How To Find Your Smart, Sexy, Spiritual, Superwoman with Jamal Miller

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Men, are you searching for the one? That smart, sexy, spiritual superwoman? Today, Vince teams up with Jamal Miller, Son of God, generations pastor, husband, father, and founder of Married and Young to dive deep on what it takes to find the woman you want to be with for life.

Jamal and Vince breakdown what single men need to be doing today (and not doing) to start becoming the man they need to be, in order to attract the woman they want in their future.


This episode covers it all, no stones are left unturned. Vince and Jamal layout the environment(s), daily routines, first date conversation tips, and mindset you need to manifest to attract the superwoman of your dreams.


Vince Del Monte Podcast Show

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Key Highlights:

  What does a day look like for a man focused on that smart sexy, spiritual superwoman? 

 Should you still be friends with your ex?

 Vince’s Vegas story, the epiphany that put him on the right path. 

 What you shouldn’t talk about out on the first date.


Time Stamps

4:23 – Jamal Miller, co-founder of The One University, humble beginnings to leading a community.

10:00 –  Why most guys can’t find Mrs. Smart, Sexy, Spiritual Superwoman. 

10:40 – The glaring problem in today’s world. Double standards.

14:40 – The standard of manhood. The importance of having a father that leads by example.

17:37 – One major red flag that she’s NOT the one.

22:32 -The season of you and god.

23:40 – The environment to say “yes” to and ones to say “no” to.

25:36 – Idolizing fake Instagram lifestyles and why porn is self-destructive men.

29:30 – Vince’s Vegas story.

31:44 – When statin attacks hard. How to take a stand.

35:39 – Preparation for marriage, taking ownership and investing in a healthy thriving marriage.

36:05 – Should you still be friends with you X.

37:14 – What does a day look like for a man focused on that smart sexy, spiritual superwoman?

38: 25 – MEN: Don’t do this one the first date…

47:32 – Don’t go “shopping” unless you plan on buying.

52:46 – What every single man needs to here. The ultimate question to ask yourself to define your legacy.

57:30 – Whats your biggest challenge when it comes to finding the woman of your dreams? (let me know here!)

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