, have a cup of coffee, pre-work out meal, I am the gym working out at 6am and consume my protein shake during the workout. Im about 160lbs, so what would a creatine dosing regime be for me?

  20. Pat says:

    Creatine I think if used well can be the best supplement for building muscle. My experience over the last year has been with kre-alkalyn creatine and for me it has been great. My training has improved, i have noticed greater strength and muscle fullness, I loveit!

  21. jake_sydney says:

    Nitric Oxide
    and whey + carb supplement

  22. Fahed says:

    400-800 grams of caffeine per day without adrenal fatigue ??? Dont joke buddy…

  23. Glenn says:

    @——– -

    If there is someone trying to help someone else in a good thing, and the other person is willing to pay for it… that is a good thing. So drop it with the tuff-guy negative stuff! You sound so bitter man!! Why should that piss you off? IF you clean up your “mr. know it all attitude…” and start reaching out to folks, you could probably help a whole lot of people out. I mean, what YOU said about training was good, & that’s the way I feel too… but the anger and jealousy over someone else’s success has the effect of wiping out the great stuff you said… completely! In other words, there are better ways to get your point across than to lace it with criticism. It sounds like you have a lot to offer… get on out there and do it… don’t even worry about what others do or don’t do! If they don’t know as much as you, but are still trying to help folks and make a little money at the same time, hey.. “GOD Bless em” and move on! You or I don’t know everything there is to know do we? Have we always known what we presently know right now? Well… others are the same too. Let them learn too. If it isn’t directly against you or harming you in any way… then just get on with your mission, and drive on. If you don’t want to help anyone else with what you know and have developed… then you’re selfish and setting yourself up for a sad life! You don’t want that do ya?

  24. kerry says:

    cool Take an orange 30-45 mins before workout, and then right afetyr your workout to get a good blood pump action in there and boost your performance, try it out guys!

  25. BANCHA says:

    Creatine is a confusing supplement.
    Vince, you replied me "Creatine can be a pre workout supplement for fat loss " and in the same hour your reply to Ben was "Research shows that pre workout creatine supplementation does nothing."
    Please clarify

  26. Leo says:

    oh man… whey protein and caffeine combined, not only does it taste AWESOME, its gives you MAD energy in the gym I find, the caffeine alertness really makes you focus on your workout and keeps the intensity up

  27. Ben says:

    Hey Vince, I just started taking creatine monohydrate and I've had a few different suggestions on how to take it. One said skip the loading phase and take 1 serve pre and 1 serve post workout, another said do the loading phase and take half a serve pre and half a serve post workout. On the bottle it says to do the loading phase and afterwards, take 1 serve post workout, do not take pre workout. Have you tried taking half a serve pre and half a serve post workout?

    • Research shows that pre workout creatine supplementation does nothing. Post workout has a bit of an impact. Bottom line: when creatine is in your muscles, it's in your muscles. Load on it for 5 days to get it in or just take it 5-10 grams a day for a month and then you'll be "loaded" and you're good.

  28. Nishant says:

    How about Nitrix?

    • Ben says:

      I tried Nitrix and it worked really well for me, I felt stronger every few workouts and got much more defined muscles. However I didn't see the part on the bottle that said to cycle it for 12 weeks and I think I used it for around 20 weeks so I stopped straight away. After around 6 months I wanted to get back onto Nitrix but when I went to buy some the store said they're not letting it into Australia anymore because it had some ingredients that wasn't allowed. So I dunno what to think about Nitrix right now…

  29. Chris says:

    Caffine agreed, cant live without it (no im not an addict) have not tried creatine or zma yet.

  30. BANCHA says:

    Hey Vince, You didnt answer my Question .

    "Vince, I am confused. In this article you said to have Creatine after a workout, but 2 weeks back you posted an article saying Creatine is a Pre-workout supplement. Please clarify… Thanks "

    • Mark says:

      Hey BANCHA, I'm not Vince but I've read several articles on this and you'll find most athlete's have mixed opinions. Personally I use it before my work-out and even off days in the morning with breakfast. It's cheat, tasteles, easy to swallow. Maybe you should try 1/2 dose before and 1/2 dose after. Just don't take too much or you'll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom if you know what I mean. Vince probably has wedding stuff to do.

