The 3 V’s Of A Champion Mindset

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Today on the podcast, the master of Productivity & Success Transformations, author of The Perfect Day Formula and creator of the groundbreaking fat loss workout system, Turbulence Training, Craig Ballantyne join’s Vince to cover the three V’s of a Champion Mindset, Value, Vision, and Values.

Vince Del Monte Podcast Show

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The Vince Del Monte Podcast Show – Vince Del Monte: Pro Fitness Model | Author | Coach | Teaches You How To Maximize The 5 M’s of Manhood

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Key Highlights:

The essential questions to ask yourself that will allow you to craft a clear path towards accomplishing your goals.

 The Champion Mindset and the 3 V’s (Value, Vision & Values)

 How to stop chasing pennies and start chasing dollar bills.

 How to leverage your past champion experiences to dominate your future and conquer your goals.

 What every entrepreneur can learn from Steve Jobs and Bruce Lee.

Time Stamps

6:00 The importance of knowing your dream destination.

8:30 TIP: Create a backlog.

9:45 The “money question” every man needs to ask himself. 

10:55 What every entrepreneur can learn from Steve Jobs and Bruce Lee.

18:20 Stop chasing pennies and start chasing dollars.

20:57 What a Champion Mindset requires.

24:30 How Craig coaches people to craft the “movie script “of their life and master the four seasons of life

27:49  The visioning exercise and a sneak peek at Vince’s 3-year vision. key tips and advice for crafting your 3-year visions for your life and business.

32:50  How to optimize your day, become more productive and get more done to move towards your goals every single day.

35:41  How to figure out how much you’re worth an hour.

36:50 – What female entrepreneurs need to stop doing.

45:00 – The life audit.

45:45 – Principles and values. The V’s of the Champion Mindset.

49:50 – “Values are not just things you prize very highly but things you practice every day.”


Resources & Links 

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8 thoughts on “The 3 V’s Of A Champion Mindset

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  2. On the off chance that the sole reason a contender turned into a champion is that of his want for grandness, distinction, or potentially cash then his days are numbered. On the off chance that he achieved the best since achieving the best was a result of his want to culminate his specialty, at that point he has a decent possibility of remaining at the best until the point that time and age destroys him or until the point when he gets shrewd and understood it’s an ideal opportunity to stop before he is de-throned.

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  3. It’s great because of the knowledge you share with us, I will always follow your blog and will share your blog with my friends

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  4. You are a product of your environment.
    If follow other successful paths or surround yourself with champions stands get rewarded.

    Started to implement the what can I say no too.

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