Grant Cardone, The World’s Greatest Sales Expert Teaches Vince 15 Must Know Sales Lessons

If you don’t know how to sell, then you’re being sold to. You see, no matter what type of business you run, sales make up a massive part of it. So in this episode, Vince shares the TOP 15 money-making lessons he learned from attending the 3-day “Sales Bootcamp” of NY Times best-selling author and internationally recognized sales training expert, Grant Cardone. If you want to 10x your business, listen to this episode.

“Your income is more powerful than your expenses.”

– Vince Del Monte

The Vince Del Monte Podcast Show

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Key Highlights:

Why you should pitch early in a conversation

How to stop worrying about blowing a deal

Quickly monetize any idea you have


3:43 Lesson # 1 Pitch your product early

8:27 Lesson # 2 It’s your job to get your money’s worth from an event

9:26 Lesson # 3 Thinking too small when it comes to growing your business?

11:02 Lesson # 4 How indecisiveness costs you money

13:18 Lessons # 5-7 Why your products must evolve

31:25 Lesson # 8 Stop Worrying! No one thing can blow a deal

34:39 Lesson # 9 Develop a growth mindset

36:20 Lesson # 10 How fast can you monetize an idea?

38:48 Lesson # 11 Use social media, but don’t be used by it

43:00 Lessons # 12-15 Sales: Metrics, tactics, and the courage you need to make deals happen

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