    • Creatine can be a pre workout supplement for fat loss and post workout supplement for muscle building. It has multiple functions and pathways it can act on your body.

  31. Margaret says:

    I just heard about this LArginine ARG Matrix created by Dr. Ann de Wees Allen. It is acertified by the human sports performance and glycemic research institution. Apparently it contains the only form of L-Arginine that has been patented and proven safe long-term in humans. It aids in decreasing body fat and enhances, stimulates and supports muscle growth. WHAT DO YOU KNOW/THINK about this PRODUCT???? – For the Lay person it looks good and looks safe.

  32. AG7 says:

    aww man i hate coffee, i’ll just force myself to drink it then. so Vince, if i’m on a fat loss phase, would having coffee before fasted-cardio boost my effect of burning fat and not lose muscle?

    thanks a lot for the advice though. for everything. seriously, it’s soo much appreciated by people all over the world, and i think you know you’ve changed tons of lives. forget the haters man, they ain’t got nothin on you. cheers.

  33. nick says:

    what about whey protein??????????

  34. Mark says:

    GNC story!
    Just got back from GNC to see if they had the (ZMA) you mentioned. The guy said he had one bottle left and they were discontinuing this product because no one was buying it anymore. He further said this was "old school" …than he handed me a magazine and said here is up-to-date info. 90% of the products advertised in this magazine were GNC brands. Ha! Didn't see that coming. I didn't purchase his last bottle. I will be looking for another vendor.

  35. Mitchy says:

    Beta alanine

  36. Bernrd Richarson Jr says:

    Hey guys, what non of you have said is that everyone has different metabolisms. What works for one may or may not work for another. That being said,Vince is sharing his successful finds. Take the knowledge you have add his and see if it works for you. There's never any need to slam what someone uses or suggests.

  37. Mark says:

    WOW! Somebody has a lot of e-mails to respond to. Where do you get your caffeine from? I use the generic pill form from the grocery store "Stay Awake", 200mg caffeine per pill…equal to two strong cups of coffee. Too much coffee is really rough on my stomach. Are these pills safe/healthy for our bodies?

  38. Damian says:

    Clearly, a protein supplement (best protein supplement info here) is missing from the list. Other than that, ZMA seems like a good idea, but why not just use a multivitamin instead. Also, I don't get it with the coffee. Since you already had a fast working metabolism what is the reasoning for using coffee?

  39. Dave says:

    Vince- Research shows caffeine improves endurance and aids in fat loss- there is no valid evidence that strength levels are increased from a dosage of caffeine. If you extrapolate out the thinking you may be able to say if you can work longer you may get better results in the strength area. Check out Feb. NSCA Journal for the latest review of the literature on caffeinr supplementation.

    • Hey Dave… that's actually false. There is loads of research on the Journal of Strength and Conditioning and Journals of Medicine and Science that consuming caffeine 1 hour before performing a 1RM increaes strength against a placebo group.

      I will note the studies showed this to be true in TRAINED and elite athletes, not complete beginners.

      Caffieine also increases energy (have you ever had a coffee?!?!?) and can blunt fatigue and dampen perceived exertion so you can train harder.

      Do I really need to state science studies on CAFFEINE?!?!? For crying out loud, go to Starbucks and order a Venti coffee and then go workout.

      YOU TELL ME IF IT INCREASES your strength. If it doesn't I'll give you a free life time membership to ALL of my programs.

  40. Sue says:

    Question regarding ZMA: Is is as appropriate for women as it is for men? Yes, I know women have testosterone as well, just in lower levels. So, what will ZMA do to or for women?

    P.S. Vince – kudos for the way you've answered the "haters" who've ranted here. You've shown that you're a true gentleman.

    • Hey Sue. If you ever meet me in person, you'll see I'm VERY laid back (maybe too laid back) and overly confident in myself so have never felt threatened or insecure from haters.

      I just feel bad that they waste their energy on non productive things.

      Flavia uses ZMA and loves the quality she gets from her sleep on it. Absolutely, give it a shot. They are just minerals you're consuming.

