How To Win One of The 5 Ridiculous Give-Away Packages For The Vince Del Monte Podcast Launch Contest!

Vince Del Monte Podcast Show

Thank you so much for listening to the Vince Del Monte Podcast show. Now, how would you like to enter our Podcast launch give away contest?


To celebrate the release of my podcast I can’t think of a better way than a killer giveaway contest with amazing prizes so I sat down and, I think, I’ve come up with a pretty wicked prize pack that consists of 5 prizes — each one amazing in its own right.

To enter the contest you have to follow 3 simple steps that will make you eligible for the gifts.

I’ll be picking the 5 winners on November 20th!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Step #1 Subscribe the podcast on iTunes
  • Step #2 Rate the show on iTunes and tell us what you think we deserve (we obviously think it’s a 5-star show, but I’ll leave my fate up to you…)
    • If your on an iPhone open the podcast app, search for the “Vince Del Monte Podcast” subscribe, then just scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on “Write a review”
    • If your on a desktop then open iTunes and “click on Ratings and Reviews”
  • Step #3 Leave a review for us on iTunes (be sure to note which of the 5 pillar episodes you liked the best so we can focus our efforts towards putting out more episodes on that topic!).

AFTER you do the above 3 steps, take a screenshot of your review and send it to [email protected]com and include your Instagram handle so we can email you and send you a DM if you won a prize.

Why the contest?

Simple, the 5M mission is here to stay, men need this, and we want to explode strong in the podcast scene and reviews, rating and subscriptions are a few of the big things iTunes looks at when deciding what podcasts it features so YES, your review matters, big time.

Here’s what you can win… and you must do all 3 things (subscribe, rate and review) or else you won’t qualify for entry. The contest runs from now until November 26th so make sure you get your entry in soon.

bluestar supplements

 The Blue Star Supplement bundle consisting of 3 of my favorite products that I personally use






The BiOptimizers supplement bundle consisting of 3 of my favorite products that I personally use –

  • Masszymes their digestive enzymes supplement for max nutrient absorption.
  • P3OM their “black ops” probiotic for enhancing gut health.
  • HCl Breakthrough for supporting digestion and detoxification

All three products to enhance your digestion, absorption, muscle growth and recovery!





The Ultimate Vince Del Monte Program Bundle consisting of my 4 newest and best-selling programs

All my best work all in one spot!

A 12-month subscription to Maximize Your Muscle 2.0 newsletter which consists of 12 months of workouts and M5 mentoring shipped to your front door each month.



The Brand Spanking New M5 Apparel line! my brand new clothing line, I’m going to fit you up with shorts, t-shirts, pants, and a hat, the fine line upyou‘re going to be rocking. (even if you don’t win, use code VINCE10 for any purchase with our friends over at Modus Apparel for any of their awesome apparel for a discount!)modus apparel

Each prize package ranges from $250 to $500 in real world value and the contest ends November 26th so get your review in right away! 

Good luck! 

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How To Win One of The 5 Ridiculous Give-Away Packages For The Vince Del Monte Podcast Launch Contest!, 4.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings


5 thoughts on “How To Win One of The 5 Ridiculous Give-Away Packages For The Vince Del Monte Podcast Launch Contest!

  1. I have a question.
    It says winners picked November 20th but down the bottom it says competition ends November 26th.

    Which one is it?

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  2. This Sucks!!!! Those of us with Androids can’t enter…Dude, WTH?!?!?!?!?!

    Thanks for the Pod Cast. I cant wait to start checking them out.

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    • Hey Heath! Sorry for the inconvenience you can absolutely still enter the contest and have a chance to WIN!
      Just take a screenshot of your review where ever you leave it and send it to [email protected]

      Thanks Heath,
      Best of Luck!

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