Top 40 Things I Learned In 2018


Vince Del Monte, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Certified Fitness Trainer
and Nutritionist and author of No Nonsense Muscle

Did you know I’ve been doing a “Top 40” since 2008?

This year I’ve really been encouraging my coaching students to start their own yearly reflection list – to both serve their audience and as an opportunity to look at their mistakes and lessons from the past year.

If this is your first time here, note that a “lesson” is one which produced fruit. This is not a collection of man-made quote cards. And that’s what I really enjoy about doing these posts… because I get a good look at how much I actually did learn this year!

Another benefit of publicly posting my lessons is it’s a great form of accountability, since I’ve created this expectation with my readers that this “lesson” post will happen at the end of each year.

As the founder of the M5 Mission to become better men, without further ado, below are my TOP 40 lessons learned across the 5 M’s of life — Muscle, Mindset, Money, Mission and Marriage.

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Top Things I Learned About Muscle…

Vince Del Monte - Top 40 Things I Learned in 2018 (Muscle)

1. The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot is the FASTEST way to get shredded  

At this time last year I released the most extreme (yet still healthy) way to get shredded using these three dieting strategies: 1) Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting, 2) Low Carb Protein Bursts, and 3) Amino Fasting.

The “before and after” photos of students speak for themselves. Personally, I’ll be revisiting this protocol in January 2019 to shred some unwanted fat.

If you’re interested in shedding 10, 20, and even 30 pounds in just 30 days, start this program on January 1st.

2. Crap! I can get skinny

Did you happen to see how scrawny I got this past summer? That’s what no goals, starving yourself, and lacklustre training will do to your body in only a short amount of time!

3. Maybe I can get strong

Do you follow me on Instagram? Since hiring the all-natural World Masters Powerlifting champ, Coach Granville Mayers, back in August, I’ve been moving towards “respectable weights,” finishing the year with a 295 pound bench press, 465 pound deadlift, 375 pound squat, and 200 pound overhead press.

4. You have to get strong VERY slowly 

I’m understanding that slow is fast when it comes to strength training. If you expect to get strong quickly while working with a professional program designer, you may be disappointed. That’s because each phase, which lasts from 4-6 weeks, fluctuates my intensity between 60-80% – heck, we didn’t even do a 100% intensity week until week 13!

5. My biceps haven’t got any smaller despite doing ZERO curls in 12 weeks 

I’m not kidding either. I only did my first round of direct arm work – 5 sets of 12 biceps curls – on week 13 of Granville’s program. Despite the lack of attention, the size of my biceps hadn’t gotten any smaller.

6. I like being told EXACTLY how much to lift

This is the first time in my life where I’ve had a training program written out for me that prescribes the exact loads I’m to do. I’ll be honest, eliminating that guesswork has been a welcome relief with the arrival of our third child and with it, all the nights of disrupted sleep. Training for performance has been a refreshing approach I’ve enjoyed thus far.

7.  Preload is a GAME CHANGER 

This past year I released the world’s MOST expensive pre-workout. Preload is the only pre-workout on the market to deliver 15 science-based ingredients and dosages for superior workouts (so many clients have told me they’ve achieved PR’s while using Preload), all-day energy, and tunnel-vision focus.

We’ve already sold out twice (gotta order bigger batches!), and if you’re one of those who’ve already picked up a bottle, thank you for supporting us! I trust it’s taking your profits, productivity, and physique to new heights!

Click here to stock up and, for only a short time longer, get free shipping plus free shaker bottle:

8. I’ve nailed down the optimal usage protocol for Preload so you can get the best bang for your buck

If you’re a male around 200 pounds, use this protocol:

  • Take a full scoop on big training days
  • Take a half a scoop on non-training days
  • Drink 1.5 liters of water with a full scoop to get the “fully loaded” experience with the 3 grams of HydroMax
  • Aim to take at least 1-2 days off of it per week

Preload is very strong, meaning more is not better. Also, because of the additional creatine and beta-alanine, Preload compounds over the time, making this a lifestyle supplement.

If you’re a woman, use this protocol:

  • 1/3 to 1/2 a scoop should be more than sufficient

9. M.A.T. (Muscle Activation Techniques) continues to be the single most effective type of therapy for me

My fear with lifting heavy has always been that I’ll break down and need to see my M.A.T. therapist more than I’d prefer. But despite pushing heavier weights, M.A.T. hasn’t disappointed. Two years ago I completed all 43 ranges of the M.A.T. Rx patterns (this is an ‘advanced’ version of the therapy) and for the most part, I feel BULLET PROOF!