  41. Tony says:

    Thank you Vince for your article.

    The following is what I use and have had amazing results…20 lbs. of additional solid muscle:

    1. Casein protein also known as "bed time protein". You drink this slow processing protein powder with Coconut milk before bed, in the mornings and on NON-workout days. This has made a significant increase in my overall muscle gain.

    2. 800 mg of Vitamin C daily: I could go on and on about how Vitamin C has change my life. i have TONS of energy before and after workouts because of Vitamin C. And also I feel and look like a million bucks! I take 2 scoops of Ultimate Reds per day (this is where I get my 800 mg of Vitamin C) and it has changed not only my life but my family and love ones. The US recommended 125 mg of Vitamin C per day is 20 years old and needs to be updated. We all need more Vitamin C than 125mg.

    3. Whey Isolate Protein with natural flavor such as honey or stevia: I take Whey before workouts and after workouts with a banana. Whey is different than Casein due to the fact that it hits your muscles fast! This is what you want before and during workouts. This is the only time I use Whey. Casein protein is used throughout the day and nights when you are resting and not working out.

    Keep up the good work Vince!

  42. Kevin says:

    Hey Vince,

    Keep up the great work. Don't listen to all the haters commenting today. Dunno what's up with that. But I was wondering, you talk about coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker, I don't like the taste. But I drink a lot of tea. Is it a good enough substitute? Or should I look into something else? And by tea, I only drink straight green tea, I never mix with anything. I hope you can enlighten me because it sounds like it's worth a try.

    Again, thanks always for all the great info you give us!

  43. Alex says:

    :@ Vince! I'm so DISAPPOINTED in you man; I liked you because you've been advising for NATURAL growth, and thought that YOU made me understand the LONG-TERM aspect of body-building.

    What happened to the NO-NONSENSE … !! No supplements are needed as long as you eat right; and on the long-term, all these chemicals WILL HURT your body. So, if you are looking for great results & don't care about your life past 55 years old, sure be my guest and take all the medication you want.

    • Sorry man. I m sure you don't please everyone in your life either. I think you over dramatized my message if you go back and re read my post.

    • jamie says:

      where did you get chemicals from? and vince has always said supplements make up a very small poercentage.. but just about everyone uses them. so vince is giving you his opinion on his top 3. thats all. its not a big deal lol

      anyway this is my list
      multi vitamin
      krill oil

      (and some other assorted pills)

  44. Brandon Cook says:

    Good post Vince! I think these 3 are good suggestions. I would caution against using too much caffeine, but that's a personal opinion. I've used ZMA in the past, but have found if you eat a lot of almonds, nuts and seeds they contain natural zinc and magnesium.

    Some people really promote whey protein. I recommend Hemp Protein over whey/casein. IWhey and casein are also heavily processed and basically dead proteins, whereas hemp protein is made from ground hemp seeds, and is still raw and living. It contains all 20 amino acids. You also need less since it is more easily digestible plant protein.

    I also recommend fish oils as being a top supplement. DHA/EPA are vital for many bodily processes. Our brains depend heavily on DHA. There are many benefits. I'm sure you are already aware though. You've talked about them before. This is mainly to add some more suggestions for your readers.

  45. Debra says:

    Wow, I would have to get up early and drink coffee first thing to get the caffeine and I don't drink coffee. Plus it is very acidifying and I've been taught you want to alkalize your body first thing in the morning. That an alkaline environment is best for all aspects of health including fat loss. hmmm… will have to think about this one.

  46. Julia says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Please guys, if it's negative keep it to yourself unless you've something relevant to add based on facts! I read all the e-mails, use what works for me and disgard the rest. What's the problem? Question on supplements: What do you think of so-called "fat-burners" ie. chromium picolinate? As I understand it, the body needs fat, so if I take take fish oil supplements etc, would these fat-burners counteract only the unhealthy fats or all the good stuff I'm trying to take as well?

    • I remember using Chromium in another product and swear it helped me lose fat… here's the problem with supplements…. When you're getting lean, you're doing SO much other stuff… extreme dieting, hard training, cleaner eating, supplements so it's SO hard to say what contributes to what.

