Cutting through nutrition industry BS: What REALLY matters to get lean!


Keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, Atkin’s, alkaline—the list of available diets nowadays is endless. With so many options to choose from, how can you know which strategy is best for YOU? Great question. So in this episode, me and Ryan Faehnle, my go-to nutrition and training coach, break down how to tweak your own nutrition plan so you can lose more fat. Specifically, Ryan shares his detailed process for shedding pounds of fat and overcoming stubborn plateaus—all while maintaining a healthy relationship to food.


“A nutrition plan should be seen as a living, breathing, constantly adapting plan to stay one step ahead of your physiology.”

– Ryan Faehnle

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Key Highlights:

⇾ Why your fat loss slows after 3 weeks on a diet

The most effective way to overcome a stubborn fat loss plateau

How to develop a healthy relationship to food


6:16 Why you shouldn’t get caught up in new dieting strategies.

8:25 Why fat loss slows after 3 weeks on a diet.

13:00 The most effective way to overcome a fat loss plateau.

17:45 What happens when you jump from diet to diet.

21:00 Ryan’s detailed process for shedding fat.

24:20 Constantly having bad workouts (and what this means)?

27:33 Why deadlines force you to meet artificial success.

31:55 Eating intuitively—what it means and how to do it.

35:39 How to develop a healthy relationship to food.


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One thought on “Cutting through nutrition industry BS: What REALLY matters to get lean!

  1. I’ve tried many diet plans and could not create whatever artwork. Since having my first child, I’ve been wearing circular another 30 kgs. This Nutrition plan basically created an experience and verified me that the whole lot I used to be doing sooner than used to be wrong and a complete spend of my time. The strategy used to be so clean and so efficient to adhere to. I did the whole lot strategy mentioned and lost 23 kgs within the first 21 days. I’m now starting the nourishment once more to reduce 7 additional kgs. This strategy has transformed my way of life. Get started at present!

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