How Porn Derails Your Life with Michael John Cusick

surfing for god

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Licensed professional counselor,  spiritual director, and the author of two powerful books Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle and Somebody’s Daughter: An Experiential Guide, Michael John Cusick joins Vince on today’s show to discuss what’s generally considered a taboo topic, porn addiction.

During the show, Michael openly shares his struggle with porn addiction and troubled early childhood, which ultimately lead him down a path filled with adversity. Vince and Michael unpack the true meaning of addiction, specific precautions to take to avoid triggering urges to watch porn and how to overcome the emotional baggage that comes with this addictive behavior.  

“Sex is God-governed”

– Vince Del Monte

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Key Highlights:

Michael’s story growing up with an alcoholic father and sexual abuse.

The social triggers that can motivate you to watch porn.

Why surrendering is the first step towards overcoming porn addiction.  


Time Stamps

2:28 – Michael’s background story. addiction, adultery and his personal struggles with porn.

10:45 – Porn, and why it’s a big deal.

10:50 – Porn is a drug.

14:40 – Porn hijacks your brain.

17:10 – How porn derails men from their true mission.

23:20 –Why porn derails you from your mission.

35:20 – Is God big enough to satisfy and fulfill my cravings?

41:49 – The technical definition of addiction.

48:52 – What are the triggers for men to watch porn?

54:37 – The shame, guilt, and embarrassment men experience from watching porn.

1:01:17 – What precautions you can take to avoid porn.

1:07:19 –  The “Soul Snare Cycle.”

1:14:36 – The 5 “Rs” to overcome porn addiction.

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