The Proven Path to Building a Profitable Online Business (20 Years Later with Ryan Lee)


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Today on the show we have Ryan Lee, founder of And if you’ve never heard of Freedym before, basically, it’s the Netflix of lifestyle entrepreneurship.

Back in 1999, Ryan started his first online fitness business—a space he’s been dominating ever since. In this episode, Ryan and Vince talk about the major mistakes fitness entrepreneurs make when trying to build their online business, and specifically, through membership sites and affiliate promotions. Ryan makes it clear, this type of business is a long-term game,demanding focus, patience, and a true understanding of your audience.

“If you’re not really, really good, you’re in trouble.”

– Ryan Lee



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Key Highlights: 

⇾  The ins and outs of creating a killer membership site

⇾  Staying true to your path without others getting in your way

⇾  Quality over quantity when creating products and services

⇾ Why building a business using affiliates is a flawed idea

Time Stamps

03:49 – How Ryan makes concentrated time and effort to whatever he does

13:21 – How to create recurring revenue online

19:10 – Freedym’s business model and how to model it

25:51- Why you should create a few great products rather than a lot of good products

34:03 – Ryan’s 3-year business predictions

40:30- The pros and cons of affiliate promotions

52:00- How to say “no” to the people trying to take advantage of you

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