      Again, this product won't make your results worse… it's just how much it makes them better.

  47. Matthan says:

    Thanks Vince!
    I try to use mainly food as my supplements. I do use a scoop of whey in my recovery shake and on my oatmeal or cereal in the morning. Just started trying that kre-alkaline about a week ago. I have not used creatine in a year or so, but after hearing and reading all the stuff on this kre-alkaline I decided to see what it could offer. As far as a brand, I usually stick to GNC's stuff because they have a comparable product for anything else I would take. I use their AMP wheybolic 60 for cut phase and their AMP XXX weight gain for bulk phase. Check them out, they work great!!

  48. dave says:

    1. kre-alkalyn
    2. l-luecine
    3.hydrolyzed whey protein

  49. Gregg says:

    Wow, mention supplements and you're bound to start a firestorm. First, where do you draw the line between a supplement and food? Anyway, I try to keep things simple. I use whey protein to make sure I get adequate protein, creatine, a good multi vitamin/mineral/antioxidant supplement. Also I've recently added fish oil. I wish I had sooner. I'm fifty years old and was experiencing stiff joints after intense training or running. After only one month on the fish oil it's had a huge impact on improving my joints to the point of no joint discomfort – even in my knees the day after a good run.

  50. BlockHead says:

    Do you recommend creatine for women? i've started to used it this week, so far i've just used glutamine pre and post workout..i'm taking 5g in the morning and 5g pre workout together with glutamine…i wanna push harder my weight workout…will this help?

  51. Pedro says:

    Vince, can you give some help, i am taking monohydrate and it gives me some side effects like bloating, and water retention, and i hearing a lot about kre-alkalyn that has no side effects, what is your opinion?
    Thank You

  52. Dianne says:

    any opionions on creatine monohydrate vs creatine with ethyl ester?

    I used the latter when I trained for competition because, I'm female, doesn't cause the "bloat", don't have to load or cycle. I feel I got good results.
    I think I may have to get back to taking some at least post workout to see if I notice a difference.

  53. Mark says:

    Amino Acids (pharmaceutical grade)

  54. Dave says:

    SO WRONG! Top Muscle Building Supplement #3: Caffeine… all this will do is increase your cortisol level thus retaining fat! Now I know why he's huffin and puffin and looks so outta shape when his buddy's make him look like a joke

  55. Naz says:

    Hi, a little surprised to find caffeine and creatine on the same list. I thought that creatine essentially works by ensuring that your muscles absorb more water. And caffeine being a diuretic – actually helps you to release water. Of course the energy shot makes for more intensive workout – but since I dropped the caffeine – my work outs are naturally more intense – and i dont get the usual side effects or loss of water. Any thoughts ?

  56. Paul says:

    Vit C and E. Quality chia for omega 3. All three seem to help me recover from workouts faster.

  57. Dylan says:

    Whey Protein, Creatine, BCAA. As for all the haters, its pretty simple to "unsubscribe" to VInce. I personally have learned all I know about bodybuilding from Vince. Is that to say he is the only one? No, he is a guy I trust and someone I have made serious gains in the last year (162 to 205lbs). I have used only NNMB and now am in the cutting phase. Will i try somebody else in the future? Maybe. Until I hear something else about Vince, he is my #1 go-to guy. A man of dedication, honesty and realism. Way to go Vince. From one former skinny guy to another.

  58. Mr.Delmonte ,I will start by saying ,thank you,for your obvious passion.We need more positive health mentors. Creatine monohydrate , is a substance found in the human body.Not enough to make a difference,as opposed to the red fox,that has exponentially more. Simply put ,ATP,(adenosine triphosphate) gives us enegy.If one attempts a set,6-12 reps,and uses a challenging amount of weight,running out of “gas” is the goal.ATP is depleted, taking creatine adds a phosphate to then bind with ADP(adenosine diphosphate)to make an amount of ATP which enegizes that one more rep (maybe two) that makes all the difference in muscle growth. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are valine ,leucine ,and isoleucine. Necessary for muscle repair,they are a must. Personally a testosterone “booster”, keeps me from slacking on a session,if nothing else It’s expensive,if I miss,guilt.Wrong emotion to have at any time. Mr. Delmonte , thanks again , if this is dated info , your followers will let me know. Kevin D.

