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Here is a volunteered screenshot of a real life affiliate's (name withheld) promotions and earnings. These earning are after a 72 hour promo with the exact tools
provided in my tools section.
One affiliate made $+9,000 in 72 hours!!!

Check this out:

Dear Marketing Friend,

How would you like to make automatic monthly commission checks of up to $200-$1000 + each month?

Well, if you have been looking for a successful online muscle-building program, then your very lucky you made it here, because… I am the bestselling muscle-building affiliate program for skinny guys on the entire Clickbank marketplace as well as one of the top 5 products in the entire Health & Fitness marketplace.

I offer the largest single commission payout of 75% compared to any other muscle building e-book online.

I provide you with dozens of unique and powerful marketing tools found on this page.

I will personally work one-on-one with you to ensure you are successful with your marketing experience.

So let me ask you…

Do you have a health and fitness, nutrition, supplement, muscle building or bodybuilding related website, newsletter, blog, forum or e-zine?

Do you know friends, family, or colleagues that want to build a super muscular body in less time?

Or are you a online Internet marketer looking for a hot-selling, high-converting product to promote with a super low refund rate?

Are you ready to start earning a consistent pay check every two weeks in the mail, by simply sending visitors to my website? If you answered yes to any of the above questions…


Follow These 5 Simple Steps To Get Started:


1. Create Your FREE Clickbank Affiliate Account

If this is your first time being an affiliate marketer, you will need to visit Clickbank to create a free account. Do this now. Once you have created an account, come back and I will teach you how to create your own referral links in the section below – Getting Started Affiliate Marketing.

Make sure you take a few minutes to go over the start-up instructions below and read over the FAQ section so you will be fully equipped.

2. Subscribe To My In-Depth Affiliate Newsletter

This is your next important step. If you are serious about staying up to date with the latest marketing news, tools, tips, promotions and products then I strongly suggest you to sign up for the affiliate newsletter.

You don't need to subscribe to the newsletter to become an affiliate but if you plan on marketing successfully and staying ahead of your competition then I would recommend staying in contact with me so that I can update you with new techniques and tools I learn to help you improve your marketing campaign constantly.

The better marketer you are means the more sales for you!

Don't worry, every email I send will be loaded with content and new money making tips as well as special announcements. I will not send random emails and fill your Inbox with useless information.


Simply fill out your first name and email address above and you'll be immediately signed up to receive all of my marketing tools, tips and resources to start making money online. You will also be notified of special announcements and promotion opportunities before anyone else (only announced to No Nonsense Affiliates).

3. Bookmark and Review The Marketing Tools Section

The best part about becoming an affiliate marketer is that I have already done the hard work. You do not need to come up with unique ideas to promote the product. I have already tested the best way to spend your time to maximize your profits. I suggest you review the variety of marketing methods and see which ones work best for you. You do not need to do all of them but perhaps experiment with a few and then stick to what works best. I have assembled an entire section of pure promotional material that you can start using today without asking my permission, on your website, blog, email promotion, newsletter, e-zine, or forum posting.
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4. Read the entire FAQ section located in our Affiliate Profit Center please before emailing any questions.


Getting Started - Affiliate Marketing Questions


What is an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer is just a fancy way to say, “You recommend my e-book to whomever you like (friends, family, colleagues, customers, clients, newsletter subscribers, website visitors, bloggers, forum posters or Pay Per Click advertising like Google Adwords etc) and you get paid every time someone buys through you.” It's quite simple - I pay you to help me sell my e-book!


How Much Can I Make?

Let's say you did only 1 measly basic package sale a day (which is super easy by the way)… that works out to an extra $1,500+ a month…that should take care of your car payment or maybe even mortgage payment each month!

If you sell one copy of the Basic $77 Package:

# Sales Per Day
Monthly Income
Yearly Income

However, as you will learn below you can earn up to $120 PER HAPP because of multiple 1
Click Upsells that appear after the checkout.  … that works out to an extra $3,600+ a
month if you sell the basic package plus the two 1-click upsells after checkout!
That should take care of your car payment or maybe even mortgage payment each month!


If you sell all 3 offers:

# Sales Per Day
Monthly Income
Yearly Income

Will I Really Make Money?

To be honest, you are in complete control of how much you make therefore you write your own pay check! There is really no limit to what you can earn. The more motivated and aggressive you are in promoting my product, the more money you pocket. It's a simple system. The more tools you use and the more traffic you can send to my site, the larger your pay check!

You earn 75% on each sale which works out to up to $120 PER HOP! As you can see, these sales can really add up over the long haul.


Why Should I Promote This Product?

1. You Earn Big Profits

Like I said, you earn 75% commission. None of this weak 15-35% commission like most affiliates that leaves you a wimpy $5 for your hard work.

2. High Conversion, Low Refund Rate

The biggest commission in the world is worthless if the visitors you are sending to my site are not being converted! The good news is that I have already done all the hard work of working with some of the most expensive ad copywriters in the industry to edit, tweak, test, and perfect my sales copy to ensure that I have the highest conversion rate and I will never stop working towards producing high conversion rates for you!

