Maximize Your Money: The Skills and Mindset You Need To Go From 0 to $1 Million


Unlocking your greatest life will require you to master this M, Money.

It’s what gives you the freedom and ability to impact the lives of your family and loved ones in a massive way for years to come. 

Today on the Vince Del Monte podcast show, Vince dives deep into mastering your own personal finance strategy and the essential things you need to do in your twenties to maximize your wealth.

Vince shares his personal stories about creating wealth, the #1 essential skill to master to generate more income, the best books to read for creating generational wealth and simple money management decisions that saved him thousands in his twenties.


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Key Highlights:

  4 Simple reasons why mastering money will help you become the best version of yourself

  Why women are wired to be attracted to men who have more money.

  The essentials books to read for mastering Money and creating generational wealth.

 The “just be content” mindset and middle class thinking not only effects you.

Time Stamps:

1:47 –  4 Simple reasons why mastering money will help you become the best version of yourself.

2:32 – Why women are wired to be attracted to men who have more money.

10:25 – Investing in real estate in your 20’s.

11:21 – Middle-class thinking not only affects you but your family and loved ones.

12:25 – Women and money. What you need to know.

17:32 – Money Facts from Grant Cardone. 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

19:17 – Money has no God.

20:17 – Making 6 figures a day, screw six figures 6 figures a year.

22:17 – The moves you need to make in your 20’s to get rich.

28:47 – Saying no now to say yes later.

30:37 – The envelope system.

32:57 – The difference between rich people and poor people.

33:57 – The best book for improving your selling abilities.

37:02- Advice from Tony Robbins.

42:17 – The “everything is on loan to you” mindset.

47:47 – The secret superpower of giving.

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One thought on “Maximize Your Money: The Skills and Mindset You Need To Go From 0 to $1 Million

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