  59. zac maidment says:

    vince is a fake, hes probs takes roids and edorses supplements secretly jus to earn money

    • Hey Zac. I'm not going to tell you what to think, you're entitled to your opinion but opinions that create negative energy in your life do not serve you and you become the victim of your negative comments over time. I wish you all the best and have no interest in trying to change your mind if you've come to your own conclusions.

  60. Jackal says:

    What always amazes me are the shitty comments. NO ONE forces you to read the emails or blog…
    I DONT always agree with what is being said, however, I dont write comments that are disrespectful,, I just read them & take no notice.. YOU have that choice too. Remember, some people are new to training & all advice whether good or bad, is still ONLY ADVICE…, that person still has there own mind & can do further research if they need to.

    • Well said Jackal. Don't work yourself up bro. Most of my fans know that I'm 100% secure in myself and don't try to defend myself against juvenille comments. It's not a good use of my time. I have bigger things in life to focus on. I appreciate you backing me up and I respect your stance to learning. It will serve you well over the years.

      I do ask that readers respect my blog and that my blog is my HOME. I would not come into your home and say negative stuff in your living room or your kitchen. You would not expect me to come onto your Facebook wall and start being a jerk and I don't expect you to do the same in my home. Please find another place that supports your negative comments. They are not welcome in my home, especially when so many people are here to learn. You ruin it for everyone else.

  61. Tyler says:

    Very true! Amongst other things such as water, and everyone knows the importance of water. Avoid caffeine!@zac -

  62. -------- says:

    Vince, seriously man stop bombarding everyone with so much crap. You say coffee gets you pumped up for a workout.. have you ever tried a few scoops of super pump 250? Or is that a 'NO' because they don't pay you? I have read your NNMB guide and I gotta say, unless you don't have a job and can dedicate your entire life to getting ripped it is VERY difficult to stick to that guide exactly as you suggest. It's so much more simple than you make it sound. Eat healthy, eat often, learn how to work out every muscle properly and make sure you punish yourself every time you are in the gym… it's that easy. Why do we need 20 billion emails a week off you and your partner in crime Joel Marion to tell us what we already know? Stop trying to sell everyone so much shit, cut the crap. Everybody knows you get out what you put in. I'll give people the best tip ever for gaining strength: Stop giving your money away to internet trainers and trust in yourself.

    • SomeGuy says:

      ^^…just unsubscribe?? mark as spam if you feel better, but nobody forced you to subscribe to these newsletters/emails…

      Top supplements:
      -Whey Protein Shakes (just one after the Workout, I try to eat protein-rich food…)
      -Maca (I really think it helps in the long term…and more and more as older you get (and testosterone levels drop) –> just one cup into the protein shake…it tastes ugly but its worth it =P)
      -Vitamin D (we all just have not enough of this…or most =D)

      • I've heard a lot about Maca… I got to check that out myself…

        • Alvin says:

          Just a thought… Do some research on the Maca and see if you want to make your recommendations age-based. Maca was contributory to me having my my first episode of Atrial Fibrillation at 46 years old (3 years ago). No family history of cardiac issues, no personal cardiac issues previously. Maca and the other non-stimulant supplements I was using to increase my metabolism basically overwhelmed my cardiac conduction system.

          By the way, there is no justification for hostility toward you. Your emails are purely voluntary on our part. Have a great day man!

    • I'm confused… "What crap are you talking about?"

      Can you please be more specific… I have over 270 videos online, 100 articles, 300 blog posts, over a dozen different products… I'm really confused by what "crap" you're talking about.

      I'm trying to understand why you're so upset…. I apologize for getting you so worked up and causing you to lose energy in your day. I try to help people, not get the flustered and upset so I'm really sorry that you're feeling bombarded because it sounds like you're doing phenomenal on your own and getting great results. Congratulations and I wish you all the success to taking your body to the next level. Keep sharing your knowledge with your friends and family and keep being an inspiration by being a positive example.

