Removing the Mask and Becoming A Real Man with Lewis Howes

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Today’s guest, Lewis Howes, is a former pro athlete, bestselling author, and host of top iTunes podcast, The School of Greatness.

During the show, Lewis discusses “real man” stereotypes, while touching on deep, and sometimes uncomfortable subjects, including vulnerability, self-worth, and the different “masks” you may be using to protect yourself in your daily life. Lewis moves on to discuss value vs worth—and why knowing the difference between the two can not only change how you behave in the world, but also teach you the importance of letting things go.

“If you don’t have a mission beyond making money, [life] is going to be empty.”

– Lewis Howes


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Key Highlights:

The dead-end you may face after putting your entire identity in being an athlete

Knowing the difference between value and worth

Focusing on fulfillment instead what is stereotypically expected of you


Time Stamps

8:45 – The dark side of being an athlete: obsession, need for approval, and self-deprecation

14:24 – The outdated definition of what a “real man” is and why those standards are absurd

19:08 – The social stigma of emotional vulnerability in men

27:03 – Why you should avoid focusing on one part of your life

33:08 – Value vs Worth

42:55 – Assessing your sexual relationships and realizing what true fulfillment is


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Removing the Mask and Becoming A Real Man with Lewis Howes, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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