To date, I currently convert just under 2% (industry average is 1%) of visitors to my site. However, affiliate traffic typically converts much higher. Third party reviews (that's you) who can 'pre-sell' the program from their own website have a astounding 3-5% conversion rate! Refund rates are extremely low as well mainly because I do a excellent job following up with all my customers every few days, for the first few months, to ensure they are satisfied.

3. Handles All The Orders

ClickBank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. Clickbank is the 3rd party company that handles all credit card transactions as well as the affiliate program tracking. They accept every type of credit card as well as Paypal and E-Checks in 100 different countries and use the strongest security and best anti-theft fraud in the world.

They are the most trusted third party affiliate program on the Internet. Clickbank will send you a commission check in the mail every two weeks and they are always on time!

4. Clickbank Even Rewards Commission On Procrastinators

Clickbank has a cookie system that tracks your visitors for 60 days after they visit my site. If you send me a visitor who doesn't buy right away – but comes back any time within the 60 day period – you're still fully commissioned (they don't even have to go through your site the second time)!

Even if a customer opts into my newsletter and clicks on my link, you will still receive the commission.  The only time you will not receive commission is if your visitor clicks on another affiliates link after they click on yours and then purchase. 

5. I Profit ONLY When YOU Profit!

It is truly a win-win opportunity, and as an affiliate you are my most prized asset! If you are not successful and profitable then neither am I.

Here is my vision for both of us: the more sales you generate, the more exposure and popularity I gain on the Internet the greater the growth of my program. The greater the growth of my program, the bigger your pay check! It's a beautiful thing! The harder we both work, the faster we will both achieve our business and financial goals!

These are just a few reasons why you can count on me making you a high priority and making my affiliate program one of the most rewarding on the Internet. This affiliate section will grow regularly as I add more promotional material, tips and techniques for getting traffic to my site to ensure I make your life as easy as possible!

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Who Can Become An Affiliate?

Anyone can become an affiliate! Whether you have a website or not, anyone can sign up for a free account at and start driving people to my website using your special link you will create. As soon as someone purchases my e-book through your link, you will get paid and the funds will show in real time within your Clickbank account.


How Do I Get Started?

Click here for your FREE Clickbank account

If you are not yet signed up with Clickbank then setting up your Clickbank account is your very first step. Simply click on this link right here to be transferred to the Clickbank sign up form.

On the Clickbank sign up page, you'll fill in your personal details and pick your own personal Clickbank account name (also know as your 'nickname').

Once you have created an account with Clickbank, all you have to do is insert your Clickbank nickname into the following URL and then use that link to direct people to my site:

Simply replace the XXXX with your Clickbank affiliate nickname. So if your nickname is GetBuff, this is what your link would look like:

You may also visit my link generator to have your link generated for you or to generate a hop link that will direct traffic to other landing pages found on our site.

Click here To Visit My Link Generator

Make sure you create this link correctly or else you will not receive credit for your sales! 


What If Someone Refunds The Product?

If someone requests a refund after their purchase then you will not get commission on that sale. Don't worry; the refund rate is extremely low so this rarely happens.


What Are The Best Methods For Promoting The Product?

Create a Website That SELLS + LOTS of Qualified Traffic + Build a List to Form a Relationship With Your Visitors

Unless you are an expert Facebook marketer or Google Adwords marketer or a publisher of your own product with a large list then you need to build yourself a website that converts before anything else and focus on building a list.  Don’t worry about traffic until you do this.   

  1. Create your own targeted muscle building site or blog.  Be very specific to your audience.  You might want to target females only, males over 40, male teenagers or advanced trainees.   This will make your marketing efforts easier.

  2. Include an honest program review on your blog or website and include some other products you compare mine to.

  3. Include transformation pictures of your own journey and tell your story.

  4. Post your workouts and training progress.

  5. Have a link to my articles and comment on them regularly.

  6. Have a link to my video coaching lessons and comment on it.

  7. Give away from Insane Muscle Gain E-Report.

  8. Include a About Us and Contact Us link.

  9. Focus on creating your own ORIGINAL CONTENT.

  10. Include an opt in form to build a list of followers.

  11. Engage and ENTERTAIN your visitors.  Give them a reason to remember you when they land on your site.

  12. Use my e-book covers, banners, graphics and images where appropriate.

  13. Post Success Stories and Expert Reviews for social proof within your copy.

  14. All of your content should be BENEFIT oriented and geared towards your VISITOR.  Delete anything that is not written or geared towards the visitor.


… Focus on TRAFFIC using Google Adwords, Article Marketing, You Tube, Blogging and Joint Ventures

All this information is in the Affiliate Resource & Profit Center.

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Do I Still Earn Commission If They Opt Into Your Newsletter Course?

As long as your affiliate link was the LAST affiliate link they clicked on before ordering. I use NAKED links which means all of the links in my newsletter are NOT with an affiliate link.  

