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The ultimate system for doing a self-audit in every area of your life.

Today, Papa Del Monte and Vince break down a 5 step system for bringing up the lagging areas in your life. From your marriage to your finances, this episode walks you through the step by step system for tackling your shortcomings and correcting course where needed.



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Key Highlights: 

  How to increase your “teachability factor” and the one character flaw that is probably killing your ability to grow.  

 The 5 step system for addressing issues in any area of life. 

 The most important 10 word phrase every married man needs to write down and memorize.


Time Stamps

3:30  – The 5 step system for addressing issues in any area of life.

5:30 – We’re living in the day and age of “image management”.  

7:54 – Waking up in all areas of life. “In our response lies our growth and freedom.” Victor Frankel

14:20 – The biggest lie men tell their wives and families.

17:03 – The consequences of not waking up. Why the time is now and it can’t wait for later.

18:30 – Waking up in your business.

22:44 – Extreme ownership, and the one quality every man needs more of.

24:21 – Owning up in your business and seeking out harsh but critical feedback. A real-life story from a 0-6 mastermind event.

28:07 – How to clean up in your life and the 10-word phase every married man should write down.

34:45 – Growing your teachability factor and the one character flaw that is probably killing your teachability factor.

36:47 – Going from holy shit to holy shift.

37:48 – “Impression without expression leads to depression” – Are you suffering from this?


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