Every month or two I get treated by Eric Seifert from Core Muscle Activation Strength here in Toronto. During my 1- to 2-hour session, Eric will reactivate all the muscles that get turned off via stress, poor movement patterns, excess loads etc.

Side Note: Two years ago I got to meet the creator of M.A.T., Greg Roskopf. If you’d like to learn the science behind this therapy, learn from the creator himself…

=> How to Build Muscle Mass and Strength (NO LIFTING)
=> How to Gain Muscle Faster with Muscle Activation Techniques

10.  I have a resilient metabolism…

You should look 10X worse for how you eat, Vince!” That’s what Flavia said when I asked her for a physique assessment today! Trust me, I’m not bragging at all. I know I have a solid 20 pounds of fat around my midsection that I need to lose, but frankly, I’m just not interested in following any type of diet at the moment… so I’m ok with that.

This has been a year of bacon, eggs, and bagels for breakfast and rib eyes, wine, and potatoes for dinner. Oh, and I’ve also eaten WAY too many bags of Ruffles Salt and Vinegar chips and San Remo Bakery apple fritters (I’m too embarrassed to even post that on my IG stories!).

Top Things I Learned About Mindset…

Vince Del Monte - Top 40 Things I Learned in 2018 (Mindset)

11. Get a haircut and beard trim every 2 weeks

I’ve found that my bi-weekly trips along the highway to New York New York Men’s Grooming Lounge in Burlington, Ontario to enjoy a scotch, a beard trim, a fresh cut, some Frank Sinatra along with the lively conversation of loud and funny Italians and the like keeps me feeling 28 years old and on my game. Ask for Sergio or Cesar to fix you up and tell them “Your cousin Vinny” sent you.

12. Don’t wait for The Man on the White Horse to save the day…  

No one is going to build your dream life for you. It’s all up to you, so stop waiting for someone to sweep in and rescue you.

13. Stop chasing and start attracting   

Want higher level clients, collabs, relationships, and guests on your show? Become someone of status. Achieve something great. Because here’s the thing: success is attracted to success. This year I attracted the attention of Grant and Elena Cardone because I was one of their Top 10X Bootcamp success stories. 

14. Being afraid of being “salesy” is selfish 

It’s selfish because that statement is completely about you rather than your prospect. You’re simply not prioritizing the needs of the person who needs your product or service. Get over yourself.

15. People don’t cost you money, people not producing cost you money  

This year I brought on a full-time project manager, media buyer, tech team, and a videographer. Not surprisingly, it’s been my biggest year of revenue and profits—ever.

16. Dress so you get looked over and not overlooked    

Kharisma coach, Marion Cain, impressed this statement upon me. In the past, I’d choose clothing sizes that would last me a few months. Nowadays, however, I choose sizes that fit me perfectly that day. I want to make an impression on my prospect… because that is what’s going to help close the deal and allow me to buy more clothes later on 🙂

17. “Never take advice from a millionaire.” – Grant Cardone    

Why not? Because they’re often playing defence rather than offence. You see, millionaires are playing “not to lose” rather than “playing to win,” so they remain risk-adverse to protect their “millionaire” identity status. For these men and women, the “millionaire” identity has become more coveted than new growth.

But when Cardone said this at his 10X Bootcamp it really struck a chord deep within me. And I know why – because I’ve held on to the “7-figure earner” status for way too long.

18. Do I want to trust God with more of what is already His?

Pastor Steven Furtick dropped a game-changing message called, “The Power of the Prompt,” saying “Pray about a meaningful number. A number that requires faith. One number is what you can cover and another number tells God that I will need Him on this one.

19. Tithing our biggest gift at the start of the year resulted in our most profitable year 

Now I’m not saying if you give X amount to charities or your church that God will come back and bless you with a Mercedes Benz. This isn’t a get-rich quick strategy. I do not give to get. God is not a celestial vending machine. I give because it creates more room for God to occupy in my life.

All I’m saying is that this past year I gave an amount that I could not cover and God was faithful in abundance. Now, it’s not about the size of the tithe. It’s about the size of the sacrifice – the size of your heart. Where your treasure is, so is your heart. Because while God doesn’t need what I have, I need what He has. And so giving isn’t an obligation but rather an opportunity to partner with Him and be a part of His move with the next generation. I want in on this.

This year I was prompted to give 5X more than last year and frankly I’m nervous, but I also want to give on a level of commitment not on comfort.

20. Focus on quality of leads, not vanity metrics   

In business, not all leads are created equal. This past year I’ve built a 7-figure, recurring revenue generating business primarily through Instagram. It’s much more valuable to pay twice as much for leads that are your ideal customer.

