How Jason Maxwell Went from 800 Instagram Followers to over 200k in 8 Months Flat?

How Jason Maxwell Went from 800 Instagram Followers to over 200k in 8 Months Flat?

Want to know how to grow (and monetize) your Instagram following? Jason Maxwell went from having only 800 followers and grew that to over 200k in less than a year. Tune in to hear Jason’s actionable steps you can start applying today to grow your own following of real, highly engaged followers, including one strategy that helped Jason add 200 followers in just 24 hours.

Once you have these Instagram followers, your next step is to monetize them. We’ll also share our best tips to help you do just that. Check it out.

“You want every post to be like cilantro, people either love it or hate it.”

– Jason Maxwell

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Key Highlights:

Discover the simple tactic Jason used to add 200 followers in 24 hours

The key component of a viral post

How to grow your Instagram following


11:52 Why being a perfectionist can hinder your growth

19:15 Becoming a decisive leader in your business

26:40 Why you must develop a plan for recurring revenue

33:50 How Jason added 200 real followers in just 24 hours

40:31 Jason’s exact process for creating and scheduling posts

41:35 How to create viral posts over and over again

45:00 The most effective way to become more relevant and increase your Instagram presence

49:45 Vince’s weekly content structure

1:09:28 How to monetize your IG following

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