Sounds like common sense but there are sneaky and evil publishers who use affiliate links in their marketing to cancel out their affiliates ID and steal the commission.  This is HORRIBLE and if you subscribe to my newsletter or follow any of my article, video or blog marketing you'll discover I hold to my word 100% of the time.

So if a prospect goes to my site via your affiliate link and opt into my newsletter course and orders after reading one of my newsletters, which always happens, you WILL get that commission.

Why Does Clickbank Award The Last Affiliate Link With The Commission And Not The First?

I spoke to the CEO of Clickbank on this issue at a live event and the first words he said were, “We had to pick one of the two options and this is the one we went with.” 

It does not make complete sense to me but that's the way it is so accept you'll win some and lose some.  You're probably “stealing” others commissions just as much as they are “stealing” yours but don't look at it as “stealing”.

If you were to go shopping for a shirt and didn't buy the shirt you like until the fifth store you went into, does that first store deserve to get a piece of the commission? Did that fifth store steal the sale?  I personally don't think so.  The last site was the one that finally convinced them to buy so they get the full reward.  

I understand this is not a black and white issue but don't let this hold you back from making your first sale because you could be missing out on a boatload of commissions while you twinkle your thumbs.

Don't let this hold you back, it's fair game for everyone and is really not something you need to worry about.

How Much Extra Can I Earn With Backend Commissions?

As of Saturday August 29th, 2009 No-Nonsense Muscle Building has included 1-Click Upsell technology which allows additional products to be sold to a customer during the purchase flow.  1-Click Upsell gives us the power to further monetize a single Hop as affiliates earn commissions on the upsell purchases.

Note: This 1-Click Upsell feature is only provided to qualified vendors, (Yes, that's me :) ) who have met extensive Clickbank standards and requirements.  Less than 1% of Clickbank products even have access to this software which is boosting conversions like crazy and allows you to spend more on your marketing.

However, the additional revenue will NOT show up in the average payouts on the Clickbank Marketplace because not everyone has access to this software so my ranking would get an advantage over other publishers which is not fair.  It IS live and it IS working so muscle up your campaigns starting today.

You will now earn an additional $34.00 or $13.00 and $33.00!  There are 2 different offers and each one has a downsell.  Everyone sees both offers through the flow.

So you can earn up to an additional $67 PER HOP!  

Let's look at the net opportunity for you: $53 ($77 package) + $67 (both one-time-offers) = $120 total ! 

I pay out the fattest commission on the Health & Fitness Marketplace by a long shot!

Let me reassure you that the additional products offered are excellent compliments to their current purchase so have no fear in upsetting your prospects like a pesky sales man who is overly aggressive. 

Since this is  brand new I don't have conversion numbers but they will be released soon via this newsletter. 

If you see multiple commissions from the same customer then they took one of the brand new back end offers so congratulations and enjoy the additional commissions for the same amount of work!


Is it okay if use pieces of your sales copy for my landing page?

Is there a marketer teaching this because I got about two dozen emails on this question in one week, out of nowhere!

I personally don't recommend it but you do have my permission if you wish.  Here's why I do NOT recommend it.  How would you like going into a car dealership to buy a car and after the sales man gives you a great pitch you were fully convinced you wanted to buy the car.  You were completely sold and ready to take out your credit card…

…but wait.  Right before you were about to hand over your credit card the sales man starts rambling again about how great the car is, how the engine runs, the beautiful rims, brand new stereo system blah blah blah!  Chances are you would be so annoyed with the car sales man re-selling you AFTER you are already sold!  I wouldn't be surprised if you changed your mind on the spot and walked out.  You were going to give the salesman your business but he pissed you off at the last second and lost your business. 

I see this happen all the time with affiliate marketers.  They create landing pages that try to sell my product and that is NOT your job.  That's my websites job.  It's already a highly converting, professionally direct-response marketing letter. 

By using my sales copy on your landing page you are DOUBLE SELLING and probably hurting your conversions.  Your landing page should be like a greased slide that includes a compelling headline, high quality article or video content and call to action.  Here are the key elements within the landing page:

1. Provides tips and tricks but not the complete solution.
2. Peaks more curiosity.
3. Builds trust and rapport
4. Establishes credibility.
5. Provides a call to action for more information i.e my website via your affiliate link

Is it okay to use your images on my landing page?

Yeah, that's completely cool and I totally recommend bringing your landing pages to life with powerful images that represent the topic you're speaking on.  However, if you're promoting drug free bodybuilding don't put images of juiced up bodybuilders because it will distort your message.

Pictures of food, me, product covers, exercise demos, celebrities, attractive men (i.e. me :) ), women (especially) and pictures that represent what the customer wants are best.  For example, a picture of a dude with two hot women hanging onto his arms would be a powerful image.

What If I Still Have A Question?

Read the entire FAQ section located in the Affiliate Profit Center please before emailing any questions.

If you still have questions, just contact our help desk! Remember,
I only profit if YOU profit so I am hear to help you. If you need more help beyond the scope of email, I will even get on the phone with you to assist your marketing efforts.

So if you have questions or concerns, contact Vince DelMonte's Help Desk and I will respond within 24-48 hours.

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