21. Raising your hands in church to praise God is not fake, it’s being faithful 

If you ever get a chance to join me at Elevation Church on a Sunday you’ll see Flavia and I with our arms lifted up singing. I used to keep them down if I was feeling the weight of my imperfections. Raising your hands is an act of faithfulness. It’s a sign that you’re showing up to expect your breakthrough and miracle through faith in His son Christ Jesus. If I honour God, He will draw close to me.

I raise my hands, even when feeling unworthy, because the chapter I’m in does not define my story. You must position yourself to hear God’s voice and to experience your breakthrough. You must SHOW UP, arms open, and hands lifted up! If you ever want to join us, meet us Sunday morning at 10am.

22. The haters are really just quitters  

This year I had another round of haters come out and attack me. Initially I got caught up in it, but thankfully one of my mentors privately kicked my butt and told me to, “Rise up, man up, and just block them.”

Grant Cardone shared this perspective on haters…

“Haters! You’re not a bad person. You aren’t even a hater. You’re a QUITTER. You watch the lifestyle I’ve created, the work ethic, the family life, the endless production of new content, the willingness to take risks and the satiable appetite to create success at new levels. You criticize and find fault with what I’m doing, but you don’t hate me and you’re not envious of me. The reality is you QUIT doing what you see me doing and it kills you. And the crazy thing is you could have probably done it better, said it more professionally, and written it more poetically. But you didn’t – instead, you QUIT. So the next time you want to criticize me or have some critical thought of me, remember, it’s not because you’re a hater, it’s because you’re a QUITTER.”  You can find that post here.

Top Things I Learned About Money…

Vince Del Monte - Top 40 Things I Learned in 2018 (Money)

23. Don’t pay for Instagram followers

Confession time! Back in August I got suckered into a $2,000 “influencer giveaway” while baby Aubriana was arriving.

I was promised 15K followers within a span of 72 hours… and that’s what I got! Did you notice my Instagram following shoot up from 25K to almost 40K at the end of August?

Well, guess who the “influencers” ended up being? Beauty girls! And guess what kind of followers I ended up getting? Pretty much ALL 14 year-old Spanish girls who didn’t speak English. LOL

Basically, I got suckered into the logic, “If you only had more followers, then more people would follow you.” I’m not saying it’s wrong, because social proof is for real. What I am saying is it’s the WRONG game for you to try and win.

That $2,000 lesson cost me a ton of spam to my page, it negatively impacted my engagement for a while, and it hurt my ego having to admit this to you. Not to mention that you can’t even take your followers to the bank!

So now you know that at this point in time, around 10K of my Instagram followers are “junk followers.” Now go to school on my mistake.

Let me ask you this: Which looks better – a page with a small following yet super high engagement or a page with 100K to 1M followers yet only a few comments per post? I’ll take the smaller following with engagement all day, every day.

Play the long game, go for quality and the money will follow which can then be reinvested into attention to build the quantity later.

Take home lesson: You want people following you for your MESSAGE and MISSION, not for your metrics.

24. You can’t expand and contract at the same time  

If you want your top line to go up,  then every other line on the financial statement must also go up.

This was the year I expanded my team, hired a phone closer for my 7-Figure Mastermind, and also brought on 4 coaches for the same business. My payroll has never been this large, but neither has my top line 🙂

25. Money is useless until you use it to make more 

This year I realized that I’ve viewed money incorrectly.

What’s the purpose of money? Is it to give you peace of mind for retirement? Well, that’s what I used to think. Fortunately, now I understand that money is useless until you use it to multiply it and “get it to make babies” as Grant Cardone says. LOL

26. Money follows attention 

This year we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid advertising to promote my products. On some of our campaigns we lost money up front but chose to let the ads run because we were “buying” attention. You see, I now understand that if people don’t know me, then they can’t follow me 🙂

27. You sell the same way that you buy  

If you always need to think about something before you buy, so will your prospects. If you need to talk to your partner before you buy, so will your prospects. If you always need to shop around for the best deal before you purchase, so will your prospects. If you always say, “I can’t afford it,” so will your prospects.

Bottom line: You create your own objections.

Why? Because you’re asking them to do something you don’t do yourself!

This year, whenever a prospect would say to me, “Man, I can’t afford your coaching program.” I’d respond with, “I know, I couldn’t afford the one I joined either but I did it anyways. You wouldn’t let that hold you back from 10Xing your business would you?

A little tip: Write down the objections you’re getting right now and you’ll discover that every objection you’re getting is yours first. How do you use these objections in your own life?

28. You’ve got to trust your mentors/coach 

I’ve watched as others joined masterminds and hired business coaches only to later complain that they didn’t get much out of it. Well, that’s YOUR fault. Success is YOUR duty.

