The 30 Day Metabolic Reboot Challenge with Coach Ryan Faehnle

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Reset your metabolism, increase your insulin sensitivity and start 2018 off with a bang! If you choose to take on this challenge, the next 30 days of your life, will be very intense BUT very rewarding! Joining Vince on the show today is his own personal coach and the head of the Vince Del Monte Fitness one on one coaching program, Ryan Faehnle.

Vince and Ryan cover the three-phase diet strategy for the 30-day metabolic reboot program, who it’s for, who it’s NOT for, what you can expect and the science behind every phase of the nutrition strategy.

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Key Highlights:

  1. The 3 distinct phases of the 30-day metabolic reboot.
  2. Who could really benefit from the 30-day metabolic reboot?
  3.  Why getting before going into a bulk can accelerate muscle gain and reduce fat gain.

Time Stamps

2:07 – How to create a rapid change in your body.

3:45 – The massive benefits of extreme calorie restriction. 

6:15 – The difference between psychological and physiological hunger. The #1 reason why Americans struggle with fat loss.

12:10 – Who could really benefit from the 30 Day Metabolic Reboot Program.

16:30 – The benefits of carrying a lot of muscle mass on your body.

17:59 – Gaining 18 pounds in 1 week.

18:43 – Who should not do the 30 Day Metabolic Reboot.  Picking programs according to where you’re at in life.

23:20 – How long should you stay in a calorie deficit for getting to ultra-low body fat percentages.

28:55 – The complete overview of The 30 Day Metabolic Reboot.

35:37 – The science and structure of the second phase of The 30 Day Metabolic Reboot.

46:30 – How and why you refeed days on the Metabolic Reboot.

49:42 – The science behind Yohimbine HCL how to increase your body’s ability to release fat and use fat.

58:04 – Ryan’s #1 tip and key advice for those embarking on the 30 Metabolic Reboot program and why NOT to do after the 30-day program.


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