      To your success

      • -------- says:

        Sorry Vince, wasn't in the best mood yesterday. I understand that selling your programs is how you make a living, it's just that between you, Joel and Rusty (fitness black book) and whoever else I get around 30 emails a week telling me the latest thing I need to try. I am as open to new ideas about training as anyone, but the problem is that a lot of the information is almost conflicting… who do I believe???? Everybody is different, everybody's body reacts different to different training methods and diets… It seems that the only actual way to figure out what works best and fastest is by knowing your own body and figuring it out for yourself. Art vs science. I wonder sometimes if all of the information is in the best interests of the people on the mailing list or is it just a hard sell?

        • Hey man… I figured you were having a bad day :) Here's what to do:

          1. Pick ONE program. I don't care if you make it up on your own, you buy it or you get it for free. Just pick ONE program and follow it for FOUR WEEKS.

          2. Make notes of what worked and make notes of what didn't work.

          3. Keep what worked and drop what didn't.

          4. Don't read ANYMORE fitness info until you conduct this experiment on yourself.

          You'll learn a lot of great info about your own body and it will help you sift out all the other info you hear. In the end, you have to test programs yourself and come to your own conclusions. Learn through ACTION, not by talking about it.

          Keep it up

  63. Patrick says:

    Gentelmen I really thankyou for sharing your thoughts,
    I'm new on using certain supplements and what they can and can't do
    what the harm is and what the good points can be, out of
    using certain products…..

    Thank You for the heads up…….

  64. BANCHA says:

    Vince, I am confused. In this article you said to have Creatine after a workout, but 2 weeks back you posted an article saying Creatine is a Pre-workout supplement. Please clarify… Thanks

  65. Jolny says:

    Creatine stores water in your muscles, whereas caffeine is diuretic. You probably shouldn't use them together.

  66. hichem says:

    vincedelmonte 4 life……… god bless you……… keep going man ………..

  67. Heineisallmighty says:

    Massive doses of roids:P

    Agreeing with Vince but i would add a 40 g shake whey/caseine blend pre and post workout.

    Stay clean!

  68. Kez says:

    Thanks for the ZMA tip. It's one of the only things that helps me get a good night's sleep.

  69. Dylan says:

    Whoa – what happened to whey?

  70. zac says:

    Question regarding caffeine and creatine. I was under the impression that caffeine can completely neutralize the effects of creatine? True? False?


  71. Jim Crowell says:

    I use whey, glutamine, and creatine. Gotta try that ZMA!

    Vince, what do you say about the addictive side of caffeine? My friend drinks alot of coffee, and she gets a migraine if she goes too long without any caffeine. Should I be worried about that at all, or does she just take in too much?

    Thanks, man! You're awesome!!!

  72. Aaron says:

    - Weight gain (pre/post W/O)
    – whey
    – glutamine !!

  73. Thanks for all the great info the past 2 days Vince. I have been using both creatine monohydrate, ZMA but have not used caffeine for training purposes and I definitely do not think it is right for everyone. And in my opinion skinny guys who need to bulk up should avoid caffeine at all costs.

    I would also add protein powder to the list of my top 3. I am not big on whey protein as I have changed over to a vegan diet so I am using a rice bran protein powder that I am really digging.

    I have talked about this post in more detail over at my blog:

    As always with a link back to your Website so my readers can get a taste of all the good stuff you are dishing out on a regular basis!

  74. Paul says:

    Amen to that…..

  75. Dan says:

    doesn’t creatine have some bad side effects like kidney stones?

  76. Erik says:

    I’ve so far avoided supplements, simply because there is always so much hyperbole, and they usually seem to do nothing. I’ve been reading some interesting things about kre-alkalyn creatine lately though, so thinking of giving that a shot. I do drink coffee, simply because i enjoy it, but good to know about the other effects. If I try the kre-alkalyn (your thoughts on that form?), i’ll also give the ZMA a shot. A friend had a lot of good results with HGH, although the brand he used is no longer around. I’m currently learning about the effects certain foods and food combinations have on our hormonal state, so I think that would be a great method of “supplementation”, using diet to manipulate hormones for muscle growth.

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