If you’re not getting what you need, you need to utilize your coaches more, ask more, trust more. I put my trust in Craig Ballantyne and Bedros Keuilian these past 12 months and I’ve never been in a place of so much momentum… and that’s because I do what they tell me and always respond to their marching orders with, “Ok.”

29. The fastest way to grow your following is collaborating with other influencers

Nothing will produce a bigger ROI than being seen with industry leaders and celebrities. This year I intentionally connected and collaborated with dozens of superstars like Steve Weatherford, Lewis Howes, Amanda Bucci, Dan Lok, Chris Harder, Stan Efferding, Christian Thibaudeau and more.

It’s not who you know, but who knows you! Everyone wants to be coached by a celebrity so commit to becoming one in your space, even if takes you 10 or more years.

30. “Hero story” videos will blow up your business faster than anything else

This past year I launched a new YouTube video series called, “Becoming An Entrepreneur.” It’s a series dedicated to telling the stories of my 7-Figure Mastermind success stories. You can watch them all here.

In the videos, our students share their challenges and victories with becoming an entrepreneur, while also revealing how we’ve helped them double and triple their income, turning them into multi 6-figure earners in less than a year. We generally send a lot of our Facebook ad traffic to these videos because they convert so well for us. And because of that, in January we’re aiming to do 2 new episodes a month!

31. I can manage 2 full-time jobs, but I can’t manage 3 

You’ve likely noticed that I hardly do fitness videos anymore and I hardly promote my fitness programs. While I (very) soon plan to give away another 1,000 copies of my book, Living Large, I’ve been forced to concede that I simply can’t grow a fitness brand, business brand, AND a supplement all at the same time. I’m committed to growing Preload and the 7-Figure Fitness Business Mastermind and that’s it.

Top Things I Learned About Marriage…

Vince Del Monte - Top 40 Things I Learned in 2018 (Marriage)

32. Everything has its seasons 

This past year we were faced with a ton of challenges with Flavia being (unplanned) pregnant and birthing our third child, Aubriana Flavia Del Monte. Aubriana has her days and nights mixed up and is super sensitive, which means our house has generally been filled with a lot of screaming and crying. We just keep reminding ourselves, “This is just the temperature, not the climate.”

33. His needs her needs 

The fatigue and pressure of raising a new born alongside a rapidly growing coaching program took its toll on my marriage this year. Too many date nights got missed, needs went unmet, and we were repeatedly reminded of the necessity of each other’s needs, even more so, in times of pressure.

34. Continue to date your wife (even when you have a 3rd baby)

It’s so easy to miss date nights and just kick the feet up in the evening and watch TV without any real connection or intimacy. Book your babysitter for 3+ months in advance and let your family know so that you can be held accountable and ensure these vital times don’t get sacrificed.

35. Extend grace in excess

When your needs aren’t getting met, your response can’t be to “punch back” by withholding your partner’s needs. When feelings are being triggered by the “season,” you must do your best to remain mindful, extend love and compassion, and avoid retaliating with sarcasm and low blows. Realize things will soon return to normal.

36. Fight fair

NEVER use the words “you never” or “you always.” These words are grenades and will make a mess. Set rules about how to fight fairly because when certain words come out, it’s like toothpaste – there’s no putting it back in the tube. 

37. The only person you can change is yourself, so start changing

You can yell at your wife, but all it takes is God to whisper. So let Him do the “heavy lifting” while you concentrate on building your “emotional intelligence muscles” so you start responding rather than reacting.

38. Complain to God, not to your spouse

If you’re going through a rough time, ask God to reveal where you’re at fault. Be willing to own your mistakes and accept that you’re not perfect either. Be willing to ask God to forgive and say sorry first. Bring up your issues about your relationship with Him so you can be guided on how to navigate conversations appropriately.

Top Things I Learned About Mission…

Vince Del Monte - Top 40 Things I Learned in 2018 (Mission)

39. To advance your mission you need people

This year I’ve grown my company team and my coaching roster. I’ve got Coach Jason Maxwell, Eric Bach, Rudy Mawer and Joe LoGalbo all by my side to help provide consistent delivery to our Mastermind students. You cannot grow an empire with a tiny team. You’ll need soldiers to help you fight the battles that lay ahead. 

40. Don’t let haters derail your mission 

The day I launched my first ever supplement, Preload, a 2-year project that I poured my sweat and tears into, a band of haters posted videos that misrepresented the supplement’s facts and attacked me personally.

How did I respond? I didn’t. I don’t have time (well, most of the time — you read earlier that I sometimes forget this!). In any case, the negative attention was actually beneficial because it allowed me to respond to their criticisms civilly on my Instagram page.  I stayed focused on introducing our incredible formula to people keen on levelling up their pre-workout and life… and it paid off.  If you haven’t tried out The Bentley of Pre-Workouts powders, here it is!

41. There are only two reasons your mission will die

People don’t know who you are or people forget who you are.

In other words, your words and message drift into obscurity. Put all your time, money, and resources into learning how to get discovered. A great place to start is my 7-Figure Fitness Business Mastermind. Learn more about it here:

42. Dysfunctional comfort is killing your mission

Since you made it this far I’m going to leave you with an excerpt from my monthly newsletter Maximize Your Muscle 2.0… One of the most powerful lessons of 2018 for me…

1️⃣A lot of our problems as Christian’s stem from associating Christ with comfort. We go to church for comfort and we leave church when we get uncomfortable.

2️⃣While the Holy Spirit comes to comfort, the role of Jesus Christ was NOT comfort, it was CONFRONTATION! Confrontation of the systems that kept people in bondage and captivity.

3️⃣This is CRITICAL—because you associate God with comfort and the Devil with conflict when really comfort is from the devil and conflict is from God!!🔥You are blaming the devil for God’s handiwork!

4️⃣To come into your calling, you need to leave your comfort! You must move your purpose away from profits and towards people.

5️⃣And moving towards your calling must be aligned with the vision of the gifts only God has given you, so that He can enlarge your capacity. But in order for this to happen, you most forsake your comfort.

6️⃣Us humans want our calling without comfort. We want without doing the planks.

7️⃣A divine calling means coming out of your comfort. No certainty. No contract. No guarantee.

8️⃣Grant Cardone (@grantcardone) says “Commit first, figure out the rest later.” This is biblical! Jesus said the following 2000+ years ago: “Follow me and I will show you as I go.” Both come back to faith.

9️⃣What’s great is that God will not ask you to do something beyond your competency. However, He will push you outside your comfort.

🔟The greatest ENEMY of faith is not fear, it’s familiarity.


Fear is an ally of faith. It puts you in a position that shows you that you need a connection with God and with others.

🙌Familiarity leads to predictable habits that are pitiful and keep you stuck!

🙏Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick for teaching us this wisdom. Make sure you’re following @stevenfurtick and @elevationchurch and listening to @elevationworship for wisdom and inspiration 💪🦅🔥

Here’s where you can follow them:



So, which lessons “popped” out at you? Leave a comment below. I would love to know.

And, if you have a second, I would love to know what you want to see more and less of from Vince Del Monte in 2019. Your feedback is priceless, thank you!

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  7. I do like them all but #21 is my favorite – I just Love that you and Flavia are Christians and don’t hide it! As a Christian myself I can see God at work in your life, I see ALL the Blessings he has given you which you seem so Grateful for! May he continue to Bless you and your family as you keep inspiring and motivating us to be as healthy and fit as we can be! #12 was also one of my favorites 🙂 As for what I would like to see more of, being a 50 yr old woman as a EMT I would like to read workouts articles that work for women of my age to stay strong & fit!

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  8. Vince you’re full of it! Full of the TRUTH that is! Love ALL 40 of the top things you learned. Each lesson is applicable to any of us. Thanks for being intentional in what you learn and share and inspire us to do especially as it is based in your faith!

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  9. Powerful. Everything was very insightful but if I’m to choose one that stuck out the most, it wold be #14 and talking about being salesy. Agreed it’s very selfish and we need to be selfless. God has placed us here to serve and as long as we are serving with the right intentions, there’s nothing wrong with being persistent to help and save lives.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Two on your list are very insightful that I am dealing with right now. #25 Money is useless until you use it to make more. I understand this and will put my faith in God’s hands and trust. #39 I have come to realize to advance my mission I need people who know what I don’t know and ask for their help.

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  11. Bomb read Vince – I enjoyed it all but mostly just love your willingness to be so transparent and vulnerable so that others can learn from your wins AND failures – that takes guts and is true leadership! Thanks man and wishing you and your family an even brighter 2019! Sambo x

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  12. Vince these are awesome. You communicate so well. We are learning and growing all the time. I liked them all. As a person of faith I particularly liked 19 and 21 and loved the Haters perspective. Also I always appreciate your marriage learnings as this can be an area of biggest challenge but it also shows our true colours. Thanks Vince. I’m going to write out mine too.

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  13. Awesome post Vince, I’ve read everyone of your top 40 lists since 2008 and each year they get better and better. Thanks for sharing, it’s very insightful and helpful.

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